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Monday, June 30, 2008

you say you'll call but I know you you say you're coming home but I know you you say you'll call but I know you won't

Yay for going to the movies on Friday night and seeing WALL-E!! Now it's the #1 movie for the weekend box office. But...I don't agree with the following comment:
"'We knew "WALL-E" would be huge, but it's not the same audience as "Wanted,"' said Nikki Rocco, head of distribution for Universal."
because there are people that want to see both movies (specifically me!, but I guess the boy and my 11 y/o brother can be included, too).

Ugh...I hate flossing my teeth!! But I know that if I don't do it, then my oral hygiene is going to suffer. But my mouth is so tiny, that when I floss (the correct way that you're showed in the dentist's office), it causes my teeth to feel all pushed around and sore. Plus, I hate going to the dentist, but my upper left jaw is sore...and not in the same way that it normally feels after flossing. So, I'm thinking that I need to go to the dentist. I just hate going to the dentist because my mouth is so small that no matter how wide I open my mouth, the hygienist constantly tells me to "open wider." It's like, 'hello? my mouth is open as wide as it's gonna get lady. What do you want me to do, unhinge my jaw?' ::sigh:: Anyway...

This totally sums up the boy...
"$2,500 (laptop) minus $0.89 (pad of paper) equals geek."
Give Nerds a Chance is every reason why (and very amusingly written, too) girls should give up "bad boys" and date nerds. I'm already dating a nerd...but sometimes, he can act like a jerk, so maybe he's following the advice of the two sites mentioned in the second (first full) paragraph.

Nothing really all that spoiler-y to mention about Gossip Girl, but it's still a pretty nice picture to look at...

Dr. Pepper wins the auction to be a bridesmaid in her wedding! They decided their marriage was stale and had sex for 101 days, in a row! She's a single mom looking for love and to sell her house...both going to the same person! Three different stages of relationships...but all crazy.

Umm, so back on March 25th, I mentioned something about the inmates of prisons calling Nutraloaf (or Nutri-loaf, depending on spelling) "cruel and inhumane" punishment...but even though I really don't think it's something that could be considered cruel and unusual punishment (thereby violating the 8th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution), there's no way that I would ever consider trying it. ::shudder:: Blech!

Some creepy, crazy men and some crazy, evil kids from Overheard in New York...

And If You Could Hand Over Your Wallet and Jewelry, That Would Be Awesome
Woman, after knocking over and resetting a large display: Hey, was it set up like this before?
Man behind cash register, counting cash: Oh, I don't know, I don't even work here.
-- Duane Reade

Pedro Does Undercover Work for Moms Throughout the Tri-State Area
Mother: Honey, your dress is just too low. I know you don't mean to, but when you wear things that show that much of you, you attract the wrong kind of men.
Scary Mexican man sitting across: Oh honey, you definitely do.
(girl hastily pulls her dress up)
-- 1 Train

Madonna Did Not Heed the Old Hobo's Advice
Hobo: Hello.
Girl: Um... Hello.
Hobo (gives girl some coins and smiles): You look like a nice girl. Don't become a whore.
Girl: Um... Thanks, I guess.
-- 6 Train

Why It's Best Just to Play Video Games with Your Kids
Child #1: Daddy! You'll fall backwards!
Dad: What?
Child #1: You'll fall backwards!
Dad: No, I won't.
Child #2: Or we'll push you!
-- Belvedere Castle

Sunday, June 29, 2008

hey...j-j-jaded in all it's misery it will always be what I love...and hated and maybe take a ride to the other side we're thinkin' of

Why is it that my mom expects me to drop whatever I'm doing to do what she wants, but if I ask her to do something I have to wait until she feels like it (which depending on what it is, sometimes that ends up with me just doing it on my own because I got sick of waiting for her). If I don't drop what I'm doing to do what she wants when she wants, then she gets all pissy...but if I get annoyed that I've asked multiple times about something and she still blows me off, then she just ignores me more and gets stubborn with me and makes me wait longer.

I asked her if she could do my hair for me this morning and she said that she would, but when I got up this morning (and it's not like I got up really late, I got up at about 10:00a) she decided that she couldn't do it until sometime later this afternoon because she wants to get other things done first. I asked if she could do it in the morning because I didn't want to have to wait around all day to take a f***ing shower. I just wanted to get it done as soon as possible because I wanted to shower and be able to get what I needed to get done today done. But no, I supposed to wait around for her to get back from grocery shopping, then putting the groceries away, followed by doing the dishes and some cooking (don't know what for?) and then maybe then she said was able to do my hair for me. So...sometime around 3:00p she has time to do my hair, meaning that sometime around 4:00p I can get in the shower. Gee f***ing thanks, Mom...the day is more than half over now, and I didn't get anything done.

::sigh:: And if I try to do it myself, I'm pretty sure that I'm going to eff it up. But if I wait until next weekend (which is the next possible time that she might have to do my hair, but I doubt it), then I'm going to look a negative image of a skunk (extra light blonde hair with light brown roots). And that's so not an attractive look. ::sigh:: Whatever...I'm just going to go get in the shower, I feel icky and I want to feel fresh and clean again. And maybe Tuesday evening or something, my annoying mother can do my hair. ::rolls eyes:: I'm just crabby now, I did wake up in a good mood though...

And I swear to God!, there's some small animal (like a chipmunk) living in the attic!! Because it always sounds like something is running around above my room or in the walls!! My parents need to check that out because that could be hazardous to the house's health.

