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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I’m sick of picking the pieces and second-guessing my reasons why you don’t trust me why must we do this to one another?

Grrrrr!!!! I really f***ing hate the internet thingy from AT&T!!! It is now to the point that every 10 minutes or less the internet connection dies.'s a very good thing that I don't need to use the internet to do anything for school. ::sigh:: Anyway...

I have to go pick up my 12 y/o brother from school in a little while because he has a doctor appointment...he needs to have a sports physical done because he wants to join the wrestling team. If you knew how small the kid was, you would die laughing at the thought of him wrestling...even though wrestlers only wrestle others in the same weight class.

Here's a few things from Overheard in New York to amuse...

Also, I May Need to Be Changed
Thug: Yo, I need to get this s*** cashed.
Clerk: Do you have an account, sir?
Thug: Yeah, but I ain't got my card or my number.
Clerk: Sir, I need your social security number, then.
Thug: Aight, hold up. [Pulls out phone] Hey, Mommy, what's my social again?
-- Chase Bank, Broadway & Houston

I'm a New Yorker. Everything Is about Me.
Hot chick #1: So, I'm doing the AIDS walk this year with my sister...
Hot chick #2: Oh, cool! I'll totally sponsor you!
Hot chick #1: Oh, no, that's okay -- you already bought a gift for my puppy shower.
Hot chick #2: It's not about you, Samantha, it's about AIDS!
-- 10th & Broadway

Damn You, Emo, with Your Googly Eyes and Red Fur
Hipster chick: God, stop being so emo!
Non-hip guy: I am not emo! [Stops and thinks.] I didn't even like that movie. F***in' fish.
-- St. Mark's Pl

Hardly Ever with Other People's Husbands, Though
Girl #1: Ugh! I hate her! She's such a good little girl -- always following the rules... Makes me sick.
Girl #2: I try to follow the rules. Do you hate me?
Girl #1: Nah, you do anal... I figure that balances it out.
-- Columbus Circle

You Still Have to Learn to Read, Pal
Little kid: The sss...
Mother: The Sneetches.
Little kid: Sneetches and uhhh...
Mother: Other.
Little kid: Other sss...
Mother: Stories by Dr. Seuss.
Little kid: Seuss is dead.
-- Outside Babbo's Books

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