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Saturday, September 29, 2007

where, oh where, have the smart people gone? oh where, oh where could they be?

Little Kid: I'm Biding My Time
Queer #1 glaring at nearby smoker lady: Ugh!
Queer #2: I hope she gets cancer. [Woman passes a little kid and enters museum.] That little kid should've kicked her.
-- Outside the Brooklyn Museum

Actually, in Trenton, You Do
Tourist: Is this the 1:13 to Trenton?
Suit: No.
Tourist: Oh, well, where is that?
Suit: Are you just, like, picking track numbers and hoping for the best? Go read the screen, you dumbass.
Tourist: You don't have to be rude.
Suit: You don't have to be stupid.
-- NJ Transit

Overheard in New York amuses me...

Answers to any questions about the impact of government shutdown. Yeah...cuz laying off 35000 helps our economy soo much. ::sigh:: The thing that bugs me the most is the following question/answer:

40a. I have a child in foster care and have visitation scheduled for October 1. Will I be able to see my child?
As long as the visit was not scheduled at DHS office or with a DHS employee, the shutdown should not affect your visit.

::sigh:: If the child is young enough, s/he won't understand why Mommy or Daddy didn't come to visit like always. Most likely, the kid would just think 'Mommy or Daddy doesn't love me anymore.' Just cuz the state is broke doesn't mean that they should screw up the visitation. That's just wrong.

All right, I'm done complaining. Oh, and yesterday when I was looking up "associated press Michigan shutdown" on Google...I found a link to one that's in a UK newspaper. According to my mommy we're the laughing stock of the world. Woohoo!!

Friday, September 28, 2007

what happened to the dream of a girl president, she's dancing in the video next to 50 Cent

Ugh...I still think that my psych teacher is a fruit loop... We had the first test this was pretty easy...I'm thinking the worst that I possibly did was a 40/50 not too bad. We watched the movie Mean Girls in class this morning...not quite sure what it has to do with the next chapter, but oh, well...the movie is funny. But seriously, every week my teacher starts class with some music that she thinks is soothing and then tells us to go to our happy place...okay, not quite those exact words, but still...

And the following from Overheard in New York amuse me...

The Metaphor Still
Works, A**hole.
Bimbette: She was being such a b****, and I was like, 'You catch more flies with honey than you do with a fly swatter, y'know.'
Boyfriend: Don't talk. Seriously. Just stand there and look hot, okay?
-- Penn Station

The Clintons Make New Friends Wherever They Go
Teen girl to driver on cell: Hang up and drive!
Driver: Oh, suck it, b****!
Teen girl, pointing at female passenger: Looks like you have someone to do that for you.
Driver: She's my wife -- she doesn't do that anymore [drives away].
Teen girl, to friend: Was that a joke, or was he still insulting me?
-- 42nd & Park

I Used to Have Them Backwards, but I Was Dead Wrong
Professor: What words do we get from the name Aphrodite?
Student #1: Hermaphrodite.
Professor: Yes -- from the union of Aphrodite and Hermes. What else?
Student #2: Aphrodisiac!
Professor: Good! And what is an aphrodisiac?
Students: [Silence.]
Professor: Are you all Victorians? Come on... What's it called when one uses something to arouse sexual appetite?
Student #3: Necrophiliac! [Class laughs.]
Professor: I have to advise you to invest in a dictionary, as it's simply prudent to know the difference between a necrophiliac and an aphrodisiac. Hopefully, you won't ever need to thank me for that.
-- NYU

Um, I'm from Thailand
White tween: Everyone has a MySpace.
Asian tween: I don't have a MySpace.
White tween: You don't got a MySpace? Why not?
Asian tween: 'Cause it's the easiest way to meet sexual predators.
White tween, laughing: Nah, don't worry. You ain't ever gonna meet any sexual predators -- you're ugly.
-- PS 173 playground, Fresh Meadows

Thursday, September 27, 2007

If God is a DJ, life is a dance floor, love is the rhythm, you are the music

Blah-di-blah-di-blah...I have a little under three chapters to read of my psych book before the test tomorrow morning...and I really don't want to do it... I hate that class so much!! I have to read a few pages of my Spanish book and do the exercises in the workbook, too. And sometime before Wednesday, I need to read two chapters of my anthropology book...and lots of pages in my two history books. But...yays for me...I got the highest grade in the class on the first history test!!

Blah-di-blah-di-blah...and I need to go to Secretary of State...need to get the registration for my vehicle renewed. Oh joy...lots of time at a slow government agency...

This afternoon, I have to take my 11 y/o brother up to our mom's work and drop him off, so that as soon as my mom gets off of work...they can go to his eye appointment. The kid is seriously blind. Poor boy.

Ugh...I should go shower, get dressed, brush my teeth and get my stuff done that I need to get done...but I so don't feel like it. Hooray for procrastination!

Friday, September 21, 2007

we’ll still be waiting for something stimulating because in the end all you sold us was boredom

More Fun Quizzes at

haha...I feel like an idiot now...I had to go Google the WTO...yeah...I knew what that was already...

More Fun Quizzes at

could be worse...I mean, at least they're both attractive people...

More Fun Quizzes at

as far as I can tell, that's a pretty dress...but this is really the dress that I want...and yes, I want it in midnight lavender...but I'll settle for diamond white, if I have to...

More Fun Quizzes at

I already have an engagement ring...and mine so does not look like that...mine is a million times it's much simpler and's beautiful!! Totally the traditional engagement ring...only drawback is that it didn't come in a little blue box wrapped in blue paper... Oh, well...somehow I do believe that I'll live... Y'know...seeing how the meaning behind the ring is way more important than any store ever could be... (no sarcasm there...hopefully, you didn't need that pointed out...)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

we got the bubbleheaded bleach-blonde comes on at 5 she can tell you about the plane crash with a gleam in her eye

These are just a few links to some news stories...
Okay...I'm all done sending you to a bunch of random news articles...

there's not much going on today I'm really bored it's getting late

I watched those two girls on Monday and was super easy...they're so well-behaved. Plus, the younger is just so cute! I'd be willing to watch those girls again if their parents asked.

Yesterday, was the first test in my MI history class...seriously, I think it took me all of 10 minutes to complete...and that was the only thing that we were doing in class yesterday. I wasn't at school for very long. But...I think that I did pretty in an A on the test. Hopefully, anyway. Tuesday was the first prueba (quiz) in my Spanish class...I think, at most, I got a 95...that's not so great...I wanted a 100. Oh, well... Yesterday afternoon, we had another of those in-class writings in my anthropology class...I despise those...hopefully, I got at least 4/5 on it...I really don't want the same crappy grade I got on the last one. Or worse.

Was she stabbed? Seriously...what's going on with her middle? grandparents are grandma drives me crazy!! I'm going to go eat now. Ciao!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

there's something wrong with the world today I don't know what it is something's wrong with our eyes

There just aren't any words... I mean, what possesses someone to do that? I don't expect the world to be perfect, but c'mon...

Anyway...I'm watching two little girls today and's not so bad. They seem like well-behaved kids. So...yeah... I'm really sleepy today for some reason. I'm not sure why. It kinda sucks, actually. And I had a really weird dream about spiders last was super creepy!! I hate spiders so very much!! I'm going to go do something slightly more productive, hit the "check mail" button for my email...ciao!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'm in the business of misery let's take it from the top she's got a body like an hourglass that's tickin' like a clock's been a week since school started...and I've been to all of my classes now... I already had my Spanish teacher before, so I knew what to expect and I like him. He's a pretty good teacher. Not so sure about my psych teacher yet...she's really kinda out there. I mean, c'mon, the first thing she had us do in class was make's a psychology class, not an art class. But...I'll give her a few more weeks before I decide if I like her or not. My anthropology teacher seems pretty far I like her. My history teacher seems pretty cool so far, too.

I figured it was time to update my "About me" section...but the old one is still pretty true and I didn't know if I should get rid of it or I just copied it here:

Hmmm...what to say...I am me. Whether that's unique or not...I really don't know. I am definitely much too narcissistic for my own good, but...oh, well. Deal with it. I'm really friendly, but I tend to come across as stuck-up. It's just that I can be shy around people until I am comfortable with them. After I become comfortable around a person, I don't shut up.

My goal in life is to become an ER physician...I decided that at age nine. I'm determined to achieve my goals, sometimes that gets misconstrued as stubborn. I'm that also, and independent and intelligent. I'm also naive and jaded, cynical and optimistic...just a walking contradiction. I am a science nerd...I'm comfortable being that.

And I have one of the shortest attention spans...ADD much?

