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Thursday, January 31, 2008

all the guys tried to take me you’re the one who saved me I feel like I owe you my life and as strange as it may seem I’ll go if you take me

The following are from Overheard in New York...

About 999,999 in a Million New Yorkers, to Be Exact
Dad: The first president was George Washington, then John Adams, then Thomas Jefferson, then James Madison, then--
Little girl: --Who's the last president?
Dad: The president now? George W. Bush.
Little girl: I thought he was dead.
Dad: No... Some people want him to be.
-- B1 bus

I Just Flew in from Wednesday, and Boy, Are My One-Liners Tired!
Pilot: Welcome to JetBlue flight 703 to San Juan... I'm from South Carolina. We do something special there -- we let our kids drive at the age of fifteen. I've got a 15-year-old son and a 16-year-old daughter, so if you're thinking of driving to Florida, do me a favor and fly JetBlue -- it's safer than driving through South Carolina, and my car insurance for my daughter last year was 15 hundred dollars, and now I have to add my son, so I really need this job to afford it.
-- JFK

...and then there are five more one-liners.

This story about about a few people trying to track down the owners of a lost camera is pretty awesome. I would hope that someone would try and find me if I lost my camera.

I meant to post that stuff earlier today...but I got going off on a tangent with my ranting about the stuff that's frustrating me around the house and didn't put the happy things. Hopefully...tomorrow, if things don't get fixed, I can argue my point maturely and intelligently and get my way. Then I won't have to stay at home...because seriously, this is getting ridiculous.

Oh, and we have a major snowstorm coming our way within the next few hours...and I have to go out and run stupid errands that I so didn't feel like doing today and I now have to go out and do them in the snow. Yeah..that was intelligent and well thought out. I now have to go put gas in my vehicle during the peak hours of the predicted snowstorm...and then go to work. But that isn't something that I put off doing today until tomorrow, that was already scheduled for tomorrow. Hopefully...there is no snow day for my brothers though...especially since the one boy has been home sick all week. I love the kid, really, I do...but I'm sick of him. Go to school already!!


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