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As of February 23, 2012, I have a very sweet, very cute little boy. Baby PGS is my world now.

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Sunday, November 13, 2005

you could have been all I wanted but you weren't honest now get in the ground you choked off the surest of favors

I'm home from Kalamazoo and Mini-Honors picked on by K**** and C**** again...if anyone knows the myth of Lilith, I was called Lilith a few times this weekend...and I am so not Lilith...met the sweetest, most naive girl this joke she asked if in Detroit there were streets that you would get shot at for driving on them and if they really shot over the freeway all the her defense, she grew up in Iowa and now lives someplace in Michigan where her school (Montcalm in Sidney) is surrounded by a corn thighs are killing me now (really shouldn't have been doing the limbo...I got pretty far...until I purposely fell)...I learned how to play Texas Hold 'Em (didn't do too bad...won a few times...but it wasn't for money)...didn't make it up to my hotel room before 4am (4am on Friday night 4:30 am on Saturday night) either night, so...I'm pretty exhausted right now...but I'm wired there is a huge possibility that I will still be awake at midnight...if you want to know anything more about my weekend, just ask...I'll probably tell you...especially the part about playing doctor...

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Wednesday, November 9, 2005

and it was true that I was truly failing but you were gone and I was home calling around but nothing was found worthwhile

I have a job now...Limited Too in Somerset...I start sometime next weekend b/c I am going to be gone this weekend and can't make it to the training session. But I do get paid for the orientation thing I went to this afternoon.

My stepdad is so pissed at me right now...he is not acknowledging me currently. I'm 20 years old, what is the big deal if I don't come home until the next morning? It's not like I did anything stupid while being out all night. I was a good girl. I hate the double standard for sons and daughters that fathers have. It's bulls*** that they do that. Anyway...done with the ranting.

[originally posted on my MySpace blog]

Saturday, November 5, 2005

once I ran to you now I'll run from you this tainted love you've given I give you all a boy could give you take my tears and that's not nearly all

Okay...probably going to make some people mad, but...I hate being a size 0. I'm probably the only girl thinking that, but whatever. I had to buy some new jeans b/c all of mine are too big. The belt can only do so much.

So...yeah, not a single girl anymore. Doubt that upsets anyone though.

[originally posted on my MySpace blog]