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Friday, September 26, 2008

your mind's in disturbia it's like the darkness is the light disturbia am I scarin' you tonight your mind's in disturbia ain't used to what you like

Here is the weekly round-up of what caught my interest this week:
.:. This is pretty interesting, pleasing smells can trigger happy dreams.
.:. Lol...this is pretty amusing...since when can grandpa have a baby?
.:. Ew...PETA is just crazy. Who would want to buy ice cream made with human breast milk?
.:. Giant, prehistoric potholes at the former WTC site...
.:. Umm, yeah...this lawyer is part of the reason they get such a bad name...
.:. The U.S. penny is getting a new look!
.:. This article about the "Big Bang" machine thingy made me think of the boy because he's super fascinated by it.
.:. Holy crap, what a psycho (ex-?)girlfriend!?! Swinging a sword at her boyfriend 'cause he didn't do the dishes...
.:. Seriously, what an idiot...smoking practically on the train tracks, when he could see the train coming? No wonder he got clipped by the train.
.:. Umm, can anyone say 'insanity plea'? 'Cause why else would he claim that he's a secret agent...
.:. Some athletes are donating their brains to concussion research (postmortem, of course)...that's pretty cool.
.:. So, it looks like MI may be getting more carpool lanes...
.:. This is just sad...but not surprising...

And now for some amusement from Overheard in New York...

Laugh While You Can, Stupid Americans! Oh, Sorry...
Arabic professor: "Qadam" means foot. How do you say more than one foot?
Male student: Feet.
(class laughs)
Arabic professor: In Arabic.
-- Fordham University, Lincoln Center

This Leopard-Print Fannypack Is Just Style
Flyer guy: Want to see a comedy show? It's hilarious!
(passers-by ignore him)
Flyer guy: Okay, good talk.
Hipster girl: (giggles)
Flyer guy: Oh! You like laughing, want to see a comedy show?
Hipster girl: No. I'm not a f***ing tourist, leave me alone.
-- Times Square

Think I Know How This One Ends...
50-something woman: Do you have baked goods?
Girl with empty wicker basket: Excuse me?
50-something woman: Baked goods. Where are you going with them?
Girl with empty wicker basket (slowly looking into basket and then back at woman): To grandmother's house.
-- Penn Station

When She Misbehaves, She Has to Tell the Maid to Clean Her Room
Mother: You sent 340 text messages and went over the plan. You owe me $10.
Daughter: Can I have $10?
Mother: Sure. (hands daughter $10)
Daughter: Here! (hands mother $10)
-- Outside St. James Theatre

Everything She Knows About Europe She Learned from Greek Tragedies
Male third grader: It's illegal to marry your sibling.
Female third grader: Yeah, unless you're from Europe.
-- Bus

Monday, September 22, 2008

tomorrow we'll rise so we fight today and no I don't give a f*** what you think and say cuz we are gonna rock this whole place anyway

Oh em gee!! Seriously now people, how hard is to drive the freaking speed limit!?! Or to to not stop at the stop signs with the metal over them!?! I mean, c'mon now people...if you are not going to do the speed limit, then why are you in the far left lane? And I don't mean, the people who are only doing 65 when the speed limit is clearly posted as 70...I am talking about the people who seem to think that 50/55 is a good speed to travel in the far left lane while on I-75. ::sigh:: This bugs me because I have to drive a little under 50 miles every day for school and of those miles driven, at least half of them are on the expressway. So it's really annoying when I get stuck behind the people who don't do the speed limit.

Oh, and the people who have to do like 100 and then ride my a**...yeah, they annoy me just as much as the people who are going too slow.