Friday, June 27, 2008

and I can't stop thinking about you and I can't stop thinking about you you never call what do I do and I can't stop thinking about your love

Yay, yay, yay!!! WALL-E comes out today! Here's something about the voices of WALL-E and something about WALL-E in general. Oh, yeah! and here's a review of the movie (from the AP)...but I didn't really read the review, since the movie looks cute and it's from Pixar, so how bad can it really be? And...not related (other than the fact that it, too, comes out today), but I want to see Wanted, here are two reviews of it (one from Variety and one from the AP). Also not related, but still a movie that I want to see, The Dark Knight, which comes out in a couple of weeks (specifically July 18th), featuring a crazier Joker than the one previously played Jack Nicholson.

Aww...animals are cute!! Okay, well...a couple on the countdown are not cute, but the Top 10 Animal Cheats [as determined by Animal Planet] is interesting. other animal news, this little puppy was mentioned on channel 955 yesterday morning. Poor family...seriously though, how do you go about explaining something like that to a two-year-old?

So...the laid-off cop that chased the hit-and-run driver, is receiving a commendation...

Seriously, why don't people just get someone else to drive for them? Then things like this would happen...MI man sentenced to 43 years for a wrong-way crash that killed five on stretch of OH I-75...

And this is just weird...I'm sure the men who partook in the "fun" on the bus didn't find it weird, but still...a "brothel bus"?

Detroit is #74 on the list of 100 Sweatiest Cities...and two other cities in Michigan made it onto the list, but since they're not near me, I don't care to mention them.

Soo...I was bored and decided to do this quiz when the link was on my iGoogle page...but I'm not so sure that the results bode that well for the boy...

Quiz: What Kind of Guy Is He Really?

The Mama's Boy
He's sensitive and sweet, and he lets you do whatever you want... to the point where you want to scream. You feel bad taking him for granted -- after all, he's totally attentive and lets you take the lead in your relationship -- but sometimes you wish he would take a stand; plan a date; do his own dishes. Plus, it's no fun having every move you make approved by Mom. You hope that the longer you're dating, the less he'll need her input. Besides, eventually you'll be the number one woman in his eyes, right?

Hang on to him if: His mom is an awesome lady and she realizes that you're an awesome lady too.

Ditch him now if: His mom still does his laundry.

What do ya think? It pretty much says ditch him...poor guy...

And now, pretty much because what comes out of the mouths of children is funny, for some amusement from Overheard in New York...

It Was the Maple Syrup That Pushed Josh Over the Edge
Dad, to four-year-old son: That's great, send you off to school all jacked-up on chocolate chip pancakes.
Four-year-old: Jack up! Jack up! Jack off!
-- SoHo Breakfast Cafe

I'm Sure a Hobo Has One Out Somewhere in the Store
Five-year-old boy to mother: It smells like penis in here!
Embarrassed mother: "Peanuts". Honey, you mean "peanuts".
Five-year-old boy: No. Penis! (points to his crotch)
-- Duane Reade in Penn Station

Work with Your Classmates? What the Hell Kind of Exam Is This?
Professor: So as I've said the exam will be open book, and you can work with your classmates.
Student: Is it open book?
Professor: Ahhhh... I'm tired, and I need a martini.
-- NYU Classroom

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

no need to cry about it I cannot live without it every time I wind up back at your door why do you do this to me you penetrate right through me

Ugh...last night I was not feeling well at all. My head was making me feel nauseous, so I went to bed at about 10:30p (that's super early for me). But then around 1:30a I was woken up from a dead sleep by my [stupid] brother (the 20 y/o) on the phone with someone (probably his not-girlfriend girlfriend). He was, like, yelling at him/her. I was going to kill him for waking me up!!

And then this morning, I woke up all on my own at, like, 7:00a. Umm, hello? I don't have to get up until a quarter to 9:00a...just what are you thinking body? So I tried to go back to sleep, it didn't quite work so I was tired throughout the day.

The girls... ::sigh:: They were a handful today. I get that the older one is a 12 y/o and she really doesn't need a babysitter (I would've been annoyed with having a sitter at her age, too)...but that doesn't mean that she can go wandering around Downtown Royal Oak with her friend wherever the two of them want for as long as she thinks is okay. So when I don't know where she is...yeah, I'm gonna get mad at her and let her know that. Then, neither of them could get along with the other one for unknown reasons to me. And unfortunately, that was at the time that I was supposed to be leaving them alone for a couple hours until their mom would be home from work. Lovely, isn't it?

Eeep, crazy little boy...drove his grandma's vehicle to the mall!

Some of the worst wedding toasts ever!! I really hope that nothing like happens at my wedding...because I would be really unhappy. Actually, "unhappy" isn't the word for it...

Now for some amusement from Overheard in New York...

Why Bill Cosby Stopped Wearing Those Sweaters
Girl in geometrical dress: Whoa!
Girl in solid print dress: What?!
Girl in geometrical dress: I just looked down at my dress and got so dizzy!
-- Park Ave & 40th St

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

hey...come on try a little nothing is forever there's got to be something better than in the middle but me and Cinderella we put it all together

Grrrr!!! I seriously cannot stand how my mother expects me to just stay here or whatever when both her and my stepfather leave for the youngest child's baseball game and the other younger one has two friends over. My head f***ing hurts and I have stuff to do that I didn't do yesterday because I was being lazy. I'm not the hired help!! Pay me, and maybe I'll be more willing to do the crap you pile on me. ::sigh::

