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Saturday, January 31, 2009

I got my feet on the ground and I don't go to sleep to dream you got your head in the clouds and you're not at all what you seem

My horoscope from Cosmo for today says...
Libra - Single? Going through the men's department in a pricey store (pretend you're shopping for your dad) might turn up a cuddle-worthy guy. Attached? Whether it's you or him on top, full-body contact sparks a passionate hookup under the sensual Moon.
Well...technically, I do have to shop for my daddy, since his birthday is tomorrow. But...I highly doubt anything would come of this horoscope.

And yay for sleep!! I didn't get up until 12:50p today...well, actually I woke up a little startled and confused at about 8:15a thinking that I had school today, but then I realized that it was Saturday and quickly turned my alarm off when it went off about a minute after I got up and went back to sleep. I haven't been sleeping well lately.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

you spin my head right 'round right 'round when you go down when you go down spin my head right 'round right 'round when you go down down..

I don't remember what I was going to write about. It probably wasn't important. Oh, well...maybe the longer I leave the 'create' window open, I might remember what it was...

All right...well...I left it open for over an open and couldn't remember what my original intent was. So...I'm just gonna head to bed, since it's just after midnight and I have to get up at 6:15a.


[2:01p 01.28.09 - edited to add:] I think I remember what I wanted to write about. My bio prof wasn't as boring this morning. She actually had some emotion in her voice on occasion. It was a miracle!! Class was still boring as hell though. Oh, well...I'm still hoping that it's going to pick up and get more interesting when we get to something that hasn't already been covered in more detail in one of my other bio courses.

Happy birthday, T*** B****!

Can he really get mad at me for that?

Monday, January 19, 2009

love me hate me say what you want about me but all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek Amy

So...I'm either paranoid or just pessimistic. Not sure which one. But either way, I'm under the impression that I don't really have friends anymore. It kinda sucks. But I guess it's a good thing that I'm making new friends in class. (Which by the way, is going pretty crappily - the classes I mean.) But anyway, I'm currently under the impression that either my friends have either done a mass abandonment of me or I've done something to alienate all of them. And I'm more likely to believe it's the latter of the two than the former, because why would the first be likely? That just makes me insanely paranoid.

Anyway...I like my organic chem I 1240 prof. She's really upbeat and seems like she genuinely cares about us getting the material. Such a change from last semester. I have a feeling that I may get a B in the class this semester. I'm not going to sound overconfident and say something like an A and then be disappointed when I don't get that. In 1250, the prof. is sick and hasn't been in lecture yet, but she's supposed to be back in class next week...but I already know that I mostly like her. I just don't care for her on test days. I do not like my lab TA, he's so annoying. I wish I had the same TA as last semester. He was pretty cool. Oh, well... I haven't met my TA for quiz class yet, so I don't know anything about him.

My bio prof. is boring and dry. She gives off the impression that she hates teaching and is only doing it because she has to. She kinda gave off the vibe that we should not email her, call her or go to her office hours ever. It was like, ohhhh-kaaaay...and you're teaching, why? Yeah, I got the impression she knows her stuff, but seriously, if you don't want to teach, then please don't.

I don't feel like I'm going to do well in my calc II class...but so far I like my prof. He seems like a really cool guy. He tried to make his office hours as accomodating as possible to as many of the students in the class as he could. He seems to be enthusiastic about the subject as well. And that's a feat in itself at 8:30 in the morning. I don't know how to do any of my calc II homework...and there's a quiz in the morning. Yeah, we get to drop a few quizzes, but what good is that going to do me if I don't know how to do the calc I stuff? Doesn't calc II build on calc I? ::sigh:: I don't remember the calc I, so I think that I may be dropping down to the calc I class...

Friday, January 16, 2009

vindicated I am selfish I am wrong I am right I swear I'm right swear I knew it all along and I am flawed but I am cleaning up so well

Here's the weekly round-up for the week...
.:. So sad...poor baby...
Okay...there was going to be more, but I just didn't feel like going through the stuff I looked at this week. Sorry. It was the first week back to school. I was busy.