::sigh:: And on a sidenote, I'm really effing annoyed because last night my stepdad asked me when I had about a half an hour that was available that he could use to loosen the stupid driver's side window of my car (he's the one that put it in way too f***ing tight in the first place). So I told him that after 5:00p when I got home from watching the girls was the only time that I really had...yeah, he's still asleep. He's probably never going to loosen that d*** window until I tear the f***ing muscles in my arm. I'm not kidding about tearing the muscles in my arm either. I have to use both arms to get the window fully up and/or down and that's really not a possibility when I'm trying to drive. So I have to put my window down when I'm stopped at red lights or hold up the line of people trying to get into the parking garage. I have to roll my window fully up/down (well, nearly all the way down the centimeter or two that isn't rolled down shouldn't count) four times per day, five times per's to the point that I'm going to cry the next time I have to open the stupid window. But the main reason that I'm annoyed about the d*** window is that, I asked him about loosening the window last Wednesday and he said that he'd do it over the weekend. that I had to f***ing wait for him, I didn't get to go visit my dad today because of the homework that I still need to get done. I'm so f***ing sick of other people expecting my life to revolve around theirs.

Friday, September 19, 2008

I won't be your Superman I won't be your hero everything I did was for you everything you said was a lie my pain your gain who's your hero today?

Here is the weekly round-up of what caught my interest this week:
.:. This is just incredible...she was able to call 911 for herself and she survived.
.:. Aww, poor mommy...pinned for five days, but says that her kids kept her alive.
.:. What a good little puppy dog!! She helped out the elderly neighbor...
.:. How cool is that? The puppy dog called 911 for his owner...
.:. Eep...I don't think I could do that...poor kitty cat...
.:. This is just gross...8 organisms that'll make you say "eww"
.:. What an, seriously, officer, the crack made me do it...
.:. This is just sad...little boy brings gun to school for a second time...
.:. How sweet is this...Disney quotes helped a dad and his autistic son while afloat at sea...
.:. This made me think of the boy: dust devils photographed on Mars.
.:. Oh...em...gee...that's one gigantic diamond...
.:. Hurricane Ike didn't do all bad this: helped to uncover a Mississippi River shipwreck.
.:. This would quite possibly cause me to freak out: finding a stranger snoring in my toddler's bed.
That's all for this week.

Yay for cider mills! I want to go to one...that would be awesome. ::sigh::

And if this wasn't in Grand Rapids, then I would want to go. Well, I still want to go...I just mean that I would want to go more, and quite possibly actually buy the tickets. Oh, well...

And now for some amusement from Overheard in New York...

Serves You Right for Trying to Be Tactful in New York
Woman leaving train to suit with open fly: (inaudible)
Suit (loudly): What is "the barn door is open?" What is that supposed to mean?
-- 6 Train

Wednesday One-Liners Been There, Done That
Old guy sitting on bench, to other: I'm gonna send your picture to Bellevue, so they can get the food ready for ya.
-- Central Park
...and there are six more one liners...

Wednesday One-Liners: The Final Frontier
Crazy man dressed like a king: Everyone, I just bought the sun! So if you don't mind, I'd like a hundred dollars an hour if you're using my sunlight.
-- Sheep Meadow, Central Park
...and there are five more one liners...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

when I lose the will to win I just reach for you and I can reach the sky again I can do anything cuz your love is so amazing cuz your love inspires me

I went and saw my dad this evening for about an hour and a half. He had his facial reconstructive surgery yesterday...and that's a really good sign. That means his brain injury has been healing at a remarkable rate and they were able to move the facial surgery up from the projected date of two weeks from now. He's still pretty weird...but that's to be expected. We're just watching and waiting to see if that's a permanent change to his personality or not. We're hoping not.

I was amused because when the nurse tonight asked my dad who he (meaning the nurse) was, my dad said, "[the boy]." (The nurse looked a bit like the boy does.) So he had to ask my dad who he was again after he told him, "no, my name is ***." Unfortunately, it had to be repeated once or twice more before my dad got it right...but he did finally get it right. And he did get the year correct on the first try this time (he's been getting that off quite a bit lately). He also answered correctly when asked his name ("My first name is *******.").

