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Sunday, January 13, 2008

I got a lot to say to you yeah I got a lot to say I noticed your eyes are always glued to me keping them here and it makes no sense at all

I have lots of stuff to do today...mainly school stuff (read math and computer homework/studying)...but I have no motivation to do it. I really hate doing school work (or homework). Plus...I know that when I start to work on Java homework, if I get stuck I have to call the boy and I am not looking forward to calling him... Not after yesterday anyway. But the thing is, he's really a patient teacher and really knowledgeable, so he's good to go to when you need help...but...yeah... Anyway, I also need to shower, but I don't have any bodywash...I mean, I have bodywash, but not the kind that I normally use. So I don't know if my skin is sensitive to that kind or not.

::sigh:: I've already done all of my normal, daily computer time-wasting I probably should go shower and then work on my school stuff... Before I go, here are few things to amuse from Overheard in New York...

NewsFlash: Men and Women Not As Different As Previously Assumed.
Black dude #1, eating ice cream: My priorities in life is my family... Ummm... Food... And, ummm... P****.
Black dude #2: Yeah, I love p****!
Black dude #1: I know, man. Me, too. I'm addicted to it.
Black dude #2: I wish it tasted more like Häagen-Dazs.
Black dude #1: Word!
-- Astor Pl

Points for Creativity
Chick #1 looking at life-like dildo that actually c*ms: I wonder what it c*ms.
Chick #2: If it were me, I would put in vanilla milkshake.
Chick #1: Oh my god! How amazing would it be if guys came vanilla milkshakes?! I would be on my knees all day long!
Chick #2: Yeah, totally... What a cruel joke that most of them taste like steamrolled, year-old sushi.
-- The Pink Pussycat

Dad's Mistake Was Watching Speed with Him
Little boy sitting on dad's shoulders and crying: But I make good decisions! I want to take a taxi! I don't want to take the bus! I make good decisions. Why doesn't anybody listen to meee?!
Dad: Honey, because you're three.
Little boy, sobbing and hailing a cab: Taxi!
-- Uptown M15 bus stop

...Updating God's MySpace Profile for Him
Bald white monk in orange robes: [Mumbling to himself.]
Bimbette, to friend: I guess he's, like, praying for a safe journey.
Bald white monk in orange robes: No, I'm on the phone [shows BlackBerry].
-- Metro-North

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