[originally posted on my MySpace blog]

Monday, September 10, 2007

don't get it twisted don't get clever this is the most craziest sh** ever

The following amuse me...

Like Tell It about My Wife and Kids
Boyfriend, looking at body pillow: Aw, man! I should totally get this!
Girlfriend: Why would you get that? We're moving in together in like a year. We'll be sharing a bed with each other.
Boyfriend: Yeah, but I can do things to this pillow that I can't do to you!
-- Target, Queens Center Mall

Wanna See?
Blood center rep: Ma'am, would you like to donate blood today and save a life?
Woman: No, I'm donating into my maxi-pad as we speak.
Blood center rep: Ewww.
-- 96th St & CPW

both are from...Overheard in New York...

Yeah...I'm busy procrastinating...I really don't feel like doing my's so much reading!! I'll probably get it done after I finish eating and folding that laundry over there in the corner... I don't know...I know that I have to get it done soon. Grr... I need to come up with a personal growth project for my psych class...but I have no clue what I want to work on. I don't like my teacher too much...she's quite weird...too soft-spoken and flighty. Whatever...I'm done eating's time to leave the computer... Arrivederci!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

I'm in the business of misery, let's take it from the top

Grr...I had maybe five hours of sleep last night...possibly four... Do you know what time I went to bed? you know how long it takes me to fall asleep on average? Approximately an you know what time I was startled awake? About you know what time I fell back to sleep? Around 7:00-ish...only to be woken up again by the sounds of my mom and youngest brother getting ready for work and school, respectively, around 8:00a. I finally went back to sleep around 9:00a only to be woken up by my internal alarm clock (read: I couldn't breathe anymore cuz my allergy medicine had worn off) around a quarter to 11:00a. I'm too tired to do the math on the amount sleep I got...all I know is that it was very broken and I'm still tired.

::sigh:: I wanted to shoot my stepfather this morning. It was his stupid alarm going off that startled me awake. I woke up to my room filled with was so loud that I thought it was my mom's alarm, that's why it startled me. I was worried that they (meaning my mom and my younger brother in his room) were sleeping through it and my 11 y/o brother was going to miss his bus. was just the alarm clock in the basement...and it was 4:29a... What pissed me off the most was that my stepdad didn't even bother to go back downstairs and turn it off before he left the house for work...I was trying to ignore the damn music filling up my room and go back to sleep, and then I heard him start up his car and leave! So I turned on my bedroom light before his car was was with the hopes that he saw my bedroom light on and thought, 'did my loud alarm wake her up?'...and then went downstairs to shut off the stupid, noisy thing. I couldn't figure out how to reset the alarm for the next I just turned off his alarm completely. Ha...hopefully, I don't forget to tell him about that...otherwise he'll be late for work tomorrow. Big, fat poopyhead.

Ugh...and I have a bunch of homework to get done today, too... I still don't know what I want to present on in my psych class...I hate having to do a presentation in front of the class. Grr... I'm excessively crabby today... Oh, man...and I have a PTK meeting this evening... ::sigh:: I just want to go back to bed until Saturday...oh, wait...I have something Saturday morning at 10:30a...

Saturday, September 1, 2007

who knows what could happen do what you do just keep on laughing sent new phones, and so far we've had the new phones since Thursday and they're as of yet unusable... Makes a lot of sense doesn't it...??? I called the 800 number yesterday...that was a waste of time...and as far as I can tell, the call today from my mother was just as wasteful... I don't understand why they would send new phones, but make it so very hard to make them usable. It's quite frustrating. Especially since I didn't even get to pick out my new phone. I hate the color red and now I have a red phone. Oh's a pretty small phone...and it does all the things a phone is required to do, such as send/receive phone calls...I shouldn't complain. Right? If only the phone was usable!! Plus...I'm not understanding how my phone line was in the process of being activated phone line is already activated, my number just needs to be transferred from the old phone to the new phone. The customer service guy I talked to didn't answer that for me...he avoided answering by saying, "if you have any more problems, call again tomorrow." Umm...okay...thanks for being so very helpful... ::sigh:: I'm just frustrated. Nothing feels like it's been going my way lately and I've just been highly stressed out. It's a great feeling. It really is. Try it out sometime...I'm sure the resulting myocardial infarction is worth it. is... All right...well...I have a I'm going to go lie down for a while...ciao!!