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Monday, March 31, 2008

so we keep waiting waiting on the world to change we keep on waiting waiting on the world to change

Ugh...I'm nearly crying my back is so sore... I went to go buy those ThermaCare™ heatwraps for my lower back...yeah, umm...the back ones are made to fit women's pants sizes 4 up to 20. I barely fit into a size 1/2 (read one-slash-two, not one-half) and am nearly a size 0 again (not something that I want). So...I had to get the neck ones for my back. Tell me, does that make any sense to you?

And...I guess the boy is either knocked out pretty good by his drugs...or his surgery was moved up...or he just doesn't want to talk to me...since his mom told me that they gave him something around 11:00a and that's why he wasn't answering his phone when I called him after class (like he'd asked me to). And since he has the pain tolerance level of...well, I don't know what something with absolutely no tolerance level is...he's most likely going to be staying overnight at Beaumont again tonight. Oh, joy. So...since he's probably going to be in a cast for at least the next six weeks due the nature of bone healing...I really don't think that I'm going to see much of him. Because I hate driving (but I would drive over there to see him if he wanted me to, even though the last time he had surgery he didn't seem to want anything to do with me...just like any time he gets sick)...but more because he has school and work and has to be driven around. And since four of the five days that he works, I'm watching the girls at the time that he gets off of work...and the fifth day he has school...I don't think that he's going to want to see me much.

::sigh:: I don't know if I should even go to class tonight...I don't understand the chapter, I don't have my homework done...and I'm super stressed and sore. Grrrr!!! I know that the boy didn't get hurt on purpose...but it's the 12th week of class and it just seems like excuse #12 not to help me with my homework. Y'know? Because every week it seems like there's been some reason to put it off until the last minute...and this time it f***ed up my homework. Honestly though, I feel bad for him that he's hurt. Even if it doesn't appear that way. teacher already told me that it's okay to turn in my homework assignment late; just to get it turned in as soon as I can (which means sometime before April 28th, the last day of class)...and that it's all right if I miss class because of my fiancé's surgery (not like he even wants me there, at least that's the impression I got from him last night when I saw him). So...I don't know what to do... But I do know that I don't want to have to call the boy's mom again...because he gets mad at me for never calling him and whatever, yet he's terrible at returning phone calls (and I don't just mean due to current circumstances).

I have to leave in a little under a half an hour to pick up the girls and take them over to their dad's house...hopefully, he's working from home today and I don't have to watch the girls for the full scheduled time. That sounds bad...but I'd really like not to have to stay with them because of my back mostly (and a little, bitty bit because I'd like to go up to the hospital, if possible).

the distance between us makes it so hard to stay but nothing lasts forever but be honest babe it hurts but it may be the only way

So...this is what my Cosmo horoscope says today:
Libra -Watch your step tonight because accident-prone Uranus might turn your workout or a party into a health hazard.
Umm...doncha think that woulda been a little more apt yesterday? Considering I hurt myself yesterday...and I'm super sore today. Ugh... surgery this morning...but this afternoon around 5:00p. I'd much rather be at the hospital with him than be watching the girls. And he's staying overnight again. And six weeks completely off his right foot...and then another six weeks where he can only put light pressure on his foot. Hooray for breaking the three foot bones that make up the ankle joint. He's effing crazy if he thinks that I'm going to drive the six-and-a-half hour drive to West Virginia for his good friend's wedding...and then do all the driving when we get there. I don't do well when I have to drive in an unfamiliar place. I hate driving!! Oh, and that 12 week no pressure thing pretty much means that he cannot drive. That's going to drive him crazy. And me, too.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

don't ask me why I'm cryin' cuz when I start to crumble you know how to keep me smilin' you always save me from myself

So...scrap what I said earlier about the boy not needing surgery. He's staying over night at Troy Beaumont because he's having surgery tomorrow. Poor guy. I feel bad for him. Especially since the boy doesn't get his two weeks (or whatever it is) paid vacation until April 3rd.

Oh man, am I ever sore... lower back is killing me!! What I wouldn't give for some Flexeril™ (10mg).

I'm going to call his mommy when I get up in the morning to see if she knows what time his surgery is. Maybe if it's early enough in the day, I'll miss my stats class to go to the hospital for him. But if it's too late, I can't go see him until after my stupid computer class because I have to watch the girls and then I have to take the quiz in class. Since a failing grade on the quiz is better than a zero on the quiz. ::sigh:: I'm seriously doing horribly in that class. I mean, if I have my grade calculated correctly...then I have an 84%...but still...

Anyway...good night...7:40a is going to come early...

wish like hell I could go back in time maybe then I could see how forgiveness says that I should give you one more try but it's too late it's over now

::sigh:: I'm not having a good day. I'm highly stressed at the moment. It's nearly homework isn't done yet...and I don't understand the next chapter in the book at all. Oh!, and I haven't a clue as to when I might get my books and homework stuff back. Don't get me wrong...I do care that the boy fractured both bones in his right leg (for those of you who've never taken anatomy, the leg refers the part below the knee only and thigh refers to the part above the knee) and dislocated the right least, he didn't break them and/or need an emergency surgery to repair the damage. It's just that he always seems to get mad at me when I ask him to help with my homework on days other than Sunday (this may be only that I need to get it done on this day seeing how it's due on Monday) and takes me home in a hurry. ::sigh:: Seriously...I'm so going to fail that class. left elbow, my neck, my lower back and my tailbone all hurt. Hooray for clumsiness!! Or not...cuz now I hurt terribly. Oh, yeah...and I kinda have a headache, too... Aren't I just a mess?

Umm...since when is root beer illegal for high schoolers to drink?

Amusing things said on first dates...

Something to amuse from Overheard in New York...

How Copy Editors Blow Off Steam
Metrosexual guy: If I was some fish...
Girl, not looking up from her bus schedule: Grammar just cried.
Metrosexual guy: I don't follow you.
Girl: Good, because if you did, I would have to have you arrested.
Metrosexual guy: I am so confused.
Girl: Do the words 'you are an idiot' confuse you?
Metrosexual guy: I hate you.
-- 28th & 5th

Thursday, March 27, 2008

'cause I've never felt like this before I'm naked around you does it show you see right through me and I can't hide

I'm sleepy and it's just some randomness for the most part today...

So...E! Online has a link to the pictures Audrina Patridge from MTV's The Hills supposedly took for Playboy (she denies that they were intended for Playboy). Well, me being curious about the pictures, I clicked on the link. Yeah...bad idea...because even though on the thumbnails of the pictures it shows the pictures as censored, when you click on a thumbnail to enlarge it, the enlarged image is no longer censored. Yeah, umm, I really wasn't trying to be perverted and look at pseudo-porn. Especially since my 11 year old brother and his friend are sleeping in the living room (the same room that the computer is in). Just what I need, for the kid to go home and tell his parents, "His older sister was looking at naked girls on the computer." I'm sure that would go over so well...what do you think? annoys me that every time you log on to the computer it says that there's no anti-virus on the computer...even though we have something installed and it's up-to-date. So I just do the stupid scan thingy most every time I'm on the computer. Yeah...whenever the scan finds something, it always finds it under crabby-pants' "Temp" folders. Never anybody else's. So even though common places for all that crap to hide out is in children's games and porn, you can't blame it on anybody other than crabby-pants and his porn habit. Ugh...that's so icky!! But I fixed it so that the stupid red shield no longer appears at start-up anymore (I just checked the box that says we have an anti-virus installed that we're monitoring on our own).

Some amusement from Overheard in New York...

Haha! You Said "Wednesday One-Liners"!
Professor: So, the probability you're dealing with a straight is determined by what comes out the back end here.
-- Statistics lecture, Columbia University

Blonde hairstylist to male customer: Men are easy. I could do 15 men a day.
-- Upscale hair salon

NYU professor about expertise involved in determining chicken gender: When was the last time you turned over a chick?
-- NYU

Biology professor: Homo erectus? Homo sapiens? I don't know... So many homos.
-- Wagner College

Prim older lady: You guys could eat out. Also, you could go out for dinner... Yes, I'm twelve.
-- Relish, Williamsburg

That Esteban, Always Getting into Mama's Vodka Popsicles
Very young child: Yo estoy borracha. Yo estoy borracha. Yo estoy borracha...
-- 35th St & 36th Ave, Astoria, Queens

(borracho/a means drunk in Spanish)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

speak to me when all you got to keep is strong move along move along like I know you do and even when your hope is gone

So...this morning, I got a phone call from my dad asking if I pay my own car insurance or not and how much it is. And since he's thinking about turning in his Grand Prix early for a G6, he was talking to his insurance company and asked about how much it would be to cover my car as well. It would cost approximately $72-73/month in car insurance...I'm pretty sure that's less than what my mom's paying each month my insurance currently... At least I'm assuming so since it was about $70/month before I got a speeding ticket.

So, my daddy said if I want to go back to living over there (which is entirely up to me), then I can either use the smaller bedroom or the bedroom that Eric is currently using since he's hardly ever around and then he'd move into the smaller room. Poor kid, I hope he doesn't think that nobody cares about him. ::sigh:: But, this new situation would improve my living conditions...just don't know how I'd feel about hardly seeing anyone (mostly meaning my younger brothers) anymore. Oh, well...

Big decision, just means to carefully think it over and make a smart choice. head has hurt since yesterday evening. It's horrible...all I want to do is cry. I tried my didn't work. I tried going to sleep...that didn't work. I tried food...that didn't work. I want to cry...a lot. Somebody shoot me. Just not literally, please. I don't want to be dead.

ooo this is an S.O.S. don't wanna second guess this is the bottom line it's true I gave my all for you now my hearts in two and I can't find the other

I decided on posting two entries, one with all of the random stuff that I wanted to put that amused me...and one that was my thoughts...obviously, this is the one that has all the randomness in it...

We so totally need to implement something similar here in the United States...way to go, Japan!! Maybe my neighbor will stop driving over the curb...

Umm...yeah...way to set an example for your son!!

Since when is healthy food a "cruel and inhumane" punishment? MI it has been since 1988...and it may soon be in VT...

Hey, time you think about a life of crime, make sure you're old enough to drive and have your own getaway vehicle...'kay?

So...apparently...two years was two years too long... (from this post)

Nice guys finish last...first?

Umm...really, can Gibson sue Wal-mart and five other retailers for selling "Guitar Hero"?

Now you're you're not!!

Oo-oo-oo!! A whole thingy with the cast of Gossip Girl!!

***Spoiler Alert***

Dina in Lake Charles, La.: Any scoopage on my dear Samantha Who?
Jerry O'Connell is guest starring as Craig in the Samantha Who? episode shooting next week. He plays a man Samantha (Christina Applegate) literally meets on the street and asks out on a date to accompany her to ex-boyfriend Todd's (Barry Watson) art gallery show. She's pretty much doing this to make Todd jealous. Oh, and did I mention the nude photos of Sam? No. OK, then, here you go: There are nude photos of Sam.

Annie in Sandpoint, Idaho: Anything on Gossip Girl?
Look for a good-looking dog walker named Asher to charm his way into little Jenny's life. I'm hearing he scores major points with dad Rufus, too!

Leslie in Chicago: Do you know anything about Lindsay's dad and/or her new love interest on Women's Murder Club?
Lindsay and her dad, Marty (played by Gerald McRaney, yay!), haven't spoken for six years. Lindsay thinks that back in the day her dad was a dirty cop. She thinks he's a nogoodnik and wants nothing to do with him, but he swears his sudden reappearance in her life is not because he's messing with her current investigation but because he's protecting her from powerful people who think she's a bit too successful for her own good.

Spoilers courtesy of E! Online's Watch with Kristin.

Here's something for your amusement from Overheard in New York...

I Hear If You Don't Have Sex for Two Years, You Become a Virgin Again, Too
Girl #1: Why does she seem so nasty and stressed all the time?
Girl #2: Well, I think it's because she's a lesbian by default.
Girl #1: A what?
Girl #2: A lesbian by default. She's such a b**** that guys don't want anything to do with her.
-- Manhattan Lounge

'Cause If It Is, I've Got Plans!
College intern hitting friend with magic wand: Naked B**** with big t**ties.
Little kid: Is that a real magic wand?!
-- FAO Schwartz

You Try to Steal Mommy's Thunder, You Get Struck by Lightning
Little girl: Look, Mommy, it's a butterfly. Why do they call it a 'butterfly'? Because it looks like a fly?
Little boy: It's because it looks like butter and it flies, right, Mommy?
Mommy: Wrong.
-- Pitt & Delancey

Look, Let's Just Get a Coathanger. They're Like 50 Cents, and Then We Can Splurge on a Nice Dinner.
Girlfriend: Oh, by the way, we have to return those things to Macy's.
Boyfriend: Why?
Girlfriend: Because I need to buy maternity clothes!
Boyfriend: Or we could buy me an airplane ticket, because I'm leaving you.
-- F train, Jay St

Monday, March 24, 2008

even if your hands are shaking and your faith is broken even as the eyes are closing do it with a heart wide open why say what you need to say

Well...mostly, I was just going to get some thoughts out/rant a bit...but I was highly amused, because this was near the top of Way to go, Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick!! Score one for Detroit...yeah, cuz I'm sure that's what the city wants to be in the national news for.

But anyway...I've come to the conclusion that crabby-pants is worse than the stepmonster. Y'know why? Because at least she was willing to admit she had issues and that she couldn't fix them on her own and get professional help for them. Albeit, she couldn't accept responsibility for her issues since she blatantly told me I was to blame for them. But still, at least she was willing to do something about her problems in a semi-adult way. Crabby-pants doesn't even have the courage to tell me himself why he's behaving in the way that he is. I had to hear it from a third-party four weeks into the behavior.

By the way, the reasoning for his childish behavior is my "attitude problem." Now, I'm not saying that I never have an attitude, because that's impossible, but to say that "every time [he] talks to [me], [I have] a smart-a**" response...or however it was phrased to me just overgeneralization. It's wholly unfair, also. Oh, well... Obviously, crabby-pants doesn't care who he causes harm to in the process of being a jerk, because eventually I'm just not going to talk to or deal with the people living in this house anymore. So...y'know, that means, I just quit talking to my two youngest brothers and my mom because I don't need the added stress in my life of dealing with his bulls***. ::sigh:: Whatever...soon enough, I can be rid of the distress, right?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

there is no way you can get around it because you wrote I wish you were her you left out the 'e' you left w/out me and now you're somewhere out there

Today, my daily horoscope from Cosmo says:
Libra - Spending the day with your clan might appeal to you under sentimental Neptune. Giving them your undivided attention (leave your boyfriend at home) for a few hours strengthens your family ties.
Ha!, that's pretty funny...I hate my family. Well, I don't hate hate them. I just dislike them highly very often.

And...hooray!! It's Easter Sunday!! Or not... Well, I mean, or not for the "hooray!!" Anyway, I have to go get dressed and call the boy now...because he wants me to come to his house before we go to my grandma's house for Easter dinner. Even though technically, I live closer to her house than he does. ::sigh:: Oh, well...what do I know? Right? Gotta love him.

Oh!, and the younger brothers...totally would have thought that were too old for the whole searching for the Easter eggs thing...but nope! Apparently, last night they told our mom that they still wanted to get up and search for them today. Weirdos.


Happy Easter!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

said I been needin' you, wantin' you wondering if you're the same and who's been with you is your heart still mine I wanna cry sometimes I miss you

Today's Cosmo horoscope says:
Libra - Single? Star warning! No matter how much your friends might love him, don't talk yourself into a relationship if you're not attracted to a guy. Attached? The Libra Moon suggests a simple but sweet evening. See a blockbuster movie, then refuel with comfort food at your favorite diner.
I can accept that...since a quiet night at home is pretty much what I wanted. I read that (cuz it amuses me to read my horoscope everyday, mostly cuz I don't put anything other than entertainment in it) and decided it was a do-able horoscope. Not like some of the other ones that show up on occasion. Like when it will say something about exercise...ha!, can you imagine me getting off my lazy butt and expending energy?

Cuddling up with the boy and watching America's Next Top Model sounds good to me. Or whatever show he wants to watch. Probably That's Amore...oh em gee, those girls vying for Domenico's attention are crazy!! They are perfect examples of reasons why I don't like being friends with girls...girls can be so mean to one another... 10:00p, we can't watch anything because his DVR will be recording Numb3rs and Dirt...oh, wait, nevermind, Dirt is on at 11:00p. And Numb3rs isn't on tonight, NCAA basketball is. I don't like live television is my enemy because I can't skip over the commercials.

Oh, this is pretty amusing to me:
According to a new study from Indiana University, researchers found that many young guys are clueless to the difference between women who are being friendly and women who are interested in a romantic relationship. (courtesy of "3 Things to Know" in Daily Cosmo on Cosmo)

The 10 safest states for children...and then where the other 40 states fall (MI is #33 and also third on the list for highest rate of sex offenders). Family Watchdog...a site to find sex offenders near you. I found it when I clicked on the link one day about "What Realtors Won't Tell You." It was all about stuff realtors either can't tell you legally or just don't want to tell you for fear of losing a sale.

There are five more one-liners from Overheard in New York...

Wednesday One-Liners Are Gonna Buy You a Mocking Bird
Young boy skipping by elevators, singing: Step on a crack and you break your mother's back... [Begins stomping] Take that, mother! And that, mother! And that, mother...!
-- Museum of Natural History

Lois Commutes between Adoration and Homicidal Rage
Black woman, to eight-year-old white girl: I love the white people. You are so cute. I would babysit you. Come here.
White woman: Yes, give the little white girl a hug.
Black woman, to girl: If anyone f***s with you, I'm gonna be f***ing with them.
-- 47th & 8th

I CAN'T CLICK BETWEEN TABS FOR SOME GODFORSAKEN REASON!!!!!! Seriously, I f***ing hate computers!! Do you know how annoying it is to have to get through the tabs the hard way? Oh, and look! the CPU is at 100%...isn't that nice? Can I kick the computer now? Okay...that's bad idea, but only because I might get hurt.

All right...I'm calm now...all done with my angry words...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

you don't know me, don't ignore me if you had your way, you'd just shut me up make me go away... (I'm so unwanted)

So...I was curious as to maybe this blog was a reason as to why crabby-pants was ignoring me...and I tried multiple ways of Googling for myself yesterday afternoon. Yeah...good luck finding me (I don't mean that I'm impossible to find, I just mean unless you're really looking it appears to be kinda hard). I mean, if he knew my AOL screenname, then he could find this blog very easily because it's the first thing that comes up on the Google search. But as for my first and last name together...I think you need to go to like page three or four before you find something relevant. Everything else is either my father, my brother (the 19 year old) or some random person with either the same first name (very common) or the same last name (surprisingly more common than I'd thought). But...unless you put a hyphen between the two words in my email address (and I mean the only one that he knows of) this blog doesn't turn up for many pages. And when you put a hyphen...these are the two posts that turn up in the search: Saturday, March 15, 2008 and Tuesday, November 27, 2007. Seemingly totally random to me. So my conclusion is, he has no idea how much I use this as a release for his bulls*** (and in essence, let the world know how much of a jerk he can be). I'm sure he's seen me on the computer typing up entries...but he hasn't seen/read the finished product. I don't think my mom has either... So, I guess it's "safe"...whatever that means. life seems like it's going to get even more complicated due to the fact that crabby-pants has started his new shift at work as of yesterday... I was wondering why he wasn't going to work yesterday...turns out he now works from like 10:00p to 6:00a or something like that. Whatever the eight hour shift is that starts after 7:00p. Since when I asked one of my brothers if his dad had to go to work, he said that he had to work at 9:00p. I don't know if that meant he left at 9:00p or if it meant that he had to be at work at 9:00p. So...oh, joy...tomorrow and Friday...well, actually, everyday until next Friday or next-next Monday (03/31) should be a lot of fun considering the girls are going on family trip to AZ on Friday and today is the last day I watch them until either the 28th or 31st, depending on what's going on with their parents. God, I hate this house. ::sigh:: I'm so sick of feeling like an outcast in this house.

And I'm sick of my boyfriend thinking that if I go see a therapist that it's going to solve my problems. Yes, talking to a professional may help...but unfortunately, until I can cut the negative influences way down or out completely, my problems are not going to go away. ::sigh:: And I really don't think that I can do that any time soon...which totally depresses me. But not to the point where I exhibit the symptoms of depression and would benefit from anti-depressants. And, some point in time, everyone can exhibit some signs of depression, the key to being diagnosed is that you have to have so many symptoms for so long and blah, blah, blah. I'm not depressed. Not really anyway. Just excessively stressed out.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

it's not over tonight just give me one more chance to make it right I may not make it through the night I won't go home without you

***Disclaimer: pretty much a repost of a post from a few days ago...but I updated it a bit...and changed a few of the comments...feel free to ignore if you choose...

I want any of the following houses, in order of descending list price ($100,000 & below):

.:. the pretty house on Gardenia between Stephenson Hwy and John R Rd in Madison Heights, MI ---> downside: I have no idea how much it costs!! it's also green, and it's in Madison District; upside: it's pretty...and it's brick...and it's brand new!!
.:. 1921 Rowland Ave, Royal Oak, MI ---> downside: currently has no electricity (keywords in listing are "bring flashlights"); upside: completely finished basement to banish allow the boy ample room for his nerdy stuff...
.:. 21956 Audrey Ave, Warren, MI ---> downside: umm, I put the address into the map thingy and it's somewhere between Ryan and Mound Rds, and 9 and 8 Mile Rds; upside: it's really, really's possible that I like it the best...
.:. 110 W Guthrie Ave, Madison Heights, MI ---> downside: umm, Madison District, need I say more?
.:. 309 Vester St, Ferndale, MI ---> downside: umm, is there one besides being small and totally unaffordable? upside: like, everything...including a home warranty...
.:. 3713 Woodland Ave, Royal Oak, MI * ---> downside: it's teeny, tiny and kinda ugly; upside: it has a garage for the boy's unused car...
.:. 30467 Alger St, Madison Heights, MI ---> downside: no garage for the boy's unused car; upside: granite countertops and hardwood floors throughout, new appliances...
.:. 307 Girard Ave, Royal Oak, MI ---> downside: near Downtown Royal Oak (12/Main area); upside: near Downtown Royal Oak, mmm food!!
.:. 3320 Harvard Rd, Royal Oak, MI * ---> downside: near Beaumont Hospital, as in nearly literally next door; upside: near Beaumont Hospital...and it's pretty cute..., and close to Woodward for the boy and the stupid Dream Cruise...
.:. 24288 Eleanor Ave, Warren, MI ---> downside: umm, I put the address into the map thingy and it's somewhere between Groesbeck Hwy and Gratiot Ave, and 10 and 9 Mile pretty much a guarantee that I would get lost...
.:. 23679 Bolam Ave, Warren, MI ---> downside: umm, I put the address into the map thingy and it's somewhere between Groesbeck Hwy and Gratiot Ave, and 10 and 9 Mile pretty much a guarantee that I would get lost... ; upside: it's a super cute, little blue house!!
.:. 631 Shasta Pl, Ferndale, MI * ---> downside: not quite sure exactly sure what "updates needed" entails; upside: it's a double lot...
.:. 891 E Guthrie Ave, Madison Heights, MI ---> downside: not really sure what the "as is" condition implies, also in Madison District, need I say more? ; upside: pretty brick house...

* > 15 minutes to the boy's work in ideal driving y'know, he'd have to get up earlier and he's not a big fan of the morning time...

when I'm about to fall somehow you're always waiting with your open arms to catch me you're gonna save me from myself

Sooo, this is what my Cosmo horoscope for March 18 th says:
Libra - Single? You love the charmers, but Venus encourages to you look twice at a no-frills type of guy tonight. He might be the true blue boy you fantasize about. Attached? Clever Neptune suggests that you play bad girl to his Mr. Naive tonight. The bolder you are, the more passionate pleasure you'll get.
Umm...judging by the interactions of the past few days/weeks, I really don't think horoscope has a chance of becoming true. What do you think?

Umm...maybe this is why Detroit and Flint continue to stay in the Top 3 of the most dangerous cities in the U.S., a young teen girl gets raped and the police don't care...

Yay!!, not only are our humans overweight but our zoo animals are too!! (Don't you just love that false sense of enthusiasm?)

Umm, if you're going to try and rob a bank...don't you think that you should try for the open one?

Yeah, umm...she stopped the bus, saved the school bus full of elementary school-age children lives...and you're still giving her a detention for skipping school?

Ewewewew!! I could so not live in a house with honeybees living in the walls!! That would totally and completely freak me out!!

And see, celebrities are germophobic, quit picking on me for freaking out about germs and always needing to wash my hands!!

Dancing with the Stars started on ABC last night!! But of course, I missed it due to class. The boy set his thingy to record it. a very short while, there will be quite a conflict. DWTS, Samantha Who? and Gossip Girl are all on the same night...and kind of at the same time. ::sigh:: Oh, stupid tv producers/schedulers/whoever decides when to put things on tv... But anyway...this amused me: it's titled, "Stars We Want to See on 'Dancing'."

According to E! online's Watch with Kristin, only a few more weeks until Gossip Girl and Supernatural return with new episodes!! Yays!! Gossip Girl returns on Monday, April 21st at 8:00p and Supernatural returns on Thursday, April 24th at 9:00p.

***Spoiler Alert***

Rachel from Seattle: Please tell me that Sean McNamara will be coming back to Nip/Tuck. He can't actually be dead?!
Mr. McNamara (aka Dylan Walsh) says that he will be just fine. Walsh pointed out that, "On Nip/Tuck, there are miracles that happen all the time. People have major surgery and no scars. So I imagine Sean McNamara will just jump right up from that, wipe the blood off and go to the gym." I certainly hope so!

Kayla in Washington, D.C.: Anything on Samantha Who?
Sam will suspect her madre, the wonderful Jean Smart, of cheating on her dad when the show returns! I wouldn't put it past

Spoilers courtesy of E! online's Watch with Kristin.

Monday, March 17, 2008

something's missing and I don't know how to fix it something's missing and I don't know what it is no I don't know what it is at all

Ugh...seriously, what is it about me that I manage to piss everyone around me off? Because as far as I can tell, I managed to piss off the boy and my mother in the time span of about 30 minutes.

The boy because I told him I didn't know why I was supposed to call him since he pretty much hung up on me the previous phone call. ::sigh:: Plus, lately there's always something wrong with him. At least that's how it seems.'s gotten to the point that I find him to be a hypochondriac (Mayo Clinic definition, Wikipedia definition) and have, like, zero empathy/sympathy for him when there is actually something wrong with him. And then it seems like he thinks that I'm a b****. Since apparently today he has/had a fever and is/was vomiting. Plus, the boy and I are constantly fighting...and the boy always says that he wants to "work on our problems" but that he "can't change," which essentially means that I have to change. Oh, that conversation went well last night. ::sigh::

And then my mom because I told her I probably wouldn't be eating here on Sunday because I didn't want to deal with her husband and his rude way of dealing with my existence. Yeah, she made it obvious (by that I mean with her body language and nonverbal communication) that she didn't like my stance on his behavior.

I'm really tired...and I just want to go to sleep, but I needed to get that out of my system because...well, I don't know. I just did. Besides, lately I'm stressed out over the fact that crabby-pants has me in this ridiculous situation for the time-being...and some other seemingly uncontrollable factors...

head under water and they tell me to breathe easy for a while the breathing gets harder even I know that

BRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! I'm freezing!! I don't care if it's "nice" out. It's freakin' freezing in this house!! My mom was complaining about it being too warm this morning...and she only had it set at 72 or something like that. Not that bad even...and then I came from class a couple hours later and crabby-pants was up and he'd turned it down to about 66 or 68!! So I just hurried up and did what I needed to do before I left to go do my errands...but now I'm home and I turned it back up to 72. But my fingers are still like icicles... ::sigh::

Oh, and Sunday is Easter Sunday...yeah, if crabby-pants isn't talking me still (which, by the way, would make it a total of four weeks for the silent treatment), then I refuse to sit down for the "big, family dinner." I don't care if that pisses off my grandmother. She can deal with it because I'm not subjecting myself to an awkward meal of either being ignored or cut off rudely because he's being childish for reasons unknown [to me] and ignoring my existence. I'll probably go over my paternal grandma's house for Easter dinner though...I just don't know what time that is. And it annoyed me a lot last night when my brother was over and asked me when it was as though it was job to keep track of that for him. I'm not his f***ing planner.

::sigh:: I'm just stressed out over this stupid situation crabby-pants has put me in. But at least I have a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch to make me happy...mmm!!

What a b****!! Seriously...he's better off without her...

Now for some amusement from Overheard in New York...

They're All in It for the B****es
Guy #1 about four tiny, yappy poodles: Why they so loud?!
Guy #2: Yo, they got a Napoleon complex. Why you think you a thug?
-- Eastern Pkwy & Underhill St, Brooklyn

Oh, yeah...and happy St. Patrick's Day!! Go out and drink some green beer!! Just make sure to be safe about it!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

I've got my sight set on you and I'm ready to aim I have a heart that will never be tamed

Today, my Cosmo horoscope says to do this:
Libra - Sure, you're a social chick, but private Neptune says that it's okay to be selfish with your time today. Schedule a few hours alone to shop, nap, or catch up on TiVo. When you reconnect with your man or buds, you'll be ready to party.
Soo...does that mean that I can go out and spend money frivolously and not feel bad about it?

The Las Vegas man who painted his Mustang to look like a Police car to spoil his 7-year-old son amuses me...

Some amusement from Overheard in New York...

Could You Explain Again about the Timing of the Naked Break Dancing?
Bride: You are to behave like ladies.
Six-year-old #1: Can we take off our shoes?
Bride: Ladies take their shoes off after the ceremony.
Six-year-old #2: Can we run around?
Bride: After the ceremony, you can take off all your clothes and go nuts all night. I'll be married. I won't care.
Maid of Honor: But not until after the ceremony!
-- Staten Island

Are You Certain That You Do?
Customer: So, can I have three tacos -- two with chicken, and one chorizo?
Waitress: Eh, what was the last one?
Customer: Chorizo taco!
Waitress: Oh, I don't know...The chef may not understand that. Y'know, he doesn't really speak English...
-- El Sombrero restaurant, LES

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I make my living off the evening news just give me something something I can use people love it when you lose they love dirty laundry

I'm still bored and avoiding doing what I should be doing...and since I forgot to put this stuff in the previous now gets its own post!! Aren't you thrilled? Of course you are.

Umm...seriously, why wouldn't she find a better way to bring her brother back to Italy than to bring a bag o' bones in her luggage?

Ewewewew!! Why would he not do something sooner? Two years is two years too long!!

Well...umm, the Royal Oak PD has a problem with a guy robbing the TCF Bank at 12/Crooks wearing a toy badge and using toy handcuffs...and then, umm, the Eastpointe PD has a problem with someone stealing a 6' tall pint of Guiness beer costume...

Since there's an abundance of employment in MI, lawmakers want to appeal to Hollywood efforts to compete with states like LA...yeah, I'm sure actors would rather film their wintery scenes in real snow as opposed to fake snow...

Be amused by this only slightly amusing one of six one-liners from Overheard in New York...

Wednesday One-Liners Were "Working Late"
Girl on cell: Sorry, I'm on my way to the airport. It was either go to Michigan or cheat on my boyfriend... No, I'm going to Michigan.
-- 125th & Broadway

seize the day or die regretting the time you lost it's empty and cold without you here too many people to ache over

I'm bored...and don't really feel like doing what I should be doing (read: showering) I'm being oh-so-productive and looking at real estate listings. That started with my looking at the listings for vehicles in the classifieds for Daily Tribune. Seriously, I hate my car. But's not like I was looking at the super expensive houses. I mean, c'mon there are houses in Oakland county for under $10,000. And I don't mean in the parts of Oakland county bordering on Detroit that cause many suburbanites to 'fear for their lives.' Which is just bordering on prejudicial, by the way...or is actually prejudicial. Anyway, I digress... I want any of the following houses, in order of descending list price ($100,000 & below) (this want is based purely on the list prices and online ads):

.:. 1921 Rowland Ave, Royal Oak, MI ---> downside: currently has no electricity; upside: completely finished basement to banish allow the boy ample room for his nerdy stuff...
.:. 21956 Audrey, Warren, MI ---> downside: umm, I put the address into the map thingy and it's somewhere between Ryan and Mound Rds, and 9 and 8 Mile Rds; upside: it's really, really pretty...
.:. 110 W Guthrie, Madison Heights, MI ---> downside: umm, Madison District, need I say more?
.:. 309 Vester, Ferndale, MI ---> downside: umm, is there one besides being small and totally unaffordable? upside: like, everything...
.:. 3713 Woodland, Royal Oak, MI ---> downside: it's teeny, tiny and kinda ugly; upside: it has a garage for the boy's unused car...
.:. 30467 Alger, Madison Heights, MI ---> downside: no garage for the boy's unused car; upside: granite countertops and hardwood floors throughout, new appliances...
.:. 307 Girard, Royal Oak, MI ---> downside: near Downtown Royal Oak; upside: near Downtown Royal Oak, mmm food!!
.:. 3320 Harvard, Royal Oak, MI ---> downside: near Beaumont Hospital, as in nearly literally next door; upside: near Beaumont Hospital...and it's pretty cute...
.:. 24288 Eleanor, Warren, MI ---> downside: umm, I put the address into the map thingy and it's somewhere between Groesbeck Hwy and Gratiot Ave, and 10 and 9 Mile pretty much a guarantee that I would get lost...
.:. 23679 Bolam, Warren, MI ---> downside: umm, I put the address into the map thingy and it's somewhere between Groesbeck Hwy and Gratiot Ave, and 10 and 9 Mile pretty much a guarantee that I would get lost... ; upside: it's a super cute, little blue house!!
.:. 631 Shasta, Ferndale, MI ---> downside: not really sure, but there probably is one; upside: it's a double lot...
.:. 891 E Guthrie, Madison Heights, MI ---> downside: not really sure what the "as is" condition implies, also in Madison District, need I say more? ; upside: pretty brick house...

23490 Blackett, Warren, MI ---> keywords in selling a home should not be INCESTOR WANTED...oh, and by the way, this is not a house that I want

The vast majority of those are in either Royal Oak or Madison Heights, because I'm quite "snobbish" apparently and refuse to live outside of Oakland county...but the rest of OC is too expensive (read: Birmingham, Rochester Hills, West Bloomfield, etc.). Actually, I chose OC only because of my comfort level...I just don't where things outside of OC are very well. Get me too far east of Dequindre and I just may well get lost, and too far south of 11 Mile and I just may well get lost, too (shhh, I realize that technically depending where in OC you are as low as 5 Mile is included, but that's pretty west of Dequindre).

Grrr...the music randomly stopped playing on me... Now it's silent and that's boring.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

you stupid girl all you had you wasted all you had you wasted what drives you on can drive you mad a million lies to sell yourself is all you ever had

I f***ing hate our computer!!! I swear to God, the stupid thing is eating itself alive!! Not that the thing is really an animate object, but still... Yesterday, I was getting frustrated because it was being all stupid and being slow on me and Austin commented on it lagging on him, too. So I'm not the only one who's noticing it's current state of retardedness. times, when you open up the task manager, the CPU is at 100%. And I'm not exaggerating.

I realize that it's supposed to be near 40 degrees today...but that doesn't mean set the thermostat at 68 degrees. Just because crabby-pants has a few extra layers of fat doesn't mean that the rest of the people that live here do. There was nothing wrong with having set it at 72.

Okay, I'm all done ranting...I'm going to go see if the washing machine is done and put the clothes in the dryer if it is done...then I'm off to buy stuff. Cuz, y'know...I need more clothes. Actually, what I need is a new Chapstick because mine is nearly gone and some inserts for my new heels so that they don't hurt my feet when I wear them. Ciao!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

while Mona Lisas and mad hatters, sons of bankers, sons of lawyers turn around and say, "good morning" to the night

I need to go get in the shower, but first a few things...

Aww, a psychologist's experiment shows that men get just as much, if not more, discrimination for taking a family leave of absence from work...

Haha, stupid thief...fortune cookies got him caught...

Soccer fans in Colombia are muy, muy loco!!

Some amusement from Overheard in New York...

That He Might Be Pregnant?
Woman: Well, I'll tell you one thing -- if you ever show up late again, I will have to refer to you as my late husband.
Man: Uh, you do know what that connotates?
Woman: Yep.
-- Q train

To Make Straight People Say "Fabulous"
Yuppie: I hate you. You totally made me buy this. It's fabulous!
Sales queen: That's why I'm gay.
-- Saks Fifth Avenue

Yays!! April 7th at 9:30p Samantha Who? returns with all new episodes!! Law & Order: SVU is back on April 15th at 10:00p and ER is back on April 10th at 10:00p. And then Supernatural returns on...well, I don't know, because The CW is stupid and it doesn't say on their site.

***Spoiler Alert***

Judy in Indianapolis: Gossip Girl!
I'm hearing our girl Blair soon hatches a plan to make her way back up the social ladder. But not before she's stood up by a party of five former friends at her favorite sushi restaurant.

Sam in Sarasota, Florida: Any scoop on what the deal will be with Rufus and Lily when Gossip Girl returns?
Not much. I hear Rufus and a new chica make good use of the apartment when Dan and Jenny take a trip to visit their mom.

Spoilers courtesy of E! Online's Watch with Kristin...

Saturday, March 8, 2008

I want a platinum blonde life so I keep bleaching out the colors I try to do what I oughta but never drink enough water Cosmo horoscope says to do this:
Libra - Single? Your careful approach might be lost on a serial romancer who's adorable but way too fickle to keep. Attached? Mars might make sparks fly tonight -- channeling this energy results in a fiery romp.
Yeah...don't think this horoscope will be coming to fruition either because tonight the boy gets his Super Smash Bros. Brawl and before then we're going to Taste of Chaos... And duh, he's always tired. Which he says he doesn't blame on me...but the way in which he words things, it appears that he's blaming me for his lack of sufficient time to sleep (so in effect, his tiredness).

Wow...what a stickler for rules. Way to go Mr. Security Guard, ya ruined the guy's surprise proposal...

Hey, look...more pretty blonde celebrity girls claiming how pure they are...the pretty Julianne Hough from ABC's Dancing with the Stars and country singer Taylor Swift...

Here's some amusement from Overheard in New York...

We Took the Trail to Get Here
College girl #1: Which way to the Eiffel Tower?
Suit, puzzled, pointing East: That way?
College girl #2: How far is it?
Suit: ... About three thousand miles.
College girl #1: No! No! [Makes peak with fingertips of both hands.] The... Eiffel... Tower!
Suit: Yeah, that way about three thousand miles -- across the Atlantic Ocean -- in Paris.
College girl #2, also making peak with hands: No! No! It's a... It's a... The Empire State Building!
Suit, pointing at looming Empire State Building: The Empire State Building is right there.
College girl #2: You have to excuse us -- we're from Oregon.
-- 45th & 5th

Another Fine New York Tradition
Fat guy, caught illegally parked to buy and gobble a hot dog: It's a New York tradition.
Cop: Move your car, or that's going to be a hundred and fifty dollar hot dog.
-- Grey's Papaya, 8th Ave

Ever Notice How Your Dad Listens to Barry Manilow?
Five-year-old girl: ... And then he changed seats!
Nanny: Why are you obsessing?
Five-year-old girl: Because boys are weird.
Nanny: Boys will always be weird.
-- 29th & Park

Okay, well...I need to go the bank ciao!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

just beat it beat it beat it beat it no one wants to be defeated showin' how funky and strong is your fight it doesn't matter who's wrong or right

Yay!! The counter thingy is at 666 now!! Okay, so that's not at all a good thing to celebrate. Anyway...nothing too important to say, just a bunch of randomness really...

Fall Out Boy (with John Mayer) covering Michael Jackson's "Beat It"...go listen...and then please buy me their live DVD...'kay, thank you...!!

Oh, oh!! I got a 104.25 out of 100.00 on my español prueba on Tuesday!! Woohoo, go me!! The teacher will drop the lowest quiz score (and for me, that's an 83)...but anything over 100 doesn't really count since the highest you can get is 100. So hopefully my teacher will keep my 4.25 extra credit points and count those towards my other quiz score of 83.5. Since 83.5 and 104.25 average to 93.875, or a 94. So woowoo!! That's not a bad quiz score average. I can accept that one. But I don't want to accept the (83.5+100)/2=91.75, or a 92 one.

Some pub in NY is banning the song "Danny Boy" over the month of March...but all is not lost because there's a bar in Ferndale [MI] that's playing different renditions of it over the weekend of St. Patrick's Day.

Soo...apparently for all those people out there that are afraid of everything, here's one more thing for them to fear!! Eating's full of bacteria!! Even the freshly fallen the stuff that's not even hit the ground yet.

Hey, wanna earn four grand? Hey, wanna get bitten by mosquitoes carrying malaria? Some scientists in Seattle, WA are offering $4000 to volunteers willing to catch malaria... Yeah, thanks, but no thanks...I'll pass on that offer.

Are you envious of the iPhone? Supposedly, these five phones will get you over it...but I doubt it. Hey...the first few are even offered to AT&T/Cingular y'know, if you're too broke to afford the iPhone, maybe you can afford this other overpriced phone that might do just as much crap. Seriously, as long as your phone can do make/receive a phone call and send/receive texts and all that other basic phone stuff, why do you need all that other stuff? Especially the people that sit in an office all day? You're sitting in front of an freaking computer with internet access, why do you need the internet on your phone?!? Okay, I'm done ranting.

Coffee for People Who've Given Up Achievement
Woman: Oh, you got an iced coffee? Where do they sell those around here?
Man: This is actually Hennessey.
-- Church Ave

Hey, Wednesday One-Liners, Cold Enough for You?
Pilot: Welcome aboard our plane this afternoon, with direct service to Atlanta. The current weather in Atlanta is actually colder than it is here, so it sucks to be you.
-- LaGuardia

...and there are five more one-liners from Overheard in New York for your enjoyment.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

so go and tell your friends that I'm obsessive and crazy that’s fine I'll tell mine you’re gay

I quit. I can't do it anymore. I understand that at times I'm not the easiest person to get along with. Honestly, I do. I know I'm not perfect, even though I like to pretend that I am. But honestly, I have no clue what's so absolutely horrible about me that I make people hate me so godd*** much. If somebody else knows what it is and actually has the guts to tell me, then please do so. Because I can't handle this anymore. I'm so sick of being ignored randomly for days, that sometimes turn into weeks, at a time for what appears to be no reason at all on my side.

I was folding the laundry this afternoon (because unfortunately, that's my job now due to my mom's busy schedule) and the way that our house is laid out, the front door is right by where I was standing to fold the clean laundry. Now the polite thing to do, would have been to say "excuse me," but crabby-pants instead just attempted to squeeze by. Now I'm not by any means large, but there are things on the floor that caused the walkway to be smaller than what it should be. So there wasn't really any room for him to get to the door, but that didn't stop him from attempting and leaving through the front door anyway. So he nearly stepped on my barefoot (it might as well have been since I was only wearing flipflops at the time) with his stupid workboots and nearly knocked me out of his way. Oh, and he felt the need to lock all the doors before he left for work...nevermind that I am home and both of his children would be home in a few hours and neither have a key to unlock the doors to get into the house!!

My mom needs to do something because I can't handle this anymore. When I mentioned yesterday to the younger brothers that their father had left (he was outside shoveling the snow) but that I wasn't sure if he was gone for the day or if he was coming back since he hadn't said 'good-bye' because he's been ignoring me for over a week. My youngest brother asked why his dad was ignoring me and when I responded with, "your guess is as good as mine;" he said 'that made no sense.' (The double quotes are for exact quotes said and the single quotes are for paraphrased quotes)

Umm...well, I have to go up to school before 6:00p to get my official transcript sent to WSU, but I'm in no mood to leave the house. Probably 'cause I'm currently intermittently crying uncontrollably. ::sigh:: I feel like s***. Hooray for my self-esteem.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

and next time we hang out I will redeem myself my heart can't rest 'til then whoa whoa I I can't wait to see you again

Oh,'s a snow day!! For once, my school is closed on a day/time when I have class!! Boo to a snow day for the younger brothers... Which means soon I have to call the girls' mom and ask about watching them...okay, nevermind calling her, she just emailed me and she asked if I could go over a little earlier than normal...

Grr...per usual, the boy and I couldn't get along last night... C'mon now, why can't we get along? He says it cuz I don't communicate...I say it's cuz he gives the impression he has better things to do than listen to what I have to say...the blame game works wonders, doesn't it? careers...and look! both health care and IT are on the list. So, y'know, if the boy and I don't decide that we hate one another and that we want a family...we've both chosen to go into fields that are family-friendly.

Yesterday, when I came home from español, I decided to try an experiment. Since crabby-pants has been parking excessively close to my back bumper lately, I parked farther up than normal to see if he would still do that and...voilà! he did. Not as close as the previous days, since today a person could walk between the two vehicles if need be. Hahaha!! There was a link, well two links, in the Newsdroppings section of the Shoebox blog and I mentioned it to my mom and she made a funny about it. It was about fitness and walking to work, so she said that [crabby-pants] would have to start walking now (it was 8:45a) in order to be on time for work. It highly amused me that she was essentially saying that he's too overweight and/or out-of-shape to walk. (I do realize that he works in Romulus and we live in Royal Oak) Cosmo horoscope says to do this:
Libra - Single? Plain-talking Mercury says not to knock yourself out trying to be clever tonight. Your knack for friendly small talk is refreshing to a down-to-earth guy. Attached? Consider introducing him to something new, like an exotic food he might not try on his own.
But...getting the boy to try new foods is pretty much like pulling teeth without any anesthesia. Especially if he's not sure what exactly the food is. It doesn't seem to matter whether or not how mild the food is (I'm not talking about spiciness, I'm just talking about different from his range of normalcy), he's unwilling to try new foods what seems to be 99% of the time. then appears that I'm unwilling to eat anything different also. It's just that we eat at the same places all the time, so I eat the same things all the time...but trust me, after a while cheeseburgers, steak and spaghetti gets boring. I want variety...but I want him to eat, too. achieve that we have to eat at the same restaurants all the time. ::sigh:: I really didn't mean to complain so much.

And on a slightly related note, this Daily Confession from Cosmo highly amused me because, well, the poor girl got in bed with her boyfriend's roommate...

What an awesome toddler!! She's 16-months old and already she can read!! (Scroll down about half-way and click on the video to play) But her parents took her to her pediatrician because they were worried that maybe she was autistic or something else, they were impressed with their little girl, but also worried too. I realize that I can be way over-cynical at times, but hey, look! I was right...Airborne is nothing more than false advertisement. But honestly, I was only right because of pure luck...I just hate taking more than I absolutely need to, that's why I was saying it doesn't work.

Worst wedding advice all amuses me, both pages...

I Knew We Shouldn't Have Moved to Chelsea
Little girl: Where are we going now?
Mother: Chinatown.
Little girl: Vagina town?
Mother, chuckling: No -- China-town.
Little girl, coyly: Well, I live in peeenis-town.
Mother: Okay, Lila.
-- Union Square

Be a Good Sport, Wednesday One-Liners
Eight-year-old boy: You can't have a Cowboys game without the cheerleaders. There go half the male ticket holders.
-- Prospect Park, Brooklyn
Guy randomly wipes out on the sidewalk, flat on his stomach with arms stretched out in front of him. Everyone stares.
Nearby cop: Safe!
-- Outside Penn Station

...and four more one-liners to go along with those two, which are from...Overheard in New York.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

they say your head can be a prison then these are just conjugal visits people will dissect us 'til this doesn't mean a thing anymore

Tonight I have a quiz in my Spanish's the last one for the semester. I hope that I do well. It's the computer chapter, so...all the vocab is on computer terms (Lección 10). That should amuse the boy.

And I can't decide if I want this dress (in black) or this dress (in either black or maybe, red)...I really don't know what to do. shoes should be here soon!! Since the stupid place finally shipped them yesterday. Which reminds me...the place said on its site that it was charging me $26.48 and then the amount posted to my account was $26.47. So now everything in my checkbook thingy is $0.01 off. Grrr. But that's not something that I'm going to call the bank about...I'm just going to wait and see if anything changes before I get my shoes.

Okay...well...I'm done rambling about nothing, I guess anyway...'s some amusement from Overheard in New York...

Then What's with This Erotic Stick Figure?
Spanish teacher, reading student's homework: What?! What is this?! Novia? You're going to ride your girlfriend?
Student: Doesn't that mean 'ferris wheel'?
-- Stuyvesant High

I Forgot What a Mean Little Drunk You Are
Little girl: Mommy, I have a headache.
Mom: Well, maybe we should just get you some sake.
Little girl: What?
Mom: I mean tea. Hot tea.
-- Grey's Art Museum

***Spoiler Alert***

Kara in Providence, Rhode Island: I watched the Dirt premiere last night. Too crazy! Please tell me life in Hollywood isn't really like that.
For what it's worth, Courteney says they have consulted with actual paparazzi for tricks of the trade so their storylines are accurate. But yes, much of it is creative license. By the way (mild spoiler alert), I'm told that Courteney Cox's hubby, Mr. David Arquette, directed the fifth episode of the season, an episode in which she just so happens to have a serious makeout scene. Word is, poor David couldn't handle watching his wife with another guy and literally left the set mid-smooch! Awww....Kinda sweet, isn't it?

Claire in Paramus, New Jersey: So, what's the deal? Do Gossip Girl's Serena and Blair hate each other in real life or what?
Ah, the rumor mill. All I can tell you is that both Leighton Meester (Blair) and Blake Lively (Serena) showed up to an event for the Reebok Freestyle World Campaign last week and certainly seemed very friendly! (No catfights—poo!) As for what's next on GG, Blake said, "I don’t know if they’re going to pick right up from the episode where we left off, or if they are going to act like a few months happened." And Leighton said Blair "should kind of claw her way back up to the top. She’s kind of an outsider right now. As we left it. Just a little tease for you!" And we all love a good tease! (Well, except maybe Chuck Bass.)

Spoilers courtesy of E! online's Watch with Kristin. And yays!! According to E!'s Watch with Kristin, Gossip Girl, Supernatural and America's Next Top Model will all return next season!! Yays!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

you’re such a flirt I know you hurt and so do I I empathize I see you out you never cared a conversation that we never shared

Woohoo!! A week of being painstakingly avoided at all cost!! Yeah, I don't think it's much of an accomplishment either...but I'm guessing that crabby-pants does. At least he must since he's continuing to go on with his quest to ignore and avoid me. So...there's that update.

I applied to Wayne 4-6 weeks approximately, I'll know whether or not they've accepted me. So now I have to pay the boy back the $30 application fee...since the stupid people WSU uses for online payment doesn't accept VISA. Seriously now, who doesn't accept VISA? So I had to borrow his MasterCard to pay online. I wasn't going to mail a check to pay...why make it take even longer for them to process my application? They don't even process an application until they get the application fee. I just have to get my mother to help me fill out my stupid FAFSA form(s)... ::sigh:: That's going to be a headache... Stupid federal government says that until I'm 24 years of age, I am a dependent. Grrr... So that means...I have to have my parents (the ones that claim me on their taxes), fill out the stupid FAFSA forms on the parental side for me. ::sigh::

Compelling reasons not to spank your toddler...s/he'll grow up to be like this...

Since Daylight Savings Time does not work...does that mean we can get rid of it and not have to set our clocks ahead next weekend?

Umm...those anger management classes are doing wonders for him...

So, umm...a whole new meaning to stabbing your older brother in the back? And that wasn't meant to be funny...just so ya know...'s just a haircut, who suspends a six-year-old for a haircut?

And now for some amusement from Overheard in New York...

We're Too Weird to Be Racist
White man to another: Before he shows up, you should probably know this guy's a top 100 digger.
Black man: What'd you call me?!
White man: Uh, I just said...We're nerds. It means we're nerds.
-- Starbucks, Astor Pl

Birds of a Feather...
Guy #1: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Guy #2: That's hard, man. I've never been good at science.
Guy #3: Me neither.
-- 6th Ave

Shortest Law & Order Episode Ever
Bag lady: Please, can someone help me? Call 911...
Cop: You're talking to a godd*** cop! Are you f***ing retarded?
-- Times Square

Whereas I've Had to Wait Weeks for My Crochet Supplies
Big thug #1: ... And I was like, 'No f***in' way.'
Big thug #2: Yeah, nigga. That s*** is like magic.
Big thug #1: I know, nigga. I did it. I went home and I ordered the new Harry Potter from Amazon. That s*** came the next day. It was like magic.
-- 14th & 6th

D***, I Knew I Should've Pulled Out... Something Else
Hobo: Excuse me, do you have some change so I can buy some dinner?
Girl: Sorry, I don't carry cash.
Hobo: I bet you'd have some cash if I pulled out my 9mm [makes fake gun with his hand].
Girl, nonplussed: No, I really wouldn't.
-- 14th & 3rd