Okay, well...I need to go get some's nearly 11:00p and I have to get up at 7:00a for school. I'll try and update more frequently, but it's hard to do because of school and watching the girls...and now visiting my daddy. I really need him to get better...even if he's not 100%, I just need him to get back to at least 90%. Because I don't know what I'll do...I really don't...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

something's missing and I don't know how to fix it something's missing and I don't know what it is no I don't know what it is at all

Today's Cosmo horoscope says...
Libra - You're smokin' hot with both Mars and Venus rolling through your sign. Single? This sexy boost might attract a manslide of cuties to choose among. Attached? This is a good day to wrangle any favor your heart desires.
Hahahahaha!!!!!!! When I first saw this, this morning, I had very little faith in anything coming of it, mostly due to the lack of time to see the boy today. And...nothing came of it...

Ugh...things went horribly with the boy this afternoon. It pisses me off that he'll get mad at me (or more realistically, the situation) for saying what's bothering me, but doesn't let me fully explain myself and then things just get worse than they really are. Like, right now, he thinks that I'm jealous and insecure that he's out tonight at a bachelor party and he's going to see a bunch of pretty girls. Some of the places that the guys are going to tonight, have a dress code, so he needed to get some new dress pants and needed a new dress shirt for the wedding in a few weeks (which apparently, he R.S.V.P.'d that the two of us would go to)...and when he asked me if I was going to go shopping with him for the new clothes to help him pick the stuff out, I told him that I didn't want to go because I didn't want to help him "look pretty for a bunch of skanky girls." (my words, not his) But it was pretty obvious from my tone of voice and my body language when I said it, that I didn't really think that I had to worry about him (doing anything to cause me to worry, or responding to the behavior of other girls) or about the behavior of the so-called skanky girls.

But now, like I already said, he's mad at me for saying that a few days ago and then for even telling him to have fun tonight, after he told me that he finds me to be increasingly jealous and insecure. I really do want him to have fun with his friends tonight...even if it does make me a little uncomfortable that he's going to be at a few different strip clubs, looking at (possibly more, too) pretty girls wearing next to nothing.

Oh, yeah...I was going to mention a little more about the wedding that he R.S.V.P.'d to saying that the both of us would go to. It's one of his really good friend's wedding...and last weekend, when the boy had said that he'd R.S.V.P.'d, I'd just assumed that he'd said that he was going alone (the off-the-cuff way that he mentioned it, the way that things have been going between the two of us and the fact that he didn't even ask me if I was able to go were my reasons for assuming that). But then Thursday, he told me that he had already said that the both of us were going and then, almost a week later, asked me if I was able to go. It's a good thing that the girls' parents can be flexible, and if I need to get out of there earlier for some reason, they understand and go with it because the wedding is on a Friday evening.

I don't like knowing that he thinks I'm a b****...or that he thinks I should just go find some other guy because he's given up trying to make me happy since he doesn't think that he can do it anymore...or that he lies to me more often than I can prove. But as long as he keeps doing something that makes me happy or giving me hope that he still loves me...then I'm going to continue being stupid and stay with him.

Friday, September 12, 2008

she's waitin' on my blessings 'fore she hits that open road baby get ready get set please don't go

Really late Wednesday night, my daddy was in an accident and now he's in the ICU...but he's doing really, really well now. I'm happy. Yesterday, I was not doing so well. I skipped now I have to go to the 9:00a lab tomorrow morning. Oh, on a Saturday morning...shoot me now...

Oh...and my mom turned our central air off on it's stifling in our's ridiculously warm in our house now... I have no idea how I'm going to fall asleep (comfortably) tonight...

