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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

vacation all I ever wanted vacation had to get away vacation meant to be spent alone

Lol...this highly amused me...too bad there weren't any pictures there like the many other anecdotes on the page implied there should have been...

Warning: Lift that little black sticker at your own risk!
I was traveling around the Thai islands with my girlfriend when, on the island of Ko Samui, she begged me to go on an elephant-riding tour. I agreed, and one of the side trips included a visit to a monkey farm. My girlfriend is absolutely bananas about monkeys and was ecstatic when she learned that we could take pictures with one on our shoulders. After I took a few pictures of the unenthusiastic monkey on my girlfriend, it was my turn. She and our guide burst into laughter: The monkey was pleasuring himself inches from my head! — Jesse Golland, Isle of Palms, S.C.

...courtesy of Budget Travel.

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