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Friday, January 4, 2008

where's your where's your where's your dignity? I think you lost it in the Hollywood Hills where's your where's your where's your dignity?

At Least Not Until You Start Wearing Something Under Your Dress
Drunk girl: I want to do a cartwheel!
Sober girl: No. No, no, no.
Drunk girl: But I'm so good at them -- and handstands! I can do mad-good handstands. Watch! Watch me! [Puts her hands on the ground.]
Sober girl: I said no!
-- E 10th & Ave A

...from Overheard in New York.

I want some peanut butter cookies that have Reese's Pieces in them...I don't know why, but that's what I'm craving right now.

Oh, and some people took the dryer from the trash at the curb in front of my house...what the idiots don't know is that we put the dryer there because it no longer works and it's not worth it to fix it. Whatever...they'll figure it out soon enough. Besides...the weirdos had a truckbed full of crap already...I have no idea whether or not it all came from someone else's trash.

I'm hungry...but I don't know what to eat... ::sigh:: Being lazy is such a problem...

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