My Cosmo horoscope for today says...
Libra - Single? Your quiet sex appeal might motivate a shy cutie into making a move. Attached? Uranus wants you to shake up the weekend and do something different, like not leaving home for 24 hours. Have a movie marathon of recent releases, cook together, share funny childhood memories, and, of course, have spontaneous, hot sex.
Interesting...but there's very little chance of happening tonight. The boy has lab on Friday nights that gets out at about I don't see him on Friday nights, let alone hear from him.

And now for the weekly round-up of the things that intrigued me this week:
.:. These Impossible Experiments from Psychology Today amused me...some of them a little more than others...
.:. This obsession is a bit glad that I don't have OCD...
.:. What a weirdo...burglar, spices, sausage...I don't know....
.:. This is kinda cool...a son gets the same dorm room his dad had 35 years ago...

And the next thing that I have for the week is some amusement from Overheard in New York...

And That Time It Led to an Accident!
Lady in car at full parking lot to man in car: D***it, where we gonna park?
Man, getting his keys: Don't worry, I'm going to pull out.
Lady in car: Yeah, I've heard that before.
-- W Broadway & Canal

Being Judgmental Does That to a Woman
JAP to friend: Why is it that I only get hit on by the creepy, ugly guys?
Hobo: Um, have you looked in the mirror lately? Maybe it's 'cuz you ugly!
-- Outside The Met

I Think We've Stumbled Upon the Idea for a Sci-Fi Flick
Girl #1: What do you call a person who delivers newspapers?
Girl #2: A "delivery person."
Girl #1: Fine, be the non-conformist.
Girl #2: What would the conformist say?
Girl #1: "Paperboy," and then get confused because what if it's an old woman?
Girl #2: Oh right, so, "paper person." But then it sounds like those paper people chains I used to make as a kid, except mine were always awful and deformed...because you make one little mistake and then they're all f***ed up. Suddenly I've got a chain of twenty-one legged freaks and can't sleep at night.
Girl #1: "Twenty one-legged freaks." Not "twenty-one legged freaks."
Girl #2: Though both terrifying.
Girl #1: The heck you talking about?
-- Union Square

Unfortunately, I Hollowed It Out to Fit My Flask
Guy #1: The new Harry Potter is coming out this summer; you should read the book with me before the movie is released.
Guy #2: If I wanted to read a book filled with stories of sorcery, I'd read the bible.
Guy #1: (mouth drops open)
-- Artapasta, Soho

If You Only Know This Term Because of Full House, Raise Your Hand.
Mother: So remember, when we get off the train, you have to hold my hand.
Five-year-old girl: Capeesh.
Mother: Do you understand? You have to hold my hand.
Five-year-old girl: Capeesh, mom! Capeesh!
-- A Train

Then Go With My Blessing, Caped Crusader
Mother of four-year-old boy (looking at display case): Wait up for me, Jack*. Don't go on the escalator without me.
Jack: It's okay, I can do it.
Mother: No, Jack. Wait for me.
Jack: It's okay, mom. I can go up by myself.
Mother: Jack. Don't go up without me.
Jack: Mom. It's okay. I can do it. I'm wearing my lucky Batman underwear.
-- Macy's

And the last thing this week...

***Spoiler Alert***

Bear in Birmingham, Ala.: Got anything good on my girl Samantha Who?
Paging Sebastian Bach! Sam Who wants you—or another real, live (with or without dead liver) '80s rocker for an upcoming episode. In it, Sam meets said rocker, and he's so charmed that she doesn't know who he is (because of the amnesia, see) that they start dating, but when she regains some of her memories, it gets a little complicated.

Spoilers are from E! online's Watch with Kristin

Monday, September 8, 2008

so is that what you call a getaway? tell me what you got away with 'cause I've seen more spine in jellyfish I've seen more guts in 11 year old kids

Gunfire breaks out on D-DOT bus...not that I'm saying I'm happy someone got hurt, I'm just saying that I'm grateful that it occurred on a Sunday when I was not at school. Seeing how it happened at the bus stop at the corner where the Welcome Center is...and I so don't want to deal with that. Homeless people on a daily basis I can handle (like the crazy one, on Thursday morning, yelling about his "mushrooms" or his "rooms", I'm not quite sure which because I couldn't understand him), but people getting shot I can't.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

so give me something to believe 'cause I am living just to breathe and I need something more to keep on breathing for so give me something to believe

Okay, so I realize that it's been like a week since I've updated this...but...y'know what, school started this week and I've been busy. Deal with it. Between the three classes I have, they meet a total of 11 times over the course of five days and I also still watch the girls four of the five days. So it's not like I have all the time in the world to play on the computer like I would like. Instead I have to work on my school

Friday, September 5, 2008

I try to make you see my side always trying to stay in line but your eyes see right through that's all they do I'm getting tired of this s***

And now for the weekly round-up of the things that I found interesting this week:
.:. Apparently, DVRs are good for more than just saving tv shows...they save relationships, too...
.:. This article from Psychology Today: In Brief: From Success to Snuggles had some interesting stuff in it...
.:. animals are so adorable!!
.:. Crazy, talking bird gets a door broken down by the cops because of a 'help me!' imitation...tsk tsk...
.:. Poor heroin addicted elephant...but at least he's finally kicked his habit with the help of rehab...
.:. Seriously, what is a dead shark doing in Lake Michigan?
.:. speed limits on German highways, but a skateboarder is wanted for speeding on a German highway?
.:. This is just too weird...a cross dressing thief left his fake breast behind...
.:. Umm, yeah...if you're attempting to cash in on your life insurance policy by faking your own death, it's probably best not to make a doctor's appointment within the first six months of your alleged death...
.:. Holy s***...what a wacko! She stalked her virtual ex...even tied her poor, little dog!
.:. This is a bad situation with a happy ending...

Here's a quiz on contact from Psychology Today, let's see if you can do any better than I did (I only got two of them correct)...
Contact Quiz

Match the six emotions with the types of touch:

A = Anger; D = Disgust; F = Fear; G = Gratitude; L = Love; S = Sympathy

1. _______ Stroking, finger interlocking, rubbing
2. _______ Squeezing, hitting, trembling
3. _______ Trembling, shaking, squeezing
4. _______ Pushing, lifting, tapping
5. _______ Shaking, lifting, squeezing
6. _______ Patting, stroking, rubbing

Click here for the answers

I want to go to these shows:
.:. The Nutcracker at the Detroit Opera House ticket info almost any of the dates/times will work...
.:. Aladdin at the Detroit Opera House ticket info either time will work...
Somebody should take me (or y'know, go with me), that would be awesome.

And lastly for the weekly round-up, some amusement from Overheard in New York...

I Know I'll Never Need Anything Else As Long As I Live
Little girl: Please?
Father: I'm not paying attention to you.
Little girl: Pleeeeeeease? Do you want me to cry? I'll cry. Do you want me to cry, daddy? (holds up stuffed owl) Just get this for me and I'll be happy, please?
-- Gift Shop, Museum of Natural History

Sometimes One Is Unable to Rise to the Occasion
(little girl starts reading aloud the ads on train)
Girl: Dad! Dad! How do you say that word?
(dad looks over at the ad and tries to ignores her)
Girl: Im-po-tent! Impotent! Dad! What does "impotent" mean?
-- 1 Train

...Without Sashimi
Woman: Honey, how about McDonald's? You want some chicken nuggets?
Toddler in a stroller: I'd rather die.
-- JFK Airport

Your Real Parents Are Never Coming for You, Kid
(family stands facing the empire state building)
Tourist son: Mom, which one is the Empire State Building?
Tourist mom: I think it's the one with the circley top. (points to the Chrysler Building)
Tourist dad: No, honey, it's the one way out there, on the water.
Tourist son #2: That's the Statue of Liberty. (to no one in particular) I can't believe I'm part of this f***ing family.
-- Top of the Rock

Plus, