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Thursday, January 31, 2008

all the guys tried to take me you’re the one who saved me I feel like I owe you my life and as strange as it may seem I’ll go if you take me

The following are from Overheard in New York...

About 999,999 in a Million New Yorkers, to Be Exact
Dad: The first president was George Washington, then John Adams, then Thomas Jefferson, then James Madison, then--
Little girl: --Who's the last president?
Dad: The president now? George W. Bush.
Little girl: I thought he was dead.
Dad: No... Some people want him to be.
-- B1 bus

I Just Flew in from Wednesday, and Boy, Are My One-Liners Tired!
Pilot: Welcome to JetBlue flight 703 to San Juan... I'm from South Carolina. We do something special there -- we let our kids drive at the age of fifteen. I've got a 15-year-old son and a 16-year-old daughter, so if you're thinking of driving to Florida, do me a favor and fly JetBlue -- it's safer than driving through South Carolina, and my car insurance for my daughter last year was 15 hundred dollars, and now I have to add my son, so I really need this job to afford it.
-- JFK

...and then there are five more one-liners.

This story about about a few people trying to track down the owners of a lost camera is pretty awesome. I would hope that someone would try and find me if I lost my camera.

I meant to post that stuff earlier today...but I got going off on a tangent with my ranting about the stuff that's frustrating me around the house and didn't put the happy things. Hopefully...tomorrow, if things don't get fixed, I can argue my point maturely and intelligently and get my way. Then I won't have to stay at home...because seriously, this is getting ridiculous.

Oh, and we have a major snowstorm coming our way within the next few hours...and I have to go out and run stupid errands that I so didn't feel like doing today and I now have to go out and do them in the snow. Yeah..that was intelligent and well thought out. I now have to go put gas in my vehicle during the peak hours of the predicted snowstorm...and then go to work. But that isn't something that I put off doing today until tomorrow, that was already scheduled for tomorrow. Hopefully...there is no snow day for my brothers though...especially since the one boy has been home sick all week. I love the kid, really, I do...but I'm sick of him. Go to school already!!


123 like a bird I sing cuz you’ve given me the most beautiful set of wings & I'm so glad you're here today cuz tomorrow I might have to go & fly away

dfklgk;adfhgjkhadfghadfkljghadjklfghkladfhghadf that that's out of my system... My house is gross. Yes, we have a lot of dishes and such, but there are also five people living in this with not being able to run the dishwasher, we're going to run out of dishes pretty soon. Oh, and since we can't run the washing machine...we're going to run out of clean clothes soon, too. If my younger brothers ever changed their clothes...they might be nearly out of clean underwear by now. I'm nearly out of socks. We can't flush the toilet without raw sewage backing up into the basement. That's a lovely smell to fill up the house. Thankfully, I'm all stuffed up due to the fact that I haven't taken my allergy medicine since Sunday morning (doesn't help me sleep or that much more necessary and life supporting act of breathing, but at least I can't smell the raw sewage!).

Which reminds me, I need to call the doctors' office. I hate my doctors' office. Actually, I hate the front staff there, I like the doctors and the PAs (I've only met one of the two PAs)...and there are two nurses that I like, but the rest of the nursing staff I don't care for so much. If I chose my doctor based on the front staff, I would never go back to my doctors' office...hooray for choosing a doctor based on the level of care from the medical staff and not the idiots answering the phones!!

BRRRRR!!!! I'm freezing...and my 12 y/o brother, who is home sick for the millionth day this week, has no shirt on. That makes no sense at all to me.

Pretty soon, our internet connection is going to be down to one minute at a time before it dies it seems to be every five to ten minutes before it dies out. Much closer to the five minute mark than the ten minute mark. It's pissing me off. I'm so sick of the crappy internet connection!!