And last but not least, here's some amusement from Overheard in New York...

Now I Have Twenty Cats, but Nothing's Changed
Lonely cat lady: Remember a few years back when I had ten cats? I knitted ten of these adorable little stockings for them, and I filled each one with catnip. Well, I never did that again!
Passenger: Why? Did they all freak out over the catnip?
Lonely cat lady: No, they didn't even appreciate all the work that went into it. They just ignored them.
-- Midtown NJ Tranist

Do You Want Pre-op or Post-op?
Older worn-out assistant: Do you know how hard it is to find an on-call tranny hooker?
Suit: On-call?
-- 51st St & Park Ave

I Thought This Was a Bus
Conductor #1: We are sorry for the delay, there is a stalled e train at 7th Avenue. We will be going uptown on the...uhm...which line are we going on?
Conductor #2 (exasperated): I have no f***ing clue.
(train laughs)
-- E Train

That's Not What Papi Says
Young African American child pulling mother's hand: Ándale! Ándale!
African American mother: Cut that out! You're not Mexican!
-- 103 & Amsterdam

It's Like a Blessing from God
Woman to guy, about guys making moves on drunk girls they are friends with: So, why do you guys do something like that? It never works.
Guy: Sure, 9 times out of 10 it doesn't work, but that one time you score.
Woman: But aren't those other 9 times really awkward and damaging to your friendship?
Man: Yeah, but there's that one time where you get sex you really weren't expecting!
-- Fiddlesticks Bar

I Swear I'm Wearing This Trash Bag Ironically
Drunk man: I'm sitting between a homeless man and a hipster!
Supposed homeless man: I'm the hipster, right?
-- L Train

Closed the Deal, Though
Model-looking chick: Hey, sorry I'm late. I had to work extra hours at work today.
Not-so-model-looking chick: No problem, that sounds like it sucked, what did you have to stay after for?
Model-looking chick: Oh, I f***ed my client.
-- 13th St b/w 1st & 2nd Ave

You're Still Coming Over for Thanksgiving, Right?
Hobo (screaming): Steve! Steve!
Teen guy to girl: Hold on one second. (walks back to homeless man) Hey, man! How are you?
Hobo: I'm good. How's your dad doing?
Teen guy: He's good, I'll say hi to him for you.
-- 90th & Madison

But She Did This, Instead
Female hipster #1: Oh my god, I love your haircut!
Female hipster #2: Thanks...I asked for a mix of Suri Cruise, Anna Wintour and Nicole Richie circa 2005.
-- 27th St & 7th St

You Tell Me Your Dreams and I'll Tell You Mine
Math professor to sleeping student: Hey, are you okay?
Student: Nuh?
Math professor to class: Well, I've rarely killed someone during a lecture, but I must be breaking new ground today.
-- Hunter College

Is That Why You and Mommy Have Handcuffs?
Father to child standing in shopping cart: Suzie, sit down in the cart, standing isn't safe and it breaks the rules.
Suzie: No!
Father, heading towards checkout and spotting police officer fiddling with handcuffs: You see that policeman? If you don't sit down he's going to take you to jail. Oh look, he's taking out his handcuffs and he's going to arrest you now. (Suzie sits immediately)
-- Kmart, Astor Place

In a Big Red Suit?
Upset three-year-old: I wanna see the balloons go up in the sky!
Father: We'll see it all on tv in the morning and guess who will be at the end of the parade. He's a very very special guest.
Upset three-year-old (now sobbing): Barack Obama.
-- 81st & Columbus (Macy's Balloon Inflation Site)

Just a Vestige, Like Your Tail
Mother to daughter wearing a Pink Princess backpack: Hold up, honey, mommy needs to get something out of your bag.
(mother removes pack of cigarettes and lighter from bag)
Husband to wife: You have no shame.
-- Central Park

The Five-Second Rule Does Not Apply to Buses
Disgusted mother to little girl who picked up a Swedish fish she dropped on the bus floor: Don't eat that.
Little girl, dusting it off: It's okay, I'll kiss it up to god.
Mother: Don't you dare put that in your mouth. You have no idea what was on the floor.
Little girl, putting it in her mouth and chewing it: It's okay! I kissed it up to god! (swallows it) What are you going to do about it?
Mother, angrily: I'm not going to do anything. You're just going to die.
-- Q18 Bus

Awww, Wednesday One-liners
Boy with ice cream: Does the five-second rule apply to sidewalks?
-- 92nd & Madison
...and there are two more one liners...