Plus, it's obvious that I'm eating dinner here, at home, and yet, somebody will make dinner, but nobody will tell me that there is any and then it's all gone before I get any. Isn't that nice of them? So...I'm supposed to be saving my money to help pay for school (because the way that my mom was talking to/at me the other day she kinda made it seem like she doesn't plan on helping much, if at all), yet at the same time I'm supposed to be feeding myself dinner pretty much every day (which could get pricey since it kinda entails eating out every day due to the fact that there isn't much in the house for making meals-for-one). ::sigh::

Oh, yeah...and my a**hole stepfather seems to think that at 22 years old (nearly 23 y/o) I should have a curfew but that my 20 y/o (he's technically 19 y/o, but his birthday is tomorrow) brother doesn't really need to follow the same rules. For some reason, I have to be home by 12:30a on weekdays and 3:00a on weekends and cannot stay out all night for any reason (it doesn't even matter if I'm at my dad's house or honestly staying at a female friend's house). Yet, (and this makes so much sense) the irresponsible 20 y/o is allowed to stay out all night just so long as he calls to let the parental units know before midnight. Are you f***ing kidding me? I'm more responsible than he is and have never given them some serious reason to worry (at least, not that I can remember)...but more importantly for my argument that I should be allowed to stay out all night, is that I'm engaged! That means, I'm getting that guy who keeps coming over here every week and taking me out (not necessarily on actual dates because to be honest, I don't think we've had one of those in ages) and has been for the last two-and-a-half years? Yeah, him...not going away any time soon. ::sigh:: So as far as I can deduct from what I know of the facts, the only reason for the difference in rule-sets is: the 20 y/o has a penis. Hooray for double standards.

But anyway, here's what I had started this post for...

Oh, yay! My favorite event of the summer...the Woodward Dream Cruise. Anyway...a bunch of new stuff is planned for it this year.

Umm, I guess police officers don't stop being police officers just 'cause they no longer have a badge? Laid-off officer chases hit-and-run suspect...and catches him. Too bad it doesn't really have a happy ending...

***Spoiler Alert***

Fiona in Baltimore: Hey, do you know anything about this show Hopkins? It's set in my hometown so I'm intrigued. Is it any good?
It's great. It's a documentary/reality show set at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, and I'm not ashamed to admit that the first episode made me cry more than once. It's an unscripted version of ER or Grey's Anatomy, and just like on those shows, a carefully selected ballad over a scene of vulnerability or pain will rip your heart out. Also, it's distressing (but fascinating) to see "real" people suffer through medical crises that are fictionalized and therefore consequence-free on other shows. Internal bleeding on ER? No problemo—sure it's a medical crisis, but Neela will save the day. Internal bleeding on Hopkins? Holy crap, can Dr. Mustafa save the day?

April in San Francisco: I know I shouldn't even be watching it, but can you please give us some more Gossip Girl dish?
Good news: Serena and Dan are hooking up in episode two. Hurrah! Bad news: They so are not long for this world. (Wah-wah.) Meanwhile, Nate's dad continues to be a schmuck, and Nate continues to be the man of the family. And I'm also hearing that the boy Blair uses in a blatant attempt to make Chuck jealous is hot, and will do the trick!

Louisa in Dallas: I'm dying without Supernatural!
Well, rise from your deathbed, sweetie, and come back to the world of the living, just like Dean and Lazarus! The title of Supernatural's season-four premiere is "Lazarus Rising," and according to my bible, Lazarus is that guy Jesus raised from the dead. Methinks this one's about Dean coming back from hell. Yay!

Bobbie in Brisbane, Calif.: Any dish on my fave new show of last season, Samantha Who??
She's going to maximum-security prison! Or...she might need to do some community service. This all goes down after a high-speed chase, and my money is on the charity option. You?

courtesy of E! online's Watch with Kristin

Some more on Samantha Who? and Gossip Girl (courtesy of E! online's Watch with Kristin)

That Hopkins show sounds interesting...I want to see it!! More about it from the Baltimore Sun.

Monday, June 23, 2008

and you're the one I want and it's not just a phase and you're the one I trust our love is the real thing don't go away my love

Yay yay yay!!! Sleeping Beauty is going to be released on platinum edition DVD in October!! More specifically, October 7th...meaning that I won't be getting it for my birthday...but maybe for Christmas. But I want it, I want it, I want it! It goes with the other platinum edition Disney DVDs that I already have (and two that I want*): Beauty and the Beast (1991)*; The Lion King (1994); Aladdin (1992); Cinderella (1950); Lady and the Tramp (1955)*; The Little Mermaid (1989); 101 Dalmatians (1961); Sleeping Beauty (1959). But they might be re-releasing Beauty and the Beast in October 2010...just in time for me to get married. Do you think the boy would agree to that as a wedding gift? Because seriously, I'm okay with that. There are Disney [inspired] Princess wedding gowns...and I so want the one (B2716) that is similar to the yellow dress that Belle wears in Beauty and the Beast. Oh, and I want Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Collector's Edition...but it's not available until August 28th.

Poor little least his parents donated his organs, but it seems like that family is having a rough year.

Holy cow...two giant babies were just born...and at a combined 23 lbs, 1 oz they still are not the heaviest twins on record! has a place in survival! Sarcasm is now thought to be an evolutionary survival skill...

What a wacko...some lady is suing Victoria's Secret because her thong broke and hurt her eye. Yeah, umm, lady that's so not the fault of the company that you got hurt.

One in three IT professionals spies on colleagues... Yeah, right...the other two are just lying about whether or not they snoop.

Eeep!! Leopard killed by sheriff's deputy...after it was scratching on some lady's door! I just realized that this whole post is pretty much just random stuff that I either want or amused me...nothing really important. Oh, well...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

our memories well they can be inviting but some are altogether mighty frightening as we die both you and I with my head in my hands I sit and cry

And the Cosmo horoscope for today says...
Libra - Single? If you get caught ogling a hottie today, don't look away. Your charming-yet-ballsy action should intrigue him. Attached? Lightly grazing your fingers along your collarbone, or running them through your hair, gets him all riled up tonight.
Don't ya kinda have to see the guy for that to work? Because from what he was saying last night, I got the impression that I wouldn't be seeing him today.

A pregnancy pact at a high school in small-town Massachusetts...birth control for girls as young as 11 y/o...just what is going on in the world?

Holy crap...Feds raid Dearborn City Hall...eep!!

Ewewew!! That sounds so disgusting...a skunk climbs aboard a passenger jet...

And now some amusement from Overheard in New York...

Nature: 1 Nurture: 0
Little boy #1: You remember we don't like girls, right? I don't like girls.
Little boy #2: Yeah, but you should have worn your dinosaur shirt. They're very in today.

Nature: 2 Nurture: 0
Little boy #1: You're afraid to talk to girls!
Little boy #2 (very solemnly): Because they're monsters.
-- 56th & 8th

But anyway...things with the boy seem to be going so well, don't they? When I really and truly am okay with the situation and not complaining about it, he thinks that I am and gets upset with me...and when I am complaining about the situation he gets upset with me... So I feel like I can't win because I tried to stay out of his way and make the best of the crappy situation and he still got upset with me. Maybe we would be better off just leaving one another alone...? ::sigh::

Retail therapy, anyone?

Friday, June 20, 2008

and the best of your days will vanish in the haze when you're on drugs and you wish you could quit 'cause you're really sick of it but you're on drugs

Today's Cosmo horoscope says:
Libra - Venus shines her love light on you today. Invite someone you care for to share the glow.
What the hell is that crap? Seriously...

Anyway...I'm bored now. I should go get in the shower so that I can go to WSU and get my stuff done there (make an appointment with the financial aid people, possibly get my OneCard).

Grrr...WSU annoyed me a lot yesterday. Because apparently you can't call and make an appointment in the Office of Student Financial also can't email to make an appointment. The only way to make an appointment is to go down there and make the appointment in person. How ridiculous is that? It's so inefficient. Plus, I had to be on hold for like 15 minutes just to find that out and then the lady I was on the phone with hung up on me! Since I didn't feel like calling back and being on hold for another 15 minutes or so just to complain about that, I figured that I would just complain about when I was in the building today. ::sigh::

The strange science of summer...

People are weird...this woman thought she could hide 2.2 pounds of coke in her wig...and this woman claims to have a phobia of official looking letters...

Oh!, oh! Free slice of Cold Stone Birthday cake and free samples of their new smoothies to celebrate Cold Stone's 20th birthday (at Michigan locations) go get some any time between 4:00 and 8:00p!! It's yummy...and you know you want to...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

and in the air the fireflies our only light in paradise we’ll show the world they were wrong and teach them all to sing along

Oh, yeah...and now I have the bestest (and possibly most addicting) game ever!! I went and bought the Tetris DS game after my grandma's birthday dinner.

Yay for hugs and kisses!! Chimps use them for relieving stress, too. totally sucks apparently. The jobless rate is up to the highest it's been since 1992...and apparently, the state is violating the U.S. Constitution big time in its lack of defense for poor criminal defendants. Ferndale they can vote on the legalization of Cannabis sativa...for purely medical use of course.

And then some guy felt the need to rob a bunch of little kids and their lemonade stand...c'mon now, are you kidding me?

some amusement from Overheard in New York...

You'd Be Fired for That Anywhere Else in the US
Woman: I'd like a latte with percent milk.
Barista: Percent? You mean "two percent"?
Woman: No, just regular percent milk.
Barista: (...)
Woman, condescendingly: There's whole milk, and there's skim milk, and then in-between, there's percent milk. Got it?
Barista: You're gettin' two percent. I hope that works for you.
-- Starbucks

And Please, No Orientalism on the Way
Hot Asian chick to boyfriend, about former boyfriend: He actually told me he liked f***ing me because of my "almond eyes."
Boyfriend: Where do you find these guys?
Hot Asian chick: I know, right?
Boyfriend: I like f***ing you because you come at least once a minute.
Hot Asian chick: Take me home now!
-- 8th & Broadway

I'll Have My Secretary Do It
30-something guy to group: So yeah, I mean my ex-wife found out I bought a new car, a Benz, and that my new girlfriend was driving around in it. So she got all pissy and told me to buy her a car. So I bought her the s***tiest Toyota I could find at the used car lot. No joke, this thing is a death trap. I hope she burns alive in it.
Friend: Um, don't you have kids?
30-something guy: Yeah, so?
Friend: Doesn't your ex-wife drive the kids?
30-something guy: Oh f*** me, now I have to tell her that I tried to kill her.
-- Metro North Train

***Spoiler Alert***

Nelson in Miami: Any word on Gossip Girl? I'm having withdrawals from the best worst show on TV.
You and me both, babe! I'm hearing that in the season premiere, the kids go to the Hamptons, Serena and Dan reconsider their breakup and Blair uses a new guy to make Chuck jealous.

Courtesy of E! online's Watch with Kristin

call your name every day when I feel so helpless I'm fallin' down but I'll rise above this rise above this doubt

Oh my god!!!! I completely HATE whatever formula it is that is used to figure the expected family contribution for paying for school!!!! Because of it, I'm pretty sure unless something can be figured out or I get student loans with ridiculously high interest rates, I don't think that I'm going to school this fall. Since according to that stupid formula, my parents are supposed to have nearly $12 grand just lying around to pay for my schooling for the 2008-09 school year (and I'm pretty sure that doesn't include my brother's schooling, too, since my FAFSA did indicate TWO people in the house attending school this fall)...but my parents pretty much live paycheck to paycheck. From them, I haven't learned what to do financially...I've learned what not to do. of right now, I have no idea how I'm paying for school. This f***ing sucks. Hopefully the financial aid people at school can help figure it out...and in a way that isn't going to have me taking out the worst student loans ever.

::sigh:: I know it's just that I'm frustrated and upset and don't know what's going on. I'm sure everything is going to work out just fine...I just get frustrated and stressed easily...

Monday, June 16, 2008

but you bend you're bending my mind and you try and you try I can see inside and suffocate and smother me covered so I can't breathe

Today, I had to watch the girls during the's now the summer, so I watch them during the day and for more hours. But it means that I have to get up earlier than I'm currently used to. of this moment I have a headache...and it's been made worse by insufficient amount of sleep and lack of food. I ate something, well a few somethings, and took some ibuprofen, but I still don't feel any better...

But anyway...while watching the girls, I was bored and read their mom's O, the Oprah magazine. And today I learned quite a few interesting things.
.:. The first of which being: the Oprah magazine, not as lame as I had thought it was going to be. It's still totally a magazine for women over the age of 30 though...and I am not there yet.
.:. I also discovered that there is a need for this type of product (and that an older lady was the one to be the guinea pig)... But hey!, then everyone has matching curtains/carpet no need to worry about grays...
.:. and then I read something about helicopter parenting...but since the July 2008 issue of the magazine isn't on the site yet, I can't find the article. But there were some ridiculously, crazy things mentioned in it...and not just things that had been done by the parents.

See...just one more reason to give up the CrackBlackBerry... But, hey!, they mention Royal Oak Beaumont...I pass that, like, every day.

Astronomers...blah blah blah...because that's all I read of it before I thought, "I'm bored with this...but the boy'll like it!!"

16 year old girl gets struck by lightning and then wins lottery...of course! Why wouldn't she win the lottery after being struck by lightning?

Just from watching Paula's Home Cooking and Paula's Party, I can totally picture Paula Deen standing in front of her restaurant in her robe and slippers. Unfortunately, the restaurant was on fire that's why she outside of it.

Seriously now, c' cheering at graduation ceremonies or those who cheer will be arrested? That is just overkill.

A lack of tolerance is...well, I don't know what to say other than: stupid. Since CA is legalizing same-sex marriages, one county is halting all marriages. But at least there is one happy couple setting off the marriage trend in San Francisco, CA (even if they are quite possibly the oldest!).

What a crazy, psycho b****!?! She branded (like you would livestock!!) a man that she had a one night stand with because, like most any other guy, he didn't call her again. And then there's this weirdo...going around sniffing women's underarms. least, he attempted to show up...that's gotta count for something? Crazy guy...risking dehydration and an arrest warrant...

And lastly, some enjoyment from Overheard in New York...

But Not As Much As Its Bastard Cousin, The Foreseeable Future
Mother pleading with squirmy four-year-old son in tight jacket: Just keep it on for the time being.
Son: I hate the time being.
-- Christmas Mass, St Patrick's

Judging from Her Internet Viewing Habits
Girl toddler (pointing at shop window): Mommy! Mommy!
Nanny (looking at busty, naked, corset-clad mannequin in sex shop window): That's not your mommy. But she wishes it were.
-- Christopher Street, West Village head, I'm going to go lie down or something... Y'know, before I vomit from the migraine pain...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

take off both your shoes and clothes I'll follow undo corkscrew drink from half of a broken bottle

Meh...I'm bored...and don't want to do anything. I still have to go to the bank...but don't feel like it. I still have an hour until they close. I need to go fold the laundry...but I don't feel like doing's boring.

The random news that has made me giggle or something like that:
.:. umm...what were those two thinking?
.:. not a good week for chicken...first one is captured living at a McDonald's...then one is left on the roadside stuffed with a bomb...
.:. okay, now...since when are unicorns real...?
.:. Utah town no longer banning bikinis...seriously now, why ban them in the first place?
.:. breakdown of medical care by U.S. region...doesn't look all that promising for the Midwest, but it doesn't look that bad either...
.:. ::sigh:: still no power in the Troy area after the storms on Sunday...
.:. Michigan's crappy roads are expected to get even crappier in the coming years due to lack of funding...oh, joy...
.:. weird tech stuff at the Computex Taiwan 2008 thingy...I started looking at it and decided it was a thing much better suited for the boy...but the little panda stick thingies were cute!!

And now for the love, lust, relationships part of the fun...
.:. 10 Funny Flirting Facts - #3 is the most amusing...
.:. 10 Quirky Facts About Kissing - how'd they go about finding out #9?
.:. 10 Totally New Ways to Kiss Your Date - #'s 1, 4, 6 all sound good...
.:. The Right Way to Fight with a Date - hmm, maybe the boy and I should...oh, I don't know, pay attention to that...
.:. Girls' Night Out - Revealed...Guys' Night Out - Revealed
.:. Are You Two Meant to Last? - yeah, umm...I don't know if the boy and I meet the "magic ratio" or not...
.:. Women's Mysteries Explained - and it does a pretty decent job of it, too...
.:. Guide to Girl Speak...Guide to Guy Speak - umm, sadly...the "fine" thing is pretty much true (for me anyway)...
.:. Guys: Worst Turn-Downs - the last one is the best...the rest not so bad, really...
.:. An $1150 date?!? Are you kidding me?

Here...enjoy the first two and a half minutes of Kung Fu Panda...

I really, really like the shoes she has on in this picture!!

Can you tell that I was highly bored and just clicking on random stuff this morning? Oh, and I haven't really done anything today... I mean, yeah...I managed to get one (yep, that's it) load of laundry into the washing machine...but that's still in the washing machine, even though the thing signaled at me an hour or so ago that it was finished.

And one last thing...some fun from Overheard in New York:

Smart Money Says the Cheat Sheet Was One Off
Student teacher: Guys! Seriously! Was the Underground Railroad an actual train?
7th graders: No.
Student teacher: Then why did you all circle "true" for number 8: "The Underground Railroad ran on coal"?
-- University Neighborhood Middle School

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I kissed a girl and I liked it the taste of her cherry chapstick I kissed a girl just to try it I hope my boyfriend don't mind it

Meh...I have a bunch of stuff to get done today before I go watch the girls...but as usual, I'll probably have to rush and not get it all done. ::sigh:: I'm so not organized... The sad thing is...that I am organized, it's just that I don't actually want to go out and do the stuff. I just want it to magically get done for me. Oh, well...

So...I have Windows Vista Home Premium on my new computer...and I'm not really liking it. But it's only been three days maybe it'll get better...? Not that I was all that attached to Windows XP on the previous just seemed easier to use, that's all. I didn't have to use the stupid search bar in the Start menu every time I wanted to find something in the stupid Start menu. Oh, and I'm really, really getting sick of my computer asking me so many questions!! Is there a way to get it to stop that? Seriously?

Anyway...this sounds like a fun way to spend the summer... Too bad I don't have a boyfriend. I mean, technically I do have a fiancé, but...he's in his stupid math class four nights a week for the next eight weeks. And I have a feeling that he's going to be exactly like I expect him to be on the weekends.

Some amusement from Overheard in New York...

If So, I'll Need Big Trash Bags and Ten Minutes in My Apartment
Dispatcher's voice on walkie talkie: Four black males seen in the subway station, dressed as women. Repeat, four black males dressed as women.
Cop, into walkie talkie: Ten-four to that breaking a law?
-- 77th St Subway Station

Is That a New Gay Bar in Chelsea?
Tourist: Excuse me, can you tell me how to get to MoMA from here?
Suit: F*** you, what do I look...
Tourist, indignantly interrupting: No, f*** you, you motherf***ing piece of s***. You don't want to answer, you say "I don't know". All you New Yorkers are a bunch of c***-sucking a**holes.
[Suit, stunned, gives directions.]
Bystander to tourist: Where did you learn to do that?
Tourist: The Midwest.
-- Outside the Guggenheim

It Has Also Stopped Taunting Me
Mother: How's your pizza?
Little boy: Okay. It tasted better when I was high.
-- Giorgio's Pizza

Seriously-- Stop Having Those Dinner Parties
Lesbian daughter: Wow, I have such burnt-out memory cells. Not to be confused with my sickle cell.
Sister, laughing: It's all mom's fault! All mom's fault.
Lesbian to mom, screaming and laughing: Why didn't you eat my placenta?! You should've eaten my placenta! You needed to eat my placenta!
Mom, calm as can be: I'm not African. And besides, you have enough people eating your placenta.
-- Parking Lot, NYU College

What Did I Say About Talking Like That When We're Off Staten Island?
Mom to four-year-old being picked on by brother: Tell him to leave you alone.
Four-year-old: Leave me the f*** 'lone!
Mom: Hey! Watch your mouth.
Four-year-old: I'm gonna f*** 'im up.
-- Staten Island Ferry

And now...for some bad news...followed by...

***Spoiler Alert***

Laura in Champaign, Ill.: I have recently found myself addicted to Dirt—that Courteney Cox, what a powerhouse! Will it be back on FX next year?
I'm sorry, no. A network source confirms that FX canceled Dirt late last week.

Jim in Parma, Ohio: Anything on the final season of ER?
The writing staff of ER decamped to Hawaii last week to work out storylines for the show's 15th and final season. Executive producer John Wells tells me they'll be thinking about how to develop the Gates-Taggart romance and working on developing yet another love interest for Neela. How do we feel about that?

Janice in Kentucky: Any word on Supernatural? Give me some love!
Gladly. I’m hearing that Supernatural is going to be dealing with a lot of specifically religious symbolism this season, with a particular eye toward the devil, hell, god, etc. (And with any luck: loincloths.) Also, did you hear that Sam is the devil's son?! Oh wait, wrong show. Did you hear that Dean is in hell?! Crazy town! From what I'm hearing, the new Supernatural season is looking really good.

courtesy of E! online's Watch with Kristin

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

blank stares at blank pages no easy way to say this you mean well but you make this hard on me

Today's Cosmo horoscope:
Single? Mars says that it's a good day for man-spotting at your favorite cafe or a neighborhood dog park. Attached? Be flexible about a last-minute change of plans. The stars say that your guy might think that you're too enticing to let out of the bedroom tonight.
Sounds good to me!!

Ugh...I have to get going, because I need to get some things done before I go pick up the girls. So...more later...or I'll just edit this to include the missing stuff later... I don't know.

Monday, June 9, 2008

I need serenity in a place where I can hide I need serenity nothing changes days go by haven't exactly done the anything with the current attempt mentioned in the previous post, but yeah... Things still aren't getting better...but...not exactly getting worse either. So that's good...right?

Anyway...yesterday between the two of us we spent way too much money. He bought a new Xbox 360 and Grand Theft Auto 4 and I bought a new notebook computer (Sony VAIO).

The trip to buy his Xbox 360 was an adventure...we walked into Toys 'R Us just as the lights were flashing on/off due to power outages. He told the guy working there something along the lines of, 'I'm the idiot that wants to buy video games during a storm.' But then due to the tornado warning, the Toys 'R Us staff asked that nobody leave and move to the back corner of the store (where the bathrooms are) and pretty much held us hostage for about 15-20 minutes. So that way, they couldn't be held liable for our safety should someone decide to leave and then get seriously hurt, or worse, and decide to sue them.

Buying my computer, not so adventurous...we bought that first. And were done with that trip while it was still sunny. So, big deal.

Saturday afternoon, was the boy's graduation ceremony for his bachelor's degree. He was so excited to be was pretty cute to see him excited. Some things about the way his school ran the ceremony were weird, but overall it wasn't so bad...I just hate going to graduation ceremonies. Probably has something to do with attending the high school grad ceremony all four years I was in high school.

Friday night is my graduation of this moment, I'm about 90-95% sure that I'm going to attend it. I have until Thursday to get my cap and gown. school really lets us graduates have until the last minute to decide (actually it's due to the fact that they let people apply for graduation up until the day before the ceremony).

Still no power for about 135000 DTE customers
...that sucks big time. I don't think our power ever went out. Actually, I'm certain our power never went out because I didn't have to reset my clock...and that clock is so stupid, if the power just flickers, the clock resets and flashes "12:00 AM."

Okay...shower time!! I have stuff to do today!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

I can't mend this torn state I'm in getting nothing in return what did I do to deserve the pain of this slow burn

::sigh:: If only...if only...

I just wish that things could go back to how things used to be... I'm not exactly sure when that is I want to go back to...but I just know that I want to go back to when both of us were happy to be with the other one. Not this vicious cycle that we seem to be in now...where neither one seems to be willing to say, "I quit. I can't do this anymore. I've had enough. I'm tired of getting hurt, I'm tired of hurting you."

Honestly...I don't want to be the one that says any of that...and I don't want him to be the one that says it either. I just want it fixed. But somehow...I think...and I'm scared...that it's not going to get fixed...

::sigh:: I've tried the communication thing with him...that doesn't seem to work... Maybe it's just time to admit defeat...? But I really don't want to...I think that my heart just might drop into my...well, nothing of mine, but the core of the Earth. That's how much it would suck. I mean, yeah...eventually I would get over it...but until then, it would completely suck. I really don't care how ineloquent that was either.

Maybe my current attempt is going to work...but it could also backfire in a really bad way... And that worries me...since the current attempt is letting him see me in a more vulnerable way than he's seen me before. Not that I haven't opened up to him before...just that...yeah... I just hope instead of doing irrevocable helps...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

and I wonder when I sing along with you if everything could ever feel this real forever if anything could ever be this good again

Ugh...the computer is being slow and stupid... And...since it's so hot and humid (more humid than anything else)...the printer paper is limp and icky, so not exactly wet, but not exactly dry either. It's gross.

Yay!! Go Wings!!

Yay...go's graduating fewer blacks, Hispanics...yeah, so not something to celebrate. This state sucks. And then there is stuff like this happening. What a wonderful state I live in...

An awesome little kid...kinda makes me feel inadequate...

Some not-so-safe domains to visit...don't worry, the link is's just an article about what sites usually aren't safe to visit. It's a list of the unsafe followed by a list of the safest.

Who wants $1 million? The catch is that you have to find hard evidence of the existence of BigFoot...oh, yeah, and if you get hurt in the process the sponsors of the contest are not responsible for your stupidity.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

oh girl when I'm in love with you keep fishin' if you feel it's true there's nothing much that we can do to save you from yourself

Dark, dreary days are no fun...they make me super sleepy... So...I have no motivation to do get in the shower. And...I'm hungry...but we have no food in the house. The fridge is empty...all cuz the old one my mommy seriously needs to get some grocery shopping done. Hence...eating ice cream for dinner last night...even though that so was not healthy.

But this makes me happy...clicky clicky on'll have fun, I promise...

Well...doesn't that suck? To find out that you're divorced...when for the last 10 years you've been happily "married."

Some funness about Law & Order: SVU...from E! online's Watch with Kristin.

***Spoiler Alert***

Wendell in New Orleans: I’ve heard conflicting reports about Michelle Trachtenberg being on the new season of Gossip Girl. Do you know if she’ll be back?
I’m told there has been a little back-and-forth but that so far, M.T. has not been asked back for season two. Michelle herself said: “[Josh Schwartz] has told everyone that everyone is coming back and that it’s going to be like a crazy, wild cast of a million people, so I’d love to, I think it’d be great fun. It’s a character I’ve just thoroughly enjoyed...and pretty sexy.” Schwartz-love, bring her back so I can practice my Tae-Bo kicks at the screen! Wouldn’t be as much fun without someone to boil our blood.

Silas in Tacoma, Wash.: Have you heard this rumor about CW president Dawn Ostroff leaving her job? What does this mean for my fave shows like Gossip Girl?
According to my inside source at the network, there is some truth to the rumor. There have apparently been some talks with potential replacements, and the scuttlebutt is that Ostroff is looking for a new gig. Apparently, one way or another, regime change at the CW is likely to happen sooner rather than later. As for Gossip Girl, fear not. There isn't a chance in Hades any new prez would kill that show.

Marcus in Miami: Any word on Gossip Girl next season?
Hope you are sitting down for this and have a paper bag to breathe into because I’m hearing the future is not looking good for Dan and Serena. Gaaahhh! I know, I know, come here and I’ll hold you. Sources tell me that in season two, Dan and Serena will be up and down and all around and everywhere except happy coupledom. The crazy-good news, though? Bluck or Chair or whatever you want to call them are so on. Apparently, the producers have noticed the crazy-good chemistry that lies within that naughty-by-nature duo, and there'll be much more of them ahead. I'm actually told they will be "the couple" moving forward. (Holler if you’re happy in the comments! I’ll meet you there.)

Sarah in Anacortes, Wash.: OMG! Will Serena hook up with Nate?!
In the season premiere, we'll see that there is a lady in Nate's life, and she's all kinds of trouble, and she's...not Serena. (Or Blair!) More on that in the next Watch With Kristin Show. I'm also hearing there'll be some new characters next season. They're casting for the season premiere as we speak, and Dan has a summer job working for a Norman Mailer type.

courtesy of E! online's Watch with Kristin

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

oh, I can't believe that you're still around almost forgot how you let me down

Hooray for me...I managed to piss off the boy while talking to him this morning. At least, that's what I gathered from the response he had to something I said to him. I really wasn't trying to make him upset. I was just trying to rephrase what he said to me in the way that I understood it...I was not trying to twist his words around to mean something else. But that's what he said I did. ::sigh::

Last night, I was writing in my nbook (basically the hard copy of this...obviously with a lot less censorship though b/c I'm not as worried about someone reading something that I don't particularly want him/her to see)...and so after I finished with the entry, I decided to go back and re-read some of the older entries. Just because pretty much. I don't remember everything that was going at the time of my decision to write stuff down. And it kinda made me wonder just what I'm doing in my life...

And before bed, I briefly went back on the computer because I wanted to double check that I'd used the word "than" in the first sentence of the second post yesterday (b/c y'know, I'm obsessive about grammar), and not the word "then." And since I was briefly on the computer I had to check my email...and that led me to MySpace (b/c I had a message)...and then I saw the boy's MySpace Friend Status/Mood (likes the song Crawl by Chimaira/rejected ) then I had to do a Google search for the song... thing just led to another...but I still was only on the computer for about 15/20 minutes. So, I was in bed by about 12:30a...not bad for me.

And here's something interesting that I found in the news:

What an interesting thing to find in your backyard...a rusty box full of Depression Era money. At least the U.S. Treasury will replace torn/damaged money for face that's cool. I should get dressed and whatever else I need to do to get ready for the day...since I actually have to do stuff today. ¡¡Adiós, chicos!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

there's nothing left to lose there's no more heart to bruise there's no greater power than the power of goodbye learn to say goodbye I get the feeling that the boy wants nothing more than to move on.

And not just from this evening. Pretty much from the last few months. There have been a few good days in there...enough that total up to approximately 2-3 weeks. That's 2-3 weeks out of the last approximately three months. Not the best really sucks. And whenever I try to fix something that he's complaining about (something about me, I mean)...any progress I make doesn't usually continue because of the way things are going.


Nevermind...I don't want to finish that sentence. But who knows...maybe I should have...?

all the powers that rule this land they say Ms. J's big butt is boss Kate Moss can't find a job in a world of postmodern fad what was good now is bad

I should be getting in the shower right that I can then go out and run some errands (among said errands is to buy something for the boy to organize his receipts...he's not very good at keep track of stuff). And I'm ready for it to be Wednesday...not that I really want it to be Wednesday...I just want my new shoes already!! I don't think that I have to watch the girls today...but I'm not I have to go give their mom a call. I'll probably get her voicemail since she's at work (at least I'm pretty sure she's working today and doesn't have the whole day off...just a half day off for the younger one's dance recital)...and then finish this post and finish folding the laundry.'s shower time!! Yays!!

People and their they act around animals comparatively to dating...

And now for your enjoyment...

Aw Well, Let's Head on Back to Columbia
Bimbette #1, looking at the library: Oh wow! It's so pretty!
Bimbette #2: God, I wish we were smart enough to go here!
-- Outside NYU Library

Dr. Obvious Seizes Any Chance to Demonstrate Her Expertise
Four-year-old cute tourist girl: Mommy, people are different in New York!
Tourist mom: They're all f***in' crazy.
-- Union Square

But If You Write It All Down, You're a Novelist
Mom: Are you talking to yourself?
Five-year-old: Yes.
Mom: As long as you don't answer yourself.
Five-year-old: Why?
Mom: Because then you're crazy.
-- N Train

...from Overheard in New York...where else?

I watched parts of the MTV Movie Awards last night...but quite honestly, they were boring. So I didn't see all of this part:

"Cameras immediately panned way out—seriously, from close-up to aerial shot—when Pineapple Express costars Seth Rogen and James Franco, in promoting their upcoming pot-enthusiast summer comedy, whipped out what really looked like a fatty bag of marijuana and started puffing away on a joint that they assured the audience was totally fake and not at all 'really good s---t.'

The laughter was scattered for what Franco later said was an MTV-sanctioned bit, but then the moment turned a tad awkward when they presented the award for Best Summer Movie So Far (a category in need of narcotic enhancement if there ever was one) to Iron Man director Jon Favreau and its prominently rehabbed star.

'Thanks, fellas, for the intoxicating introduction,' a bemused Downey said upon accepting the Golden Popcorn." -- from E! online

So...yeah...MTV didn't quite think that part through, did they?