I want to go wash my face, but I don't know if it's okay to run water... ::sigh:: I'm so frustrated.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

and all I ever wanted was for you to know everything I do I give my heart and soul I can hardly breathe I need to feel you here with me

I understand that my stepfather wants to get the plumbing/drain backing up problem fixed A.S.A.P....but he works midnights and the rest of the family is on the same schedule as the natural world. So when he's making excessive noise in the basement with power's oh-so-appreciated when I have to get up for school in the morning. Thanks a million!! I was startled awake at little before 7:00a...and wasn't able to go back to sleep before my alarm went off. So hooray for being too tired for class this morning. I need to take a shower right now, but I don't even know if I can use the shower, let alone run water. Because when I finally got up at about 8:00a, we couldn't even run any water or flush the toilet. I hate living here right now. I get yelled at if I don't come home at night, but the heat barely works, the plumbing sucks and I get no sleep because my stepdad does loud repairs underneath my bedroom. And then people yell at me more because I'm crabby and snap at them due to a lack of sufficient sleep. ::sigh:: I can't win.

And my stupid doctor still hasn't called in my prescription for my allergy medicine. So my throat is killing me because my nose is just draining down the back of my throat. I've had a headache since Monday evening...nothing seems to be making it go away. My eyes and nose are itchy and driving me crazy. I'm miserable.

I'm freezing!!!'s in the single digits outside...but yet, we can't turn the thermostat above 70 or it blows out cold air. And 70 really doesn't feel all that warm...considering it's nearly 20 degrees cooler than body temp.

::sigh:: Okay...I'm done complaining...I guess... I'm off to my daddy's house to take a shower. And then I'll be back home...and who knows what I'll do. Bake something...? Just to warm me up...probably... Oh...and I got a horrible grade on my stats test.

Friday, January 25, 2008

best friends exfriends til the end better off as lovers and not the other way around racing through the city

I did something fun today!! I bought some new a hoodie and a present for the boy's birthday... Oh, and I have ridiculously large boobies...because depending on the fluctuation of my hormones and whatever else can cause minute changes in body make-up, my full D breasts can be DD when I buy bras I should just stick to buying the the D cup bras and buy one or two DD bras for those days when my boobs are retarded and grew a minute amount. ::sigh:: But, on the bright side, that means that I don't have to go out and buy all new bras. Yay!!! But now I have to go get ready to go watch the girls...ciao!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I’m sick of picking the pieces and second-guessing my reasons why you don’t trust me why must we do this to one another?

Grrrrr!!!! I really f***ing hate the internet thingy from AT&T!!! It is now to the point that every 10 minutes or less the internet connection dies.'s a very good thing that I don't need to use the internet to do anything for school. ::sigh:: Anyway...

I have to go pick up my 12 y/o brother from school in a little while because he has a doctor appointment...he needs to have a sports physical done because he wants to join the wrestling team. If you knew how small the kid was, you would die laughing at the thought of him wrestling...even though wrestlers only wrestle others in the same weight class.

Here's a few things from Overheard in New York to amuse...

Also, I May Need to Be Changed
Thug: Yo, I need to get this s*** cashed.
Clerk: Do you have an account, sir?
Thug: Yeah, but I ain't got my card or my number.
Clerk: Sir, I need your social security number, then.
Thug: Aight, hold up. [Pulls out phone] Hey, Mommy, what's my social again?
-- Chase Bank, Broadway & Houston

I'm a New Yorker. Everything Is about Me.
Hot chick #1: So, I'm doing the AIDS walk this year with my sister...
Hot chick #2: Oh, cool! I'll totally sponsor you!
Hot chick #1: Oh, no, that's okay -- you already bought a gift for my puppy shower.
Hot chick #2: It's not about you, Samantha, it's about AIDS!
-- 10th & Broadway

Damn You, Emo, with Your Googly Eyes and Red Fur
Hipster chick: God, stop being so emo!
Non-hip guy: I am not emo! [Stops and thinks.] I didn't even like that movie. F***in' fish.
-- St. Mark's Pl

