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As of February 23, 2012, I have a very sweet, very cute little boy. Baby PGS is my world now.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

you made a rebel of a careless man's careful daughter you are the best thing that's ever been mine

So...the other day I received an email from a reader of this blog (hopefully she doesn't mind me using her real name) asking why I don't blog as often anymore. Well, Claudia, I appreciate you taking the time to email me. The biggest reason that I don't blog as often anymore is that my migraines have been getting more frequent and a big trigger of them is too much time in front of a computer screen. Basically, I try to limit my use as much as possible.

And since I'm not too sure how caught up on the posts you are, I can say for sure that my romantic relationship is going really well. But hey, that comment could've just jinxed it, lol. Anyway, we're engaged...tentatively planning on a July 2011 wedding. My family, they are what they are. Good days and bad days, but who doesn't have a less-than-perfect relationship? Anyone who claims not to, has got to be lying.