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Thursday, January 3, 2008

it's gonna take a long time to love it's gonna take a lot to hold on it's gonna be a long way to happy

A vaccine for drug use...that's pretty cool...because it's not like the vaccine is forced on people addicted, it's there as an option should they choose to quit.

Libra - Venus encourages you to show off your curves in a body-hugging sweater and heels that will make you feel like an instant sex bomb. Yeah...I'm okay with not doing that today... Oh, wait, nevermind...I already got dressed today before reading that and realized that I pretty much already did that...oops.

This morning I had a doctor's appointment...and I have to make another one. Just so that I can have something up-to-date. ::sigh:: Why can't I have that magically up-to-date? Cuz...seriously...I hate having to go to the doctor's for that.

Ugh!! Our new dryer drives me crazy!! It has the most annoying signal for the end of the cycle or whatever it's called. Okay...all done complaining. I have stuff to get gas, buy some things, etc....

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