Hardly Ever with Other People's Husbands, Though
Girl #1: Ugh! I hate her! She's such a good little girl -- always following the rules... Makes me sick.
Girl #2: I try to follow the rules. Do you hate me?
Girl #1: Nah, you do anal... I figure that balances it out.
-- Columbus Circle

You Still Have to Learn to Read, Pal
Little kid: The sss...
Mother: The Sneetches.
Little kid: Sneetches and uhhh...
Mother: Other.
Little kid: Other sss...
Mother: Stories by Dr. Seuss.
Little kid: Seuss is dead.
-- Outside Babbo's Books

Friday, January 18, 2008

you take the breath right out of me you left a hole where my heart should be you got to fight just to make it through cause I will be the death of you

I want to go see Avril Lavigne at the Palace on March 22!! But I don't know who would go with me. I think that I might be going to the Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace and Seether concert on March 21 at the Palace, also...and I know that I'm going to the Taste of Chaos tour thingy at Cobo on March 08. So...yay for concerts!!!

I have to go run a couple of errands...which is probably a good thing, because I'm about ready to throw the modem thingy for the internet in the garbage because in the last half hour that I've been on the computer, the connection has needed to be reset either five or six times. GRRRR!!!!!!

::sigh:: Okay, I took a deep breath and let it out slowly...I am calm now. I'm all down ranting. Ciao!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

hello I'm your martyr will you be my gangster can you feel my trigger hand moving further down your back when you hide hide inside that body

Grrr...we have a retarded keeps blowing out cold air. And apparently my mom must have turned it off this morning when it was doing that before she left for court, but then she never turned it back yeah, I'm freezing and wondering why it's so freaking cold in the house and went to go attempt to turn the heat up and monitor it (meaning I would just turn it back down when it blew out cold air) and realized that it was completely off and it was barely 66 degrees in the house!!!! It's freezing in the house! So...I might just go take my shower...use up all the hot water...quickly get dressed and dry my hair...well, I might take longer drying my hair since that would produce heat...and then go run errands. Not that I really want to go out and do that stuff...but because stores are warmer than my house. This afternoon, I have to my younger brothers to their soccer game...and then our mommy will come and pick them up from it.

No more Discovery Health will become OWN next year.

I think I'm going to make brownies...who wants brownies?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

so when will this end it goes on and on oer and over and over again keep spinning around I know that it won't stop till I step down from this for good

::sigh:: Multi-tasking is such a bad thing to do while taking your Nintendog for a walk. You either miss the random present boxes on the ground...or you don't pick up your puppy's poop and then get some "stern words" from a dog owner also out on a walk. Hooray for some "stern words" this morning.

Now I'm hungry...but I don't know what to eat...and I'm too lazy to get up. I also need to run some errands...but again, I'm lazy and don't feel like it. It's a vicious cycle...that laziness. ::sigh:: If only there was some magic way to make food appear in front of me and it was exactly what I wanted... If only, if only... Anyway...I'm off to look for some food now...

I just realized that the post time is going to say "12:15 PM"...but it's currently it obviously takes me forever to get these things done due to my inability to focus on task at a time. Meh...I don't care... ¡Adiós!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

she's one of those girls nothing but trouble just one look and now you're seeing double before you know it she'll be gone off to the next one

This is quite possibly one of the most ridiculous things that I have ever read before...but it's funny, too. yays for the first one, yays for the second one!! The following are from E!'s Watch with Kristin:

***Spoiler Alert***

Jessica in Bloomington, Indiana: I absolutely love Women's Murder Club! Any word about what's next?
Nothing. Nada. Zip. Bupkes. The wine-counterfeit episode was the last prestrike episode. The good news is, Lindsay is safe (for now) from the Kiss Me Not Killer. The bad news is, no more show (for now).
Marcia in Austin, Texas: Not that you'll answer, because you are pure evil, but any scoop on Supernatural?
For now I can tell you the show returns Jan. 31 with an episode I personally inspired: Sam and Dean confront a terrible and wicked witch who just happens to know a few secrets from Ruby's past while they're at it.
XOXO, Beelzebub

The United Nations, Encapsulated
Dude #1: They have been underestimating my power.
Dude #2: What?
Dude #1: They have been underestimating my power for quite some time now.
Dude #2: What are you, a supervillain? Who's been underestimating your power? The justice league?
Dude #1: No, the electric company. They say I owe them eight hundred dollars.
Dude #2: Dude, you and I were having two totally different conversations.
-- Penn Station

...from Overheard in New York.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

I got a lot to say to you yeah I got a lot to say I noticed your eyes are always glued to me keping them here and it makes no sense at all

I have lots of stuff to do today...mainly school stuff (read math and computer homework/studying)...but I have no motivation to do it. I really hate doing school work (or homework). Plus...I know that when I start to work on Java homework, if I get stuck I have to call the boy and I am not looking forward to calling him... Not after yesterday anyway. But the thing is, he's really a patient teacher and really knowledgeable, so he's good to go to when you need help...but...yeah... Anyway, I also need to shower, but I don't have any bodywash...I mean, I have bodywash, but not the kind that I normally use. So I don't know if my skin is sensitive to that kind or not.

::sigh:: I've already done all of my normal, daily computer time-wasting I probably should go shower and then work on my school stuff... Before I go, here are few things to amuse from Overheard in New York...

NewsFlash: Men and Women Not As Different As Previously Assumed.
Black dude #1, eating ice cream: My priorities in life is my family... Ummm... Food... And, ummm... P****.
Black dude #2: Yeah, I love p****!
Black dude #1: I know, man. Me, too. I'm addicted to it.
Black dude #2: I wish it tasted more like Häagen-Dazs.
Black dude #1: Word!
-- Astor Pl

Points for Creativity
Chick #1 looking at life-like dildo that actually c*ms: I wonder what it c*ms.
Chick #2: If it were me, I would put in vanilla milkshake.
Chick #1: Oh my god! How amazing would it be if guys came vanilla milkshakes?! I would be on my knees all day long!
Chick #2: Yeah, totally... What a cruel joke that most of them taste like steamrolled, year-old sushi.
-- The Pink Pussycat

Dad's Mistake Was Watching Speed with Him
Little boy sitting on dad's shoulders and crying: But I make good decisions! I want to take a taxi! I don't want to take the bus! I make good decisions. Why doesn't anybody listen to meee?!
Dad: Honey, because you're three.
Little boy, sobbing and hailing a cab: Taxi!
-- Uptown M15 bus stop

...Updating God's MySpace Profile for Him
Bald white monk in orange robes: [Mumbling to himself.]
Bimbette, to friend: I guess he's, like, praying for a safe journey.
Bald white monk in orange robes: No, I'm on the phone [shows BlackBerry].
-- Metro-North

Friday, January 11, 2008

you're my concentration everything else is a bore I've got myself snagged on you no self-control now

Libra - Single? You and an artistic type might have a lot in common. But don't overanalyze your soul-mate status, just have fun for now. Attached? Rendezvous with him at a dimly lit restaurant. -- Seriously unrealistic is that? (courtesy of Cosmo)

Haha!! Hooray for the ShoeboxBlog directing me towards this story of a Polish man discovering his wife working in a brothel.

Blah...the dark and dreary weather is depressing!! It makes me just want to sleep. ::yawn:: I'm sleepy... Maybe if I go take a shower, that will wake me up...too bad, I'm too lazy to go do that right now. Besides...before I can shower...I have to play some video games...duh...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

hey...she want that lovey dovey (lovey dovey) that kiss kiss (kiss kiss) in her mind she fantasize bout gettin wit me they hatin on me (hatin on me)

::sigh:: I have a bunch of homework to do...mostly for my stats class. Most of the stuff that I should do for school is review stuff for my Spanish class...because I felt pretty special Tuesday evening. I was having a hard time comprehending what the teacher was saying the class as a whole. And he wasn't even saying anything to us that we haven't learned before! I'm probably just going to do some stuff around the house today for my mom in between studying/note taking/homework doing...and run a couple of errands before class this evening. Then come home from class...maybe do a little more stats hw...then go to bed. Oh, joy...such a fun-filled day.