Wednesdays You Don't Need, at One-Liners You Can't Afford
Girl: I was so depressed. I actually almost bought that leather jacket from Express. Whose bright idea was it to have the MCAT testing center in a shopping district?
-- 1 Train
...and there are five more one liners...

Boomsday One-Liners
20-something girl to friend, after large explosion is heard: Well, I'm from Detroit, so when I hear things like that it doesn't even bother me.
-- Union Square Holiday Market
...and there are five more one liners...

Jurassic Wednesday One-Liners
College guy: These are the best dinosaurs I've eaten all day!
-- Fordham University, Lincoln Center Campus

Ecstatic five-year-old girl: The dinosaurs! I can't wait to see the dinosaurs!
-- Metropolitan Museum of Art

Hippie girl: Yeah, I don't know about the eyeballs, but the dinosaurs are great!
-- 39th St & 8th Ave

Girl on stoop: Yo, man, I wish our dinosaurs could talk.
-- St. Mark's & 3rd

Girl on cell: Because--you know what? Because I don't etch on my DVDs with pterodactyls!
-- Court Street, Brooklyn Heights

Guy rooting through trash: If you were a dinosaur I'd be a dinosaur right beside you.
-- W 80th & Amsterdam

Sunday, January 11, 2009

come on get on get on take it 'til life runs out no one can find us now living with our heads underground starts up again tomorrow. I'm dreading it. But at least, next Monday is a holiday and there's no school. Hooray for celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s life!!

Anyway...lately I've had some stuff on my mind. And I'm not sure what to do about it. I'm currently just ignoring it...mostly because I think that I'm making something out of nothing.

I think it was on Tuesday that my camera finally got here. I still have to go out and buy at least one SD card for it though, since any pictures that I take are currently saved to the internal memory. That'll fill up soon.

I'm so not looking forward to getting up at 6:00-6:30a tomorrow morning, and every weekday morning after that for the next 15 weeks. Oh, well...

Friday, January 9, 2009

see all those guys wanna come treat you right cuz ya sweeter than apple pie everything that you want you got girl you know that you need to stop

Here's the weekly round-up for the first full week of 2009...
.:. ::sigh:: Is this all over yet? Because just the other day, this made the top of the MSN homepage...
.:. Not a good thing to be saying: "it's like bumper cars out there"
.:. A six-year-old drove himself to school - well, almost anyway - because he didn't want to miss school. He's lucky he didn't get hurt more seriously.
.:. Umm, this thing on crash-detecting sensors in BMWs was interesting, but also way too hard for me to get through. So...if anyone gets through it and can sum it up in 1-2 sentences for me, that'd be great, thanks!!
.:. I don't think I'd (at least, I hope I don't) ever get to the point of needing to visit the home dentist.
.:. Eep!! This kid has way more courage than I ever would in that situation (think 9y/o versus attacking pit bull).
.:. ::shudder:: Just gross...and disturbing. So glad that my job is not to swipe blow-up dolls for forensic evidence...
.:. This is pretty cool...a doctor from Novi, MI may become the U.S. Surgeon General.
.:. $80 million movie complex in metro least it would stimulate the economy...
.:. Just weird...thousands of shoes make the morning commute worse.
.:. Well...I guess that would be cool to find in the estate of a loved one...even if you're not a car person (which I'm not).
.:. Some sketches accidentally found...pretty cool, check it out.
.:. Aww, a flirting class for the nerds!! How cute!!
.:. A museum of failed you think it's going to be as popular as PostSecret?
.:. I would be frantic if I lost my diamond in a museum!!
.:. What a strange little creature...caught on film, too.
.:. Somebody didn't think this one all the way through. ::shakes head::
.:. What a good mule!!
.:. Please tell me, just what made these parents think that the moniker they bestowed upon their child wouldn't cause problems [for the kid]?
.:. Tragic...what possessed him to go to that extreme? Poor kid...
.:. Poor baby...poor kids...why? Just why? I'm sure there were other options...