Ugh...I wish that my mother had more time in her busy schedule that would allow her to call AT&T, in order to get something done about our s***ty internet connection. ::sigh:: It's only lasting about 10-20 minutes at a time this's the most annoying thing ever!!!

I should probably go feed my two Nintendogs puppies before they starve...

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

vacation all I ever wanted vacation had to get away vacation meant to be spent alone

Lol...this highly amused me...too bad there weren't any pictures there like the many other anecdotes on the page implied there should have been...

Warning: Lift that little black sticker at your own risk!
I was traveling around the Thai islands with my girlfriend when, on the island of Ko Samui, she begged me to go on an elephant-riding tour. I agreed, and one of the side trips included a visit to a monkey farm. My girlfriend is absolutely bananas about monkeys and was ecstatic when she learned that we could take pictures with one on our shoulders. After I took a few pictures of the unenthusiastic monkey on my girlfriend, it was my turn. She and our guide burst into laughter: The monkey was pleasuring himself inches from my head! — Jesse Golland, Isle of Palms, S.C.

...courtesy of Budget Travel.

I tell you how I feel but you don't care I say tell me the truth but you don't dare you makes me think of the boy...he's so much cuter without his glasses...

And What's More Attractive Than Dumb?
Little girl: What happened to your glasses?
Little boy: I lost them in my room.
Little girl: That's dumb of you... But you look much more attractive without them.
Little boy: Thanks!
-- Starbucks, 85th & 1st

...from Overheard in New York.

Anyway...I'm super sleepy. I know that I need to get in the shower...but I have absolutely no energy to get to the bathroom. ::sigh:: Seriously...I think the gloomy day is causing me to feel even more sleepy than I really am...

Monday, January 7, 2008

I don't mind you telling me what's been on your mind lately I don't mind you speaking up

Yay for my sorta favorite tv show!!

***Spoiler Alert***

Michelle in Mammoth, California: OMG, I cannot wait for this week's Gossip Girl! Is Blair pregnant?
Do you really want to know? Of course you do. Let's just say Ms. Waldorf won't be in the market for any maternity clothes this season. However, tongues will be wagging all over town. And Blair isn't the only Upper East Side It girl whom people think is prego. In fact, S is going to give Dan quite a scare. Elsewhere, Rufus will rebound from Lily's rejection quite nicely with more than one pretty brunette. Dan will finally tell Serena those three important little words, and she'll respond with a blank stare. Blair's queen bee status will be stripped away as her friends and lovers all abandon her, one by one.

Kris in Oak Park, Illinois: Is this Wednesday's Gossip Girl the last episode ever?
Heck, no! The CW picked this show up for a full season, so whenever the writers' strike ends, the GG crew will return to work. This Wednesday's ep is simply the last one they were able to complete before picketing began and production halted. And by the way, if I had to predict the theme of the episodes to come, I'd say it has a lot to do with a certain Waldorf gal seeking revenge.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

my love's not up for negotiation hello doesn't mean an open invitation don't take it personally cuz you and me were wrong

Lol...this is amusing...the Forbes Fictional 15...

When You Haven't Had Any in Over Four Hours
Mother: Honey, we're going to leave if you don't stop. You already had hot chocolate and a scone.
Toddler: But Mommy, I want another hot chocolate!
Mother, gently sipping her own coffee: Honey, you're acting like you're on baby crack.
-- Espresso 77, Jackson Heights

...from Overheard in New York...duh, where else?'s only 11:30a...and I'm bored. I'm really only online to check my mail and PostSecret...and then I'm off to take a shower. But still...I'm bored.

Friday, January 4, 2008

where's your where's your where's your dignity? I think you lost it in the Hollywood Hills where's your where's your where's your dignity?

At Least Not Until You Start Wearing Something Under Your Dress
Drunk girl: I want to do a cartwheel!
Sober girl: No. No, no, no.
Drunk girl: But I'm so good at them -- and handstands! I can do mad-good handstands. Watch! Watch me! [Puts her hands on the ground.]
Sober girl: I said no!
-- E 10th & Ave A

...from Overheard in New York.

I want some peanut butter cookies that have Reese's Pieces in them...I don't know why, but that's what I'm craving right now.

Oh, and some people took the dryer from the trash at the curb in front of my house...what the idiots don't know is that we put the dryer there because it no longer works and it's not worth it to fix it. Whatever...they'll figure it out soon enough. Besides...the weirdos had a truckbed full of crap already...I have no idea whether or not it all came from someone else's trash.

I'm hungry...but I don't know what to eat... ::sigh:: Being lazy is such a problem...

Thursday, January 3, 2008

it's gonna take a long time to love it's gonna take a lot to hold on it's gonna be a long way to happy

A vaccine for drug use...that's pretty cool...because it's not like the vaccine is forced on people addicted, it's there as an option should they choose to quit.

Libra - Venus encourages you to show off your curves in a body-hugging sweater and heels that will make you feel like an instant sex bomb. Yeah...I'm okay with not doing that today... Oh, wait, nevermind...I already got dressed today before reading that and realized that I pretty much already did that...oops.

This morning I had a doctor's appointment...and I have to make another one. Just so that I can have something up-to-date. ::sigh:: Why can't I have that magically up-to-date? Cuz...seriously...I hate having to go to the doctor's for that.

Ugh!! Our new dryer drives me crazy!! It has the most annoying signal for the end of the cycle or whatever it's called. Okay...all done complaining. I have stuff to get gas, buy some things, etc....

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

warn your warmth to turn away here it’s December everyday press your lips to the sculptures

Happy New Year!!!

I've pretty much been awake since about 7:00a this sucks. I kept trying to go back to sleep, but my mommy was keeping me awake. I realize that her neck is hurting her (she said it feels like something is pinching)...but at least when I'm crying/whining/whatever about my pain, I try not to wake everyone else in the house up. She apparently didn't care... ::sigh:: It's not that I don't care about my mommy and how she feels. Besides...I think that currently, she's at the hospital with my stepdad so that a doctor can look at her neck.

Ugh...tomorrow morning, I have a doctor's appointment at 9:30a. At least it's with the p.a. that is very nice and I like her. Cuz there was no way that I was going to go to the doctors' if the available doctor was one that I'm not comfortable with. Pretty much, that means that if she wasn't available and neither was this one other doctor, then my appointment was going to have to occur after I really needed it to.

I have a new pair of fuzzy penguin pajama pants...and they're so soft and fuzzy!! I like them lots!! But I guess that kinda makes it obvious that I'm still in my pj's. But's only 10:00a.

Fate, Kismet, Call It What You Will
Girl #1: No, no, no. That girl is just plain ugly. [Girl #1 falls flat on her face.]
Girl #2: Ummm... sorry. I don't want to be a b****, but I think that's what they call karma.
-- Columbia University

...from Overheard in New York. That made me giggle...but Girl #1 could easily be me on any given day...

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

go away come back go away come back I wish you knew the difference go away come back

Hmmm...what to think about the following...

Libra - Happy New Year! Adventurous Jupiter shakes up your home life this year, Libra girl. You might move to another city, buy your first home, or move out on your own for the first time.'s my horoscope courtesy of Cosmo.

Currently, there is a snow emergency in effect in Royal Oak...which means that I can't park on the street. Honestly, the street doesn't look that bad...but I guess it's cuz there needs to be clear streets in order to plow the roads. ::sigh:: I should go call the boy...see if he still wants his DS...