And last but not least, some amusement from Overheard in New York...

Wednesday One-Liners Win the Door Prize
Conductor: Ladies and gentlemen, please stand clear of the closing doors. If I catch you holding the doors open, I will push you off the train and if you don't die, then you'll have to catch the next one.
-- NJ Transit
...and there are four more one liners...

Wait-- Didn't You Give Your Mom Hoop Earrings for Christmas?
Girl, telling joke: A seven-year-old daughter said to her mother: "Today in school I learned where babies come from."
Mother: "Oh, really?"
Daughter: "Yeah, a mommy and daddy take off all their clothes, the mommy makes the dad happy and his thingy stands up a little. Then the mommy puts the thingy in her mouth and the thingy stands up all the way and explodes, and that's where babies come from."
Mother: "No, honey, that's where jewelry comes from."
Guy listening, with horrified face: Wait a second, my mom has a s***load of jewelry. Oh, godd*** it, eewwwwwwwwwwwww!
Girl: I'm never going to look at your mom the same way ever again.
-- Arthur Avenue

Or We Can See Some Nudity
Poetry slam emcee: Hi, everyone! Wow, what a great turnout...I think you're all Emma's friends. She's first, but we have a great line-up, so please don't leave. Stay!
Emma's friend, sotto voce: Dude, it's a poetry reading, even Emma is leaving unless you give everyone another drink ticket.
-- Grand Street & Driggs, Brooklyn

Which Is Full Of Men I'd F***
Supposedly straight guy from Boston: Tom Brady is the best quarterback in the NFL.
Skinny Asian guy: I don't think he's the best, but he's pretty good.
Attractive, tall guy: He's no Joe Montana.
Supposedly straight guy from Boston: That's bulls***, he's the best ever, and you can't really argue that point. Just look at how many touchdowns he has.
Skinny Asian guy: Man, you are in love with him, it's a little scary.
Supposedly straight guy from Boston (completely serious): I am, I would totally let him f*** me if he would let me hang out with him...I would be the man.
Skinny Asian guy: I thought you were straight?
Supposedly straight guy from Boston: F*** you! I am straight but that doesn't mean I can't bang Tom Brady. I wouldn't give him oral though, I don't think.
Overweight Hispanic guy drinking appletini: Football sucks compared to soccer.
-- 45th & Madison

Sure Hope Carlos Likes Kool-Aid
Black guy: D***! You got a pretty face!
(pretty Latina turns around and ignores him)
Black guy (taking seat halfway down train): Dang! How you going to turn around on me like that?
(pretty Latina ignores him)
Black guy (very loudly): How are you going to turn around like that?
(pretty Latina now looks embarrassed)
Black guy (pulling out guitar from case): This song goes out to the girl with the pretty face! She's over there! With the long hair and the boots!
(people turn and look, pretty Latina looks very embarrassed now)
Black guy (singing to tune of "My Girl"): Come on everyone! Even the white people--join in! (sings) I've got sunshine, on a cloudy day. When it's cold outside, I've got the month of may.
(people start to join in, pretty Latina's friends are cheering and singing)
Black guy (singing): My girl! She's got black boots! The one with the long hair! C'mon girl! If you let me take you home...I'll...I'll...make you some Kool-Aid!
(pretty Latina gets off train)
Black guy: Ah, hell no! (pause). Alright, this one's for the guy with the ball! (pointing to guy with soccer ball under arm) His name's Carlos! He's from Puerto Rico!
-- 2 Train

Wouldn't That Be Statuary Rape?
Guy, looking at Greek marble sculptures: Hey, did you ever notice that a lot of these guys are missing their penises?
Girl: I think that has to do with early Christian sanctions on pagan idols.
Guy: Oh. (pauses) I thought someone out there just had a really big dildo collection.
-- The Met

And Then I Was Like, "Now What?"
Construction worker with Long Island accent: Man, I finally found Waldo the other day.
Construction worker #2: Yeah?
Construction worker with Long Island accent: Tall, striped shirt, weird shoes. And I was like, "there's Waldo!"
-- 2 Train

Wednesday One-Liners Will Swallow for Diamonds
Girl on cell: No, you remember, I'm going to be a gold-digger! It's like a hooker, but smarter.
-- NYU Classroom
...and there are four more one liners...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

fell in love with a boy I fell in love once and almost completely he's in love with the world and sometimes these feelings can be so misleading

So...I was bored and taking some quizzes online that had to do with dating...and this is what I "learned":
Are You Sabotaging Your Love Life? - Dream Date
Your social calendar should be booked solid. When it comes to dating, you know how important it is to go out, be seen and give off a positive attitude, all of which helps draw guys to you. Not to mention your confidence and take-action attitude, which not only attract men, but make you feel good too. And when you're on a date, you're careful to offer just enough information about yourself to keep him interested without spilling your life story (that can come later). Plus, you show plenty of interest in his life without acting like a love-struck groupie. But it's clear from your confident approach to dating that your life does not revolve around men. You know how important it is to spend time with friends and to pursue your own interests and hobbies. If attending a lecture by your favorite writer or taking your favorite exercise class just happens to result in your meeting a new man, all the better. No doubt, you do all this for your own happiness -- but it also makes you a better catch! How convenient.
Soo...if I'm such a "dream date," then why don't I have any dates? Apparently, I just knew the "right" answers...I don't know, I just answered whatever was the best option for me. But I kinda thought the silly quiz was a bit off in the result it gave me. ::shrugs::

And I "learned" this, too:
Who's Your Mr. Right?
.:. You scored 30%* - The Fun-Loving Fellow
Party on! Whether at a gathering with friends or in line at a movie, you pick out the most personable guy of the group, and it's easy to see why: You enjoy a good time and a good laugh and need someone who can appreciate these as much as you do. A man like this is great to have in your life because he can hold his own in any situation, and with anybody. The one downside is that he is not necessarily discerning. He may as easily chat up your three-year-old niece as his beautiful next-door neighbor. But don't let his flirting be his fatal flaw; instead, remember it's what drew you to him in the first place. But do keep in mind that his "playfulness" may make it tough for him to settle down.
.:. You scored 30%* - The Confident Chap
You definitely know what you want -- a guy who's sure of himself. It's this self-assuredness that has gotten him where he wants to be. Perhaps he's at the top of the corporate ladder, the president of his condo board or the most sought-after when his friends need advice. What you gain in a relationship with this guy is a companion who knows most of the answers and will make you feel safe and cared for. As great as this type of support can be, the reality is that your ideas and his won't always mesh. And once you tell him your take on a situation, he may argue with you and try to get you to see things his way. Don't let this get you down or make you stop thinking for yourself. As long as you don't let his strong personality overpower you or take away your independence, you and Mr. Confident can make quite a pair. After all, a difference in opinions makes any relationship more interesting.
.:. You scored 20%* - The Sensitive Guy
Isn't he sweet? You definitely go for the guy who has a serious case of feelings -- whether he wears them on his sleeve or not. Manners seem important to him, and to you. And it's a good bet your soul mate would as easily tune in to ballads on the radio as he would stage a protest against cruelty to animals. Tapping into his soft side, however, may not always be so easy. A guy who's clued in to his feelings may also be protective of them. So if you find yourself face-to-face with one of these sweeties, don't wait for him to make the first move. Let him know you want to get to know him better. Sensitive types think with their heart as well as their brain -- he'll get the hint.
.:. You scored 20%* - The Sporty Stud
In your arena, this guy is number one. You favor a man who likes football over one who brings flowers. Why? For starters, you're attracted to a competitive spirit and the drive to win. Not to mention, a guy who loves the game is probably pretty playful. Translated into a relationship, these qualities can be top-notch, although the same qualities that initially attract you may also drive you crazy. A competitive guy, for instance, may make a terrific athlete, but that same quality may also make him feel like he's in competition for your feelings -- with your friends, your family, your job and so on. Likewise, you may sometimes feel like you're in competition with his friends, athletic hobbies, etc. But remember, this type of man considers himself a team player, which means that in a relationship, you'll be able to count on him to be supportive, interested in your opinions and willing to work together to make the two of you a winning pair.
*may not add up to 100%
Umm...yeah...don't know if I'd take any of that seriously. But, whatev...

And then the other night, I was talking to my friend J and he told me that I need to find a "nice guy" because...well, honestly, I don't remember why. I kinda think it's because he wants to realize that he's there, and a nice guy, should I ever decide that I'd like to be more than friends. And even though I've tried being honest about it (that was my first approach) and tried saying that I'm just going to become a lesbian...he'll still occasionally hint at the possibility.

Seriously, though...nice guys are boring. I'm not attracted to the stereotypical nice guy and I never have been. But a nice guy who isn't boring, yeah, I could use one of those...but he's gotta be exciting, meaning have some of that "bad boy" something. That may explain why I keep dating the wrong people...I'm attracted the stereotypical bad boy. Oh, well...

And then last night, my friend C called me. I haven't talked to him in like two years, it was completely out of the blue!! (Honestly, this is the last time that I can remember hanging out with him) I missed him after he just kinda dropped off the planet, so to speak. We talked for a little bit...and I think that I might've accidentally agreed to go on a date - like an actual date, not a friend date - with him. But...yeah, I don't know. I mean, I wouldn't be all that opposed to it...but it wasn't something that I ever planned on doing either. He's just C. But he's back in MI, so I'm happy...he's done with his bachelor's (Alabama State University) and working on his master's (Eastern Michigan University).

But far as I'm concerned, guys suck and I hate 'em all. Y'know, with the exception of the few that I'm friends with. Kinda why I'm in the frame of mind that I'm just going to give up on guys and date girls. But at the same time, I don't think my reasoning for doing that is very I would just end up hurting some girl. Just like if I date some guy, I'm just going to end up hurting him, or myself, since all I'd be doing with a guy is using him and then discarding him when I got bored. ::sigh:: I just need to figure me out (and I don't mean my sexuality, I already have that figured out)...stop being so bitter. But...actually, I think that I'm starting to get there...and it feels good - no, make that great - to be myself again. I didn't realize just how much of myself had been lost and buried...

Friday, January 2, 2009

dead leaves and the dirty ground when I know you're not around shiny tops and soda pops when I hear lips make a sound

Here's the weekly round-up...
.:. This is just very sad. The Oak Park police officer was being a good guy, and the kid has pretty much ruined his 16y/o life... I wonder how many people attended his funeral who didn't even know him...? I would feel weird doing that.
.:. That was a really awesome thing of Dwayne Wade to do for a family.
.:. cute, even though they're twins, they'll each get their own special day!!
.:. Wow...don't know what I'd do if I found $10 grand in my box of cheesy crackers...
.:. Hooray for mp3 player lighting the way to safety!!
.:. I can agree with what this study found...although, being young, I'm usually not optimistic when something fails.
.:. Umm...a 5¢ tax bill and a 4¢ refund? Ridiculous... ::shakes head::
.:. My mommy works for this company...and she's sent me to this specific store to pick up stuff for inter(intra-[?])store transfers.
.:. This is a good thing to least since there was the not-so-great statistic that I mentioned a few weeks ago (see: .:. Well, that's comforting.).
.:. Wow...just insane. Talk about needing some anger management. Shooting someone over talking in a movie theatre?
.:. Lol...plane hits cow on landing.
.:. Umm, yeah...not the brightest thief in the world, now is he?
.:. Okay, now...if I had a bullet in my head, there is no way that I'd go back to work!!
.:. Just plain weird...why live in an airport terminal?
.:. That's pretty cool...won the lottery from a ticket thrown in the trash.
.:. I'm sure winning the $10 million was bittersweet.
.:. Lol, this just amused me (it's not recent, but it's from a blog that was suggested for me on my Google Reader)...
.:. Again, just something that amused me, but not recent.

Since it's the new year...wanna know what your horoscope is predicting for the new year? Mine was kind of a least, that's what I thought. But it's still amusing to look.

And now for some amusement from Overheard in New York...

You Go, Roscoe!
Lady: Excuse me, do you know where the bathrooms are?
Father with toddler: Nope, sorry.
Lady: I thought people with kids always knew where the bathrooms were.
Father with toddler: Nah, I just let him pee in the grass.
-- Central Park

Should We Stop for Some Cocktails and Wait It Out?
Mom: S***, it's raining!
Four-year-old: F***!
-- Times Square

...You'll Be Proud to Throw Them Over Your Shoulder Like a Continental Soldier
Little girl to mother: Do your boobs hang low? Do they wobble to and fro? Can you tie them in a knot? Can you tie them in a bow?
Mother (under breath): You're laughing now, but one day...
-- 86th & York

How You Know Your Little Boy is Straight
Employee: I like your pink shirt.
Coworker's 9-year-old nephew: It's not pink; it's white with pink and green stripes.
Employee: So you like to wear pink?
Coworker's 9-year-old nephew: My shirt *isn't* pink! (now shouting) It's white with pink and green stripes and it takes a real man to wear pink!
-- Atlanta, Georgia

They'd Rule the World -- Oh, Wait
Teen boy #1: It's like a totally different part of the body.
Teen boy #2: Can you imagine if vaginas had brains?
-- Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn

Your Perspicaciousness Is Prodigious, You Desiccated Harridan
Teenage girl: Mom! You're being obsequious.
Hip mom: Oh. "Obsequious." Big word. Either you've started studying for the SATs or you're just pandering to your intellectual higher-ups. My guess is the latter.
-- 78th St & Broadway

In That Case, We Need to Talk About Pants
Embarrassed teenage son: Mom, cross your legs.
Obese mother: They are crossed.
Embarrassed teenage son: No, they're not. Cross them more.
Obese mother: If I cross my legs any more I'll get a blood clot.
-- G Train

Yeah, Accommodating Your Capricious Food Cravings Was Really Fun
Middle aged woman: And I smoked weed, like, ever day last summer.
Daughter: I'm shocked, mom.
Middle aged woman: Oh, so you thought I was fun naturally?
-- Central Park

This Just In: 4 Out Of 5 Dentists Recommend New Yorkers! (Click Here For More)
(Woman #1 is trying to exit Starbucks while pushing a stroller. Woman #2 comes to her rescue and keeps the door open)
Woman #1: You aren't from New York, are you?
Woman #2: No.
Woman #1: Because you're too sweet.
-- Starbucks, 114th St & Broadway

You Know the Deal. You Finish Last.
Woman blocking sidewalk for filming: Please wait two minutes. Just two minutes.
Woman barging through crowd: I didn't know this was a congregation area! (curses at woman blocking crowd)
Polite girl: Since the a**hole got through, can the nice people go through?
-- Bleecker St

From Complaining About the Discharge?
Patient: I think my boyfriend and I have contracted either gonorrhea or chlamydia.
Doctor: What makes you say that?
Patient: Well, he's having kind of a pussy discharge from his penis and a burning sensation when he urinates.
Doctor: And what symptoms have you been having?
Patient: Well, I've had a sore throat...
-- NYU Medical Center

The Day Monique Got Run Over
Elegantly dressed French lady, speaking to New York Bus Service representative: Excuse me, when does the bus arrive?
Overweight representative, screaming: The port authoritah bus come 'erry ha'f hour!
Elegantly dressed French lady (pausing and turning to French friend): Wow. And I thought my English sucked.
-- Terminal One, JFK

And Be Eaten by Hippies from Minnesota
Fire truck loudspeaker to tourists blocking entrance: Please clear the area unless you want to end up as roadkill.
-- WTC Site, Liberty Street

they don't know 'bout me & you so I got something new to see and you just gon' keep hatin' me and we just gon' be enemies

About three or four months ago, the ex left me a rather mean IM to say that he was just glad that I've never put his name anywhere on this blog. And then last night, he decided to leave me a pretty harsh comment that had both his first and last name on it (and also made it possible for anyone to contact him should they wish to). All I can say is, thank god for comment moderation. I originally enabled it to prevent spam comments, not because I expected to receive anything so negative I couldn't bear to have it on my blog. Before I'd started this, I had thought about posting the comment on here, but editing out his name...but I honestly don't want the negativity. It's not that I refuse to have both sides to the story viewed.

So, in an effort to be fair, I am going to give him the benefit of doubt, and say that what he put in his comment was true (at least, portions of his comment anyway). He claimed that he was alone on Monday night, his girlfriend was at home (supposedly, she's not that type of person...and I guess, that's good to know, at least he's dating a good person ::shrugs::), his friend was out with other friends and his friend's girlfriend was in Chicago. Okay, it's entirely possible that I jumped to conclusions when I saw him walking thisclose to two random girls...but what did he expect when he was walking so close to some strangers? Or when he's been so mean to me over the past few months, even when I leave him alone like he wants? But the rest of text in his comment is either just more mean-spirited words meant to berate me or half-truths/out-right lies.

He asked that I stop talking about him in my blog. So I decided to use the search option just to see how often I've mentioned him since our relationship ended...yeah, umm, the dumb search thing gave me 27 entries. Of those 27 entries, only 16 (there are two .5's since one is about a dream, and one is a repost of a 2005 post...and I don't think that actually counts, do you?) actually contained something about him. That's 16 entries out of 56 (or 28.57%) since the relationship ended. That makes him come across as a tad full of himself. I realize he was looking at this with an RSS feeder, so that means he probably only saw the most recent entries and yes, those were about how upset I got when I saw him. But that's two entries out of a total of 392 posted entries. Pretty miniscule if you ask me.

And, also, he asked that I "stop slandering [him] in [my] blog." Well...seeing how slander is technically the spoken word and everything on here is the written word (libel)...I've never slandered him. But, also, both require malicious intent...and I don't have that. In my [private, unpublished] thoughts, definitely, but in what I put on here, absolutely not. I don't want to make myself look like an idiot by stooping to a childish level. Also, since the first couple lines of the comment pretty much blamed me for his failure to remove my blog from his RSS feed, I'm no longer supposed to put anything on here about how I feel because my feelings are proof of how "crazy and paranoid" I am.'re the one who keeps contacting me out of the blue to do something that you know is going to upset why am I the bad guy?

::sigh:: that I've wasted far too much time on something and someone who I should not have...I'm moving on to something much more positive...

This morning, my daddy woke me up with a phone call to see if I could pick him up from his therapy (he still has those from his accident back in September, but he's improving a lot!! I'm so proud of him!!). After picking him up, we met a few of my dad's friends for lunch. Let me just say, I heart my daddy's friends. The two single ones were asking me about if I had a man in my life (I doubt that the one who even brought it up to begin with had any ulterior motives, he's just that kind of caring guy, kinda like an older brother) and they said that since I'd been accused of cheating, I should've just gone ahead and done it. I just laughed that off. And tomorrow, I may be driving my daddy over to the married one's house for a party...which I was invited to. I've been invited to those parties before...well, kinda sorta anyway. They're just excuses to drink and watch some sporting event...but that's what the married couple says anyway, they never try to disguise it as anything more fancy/dignified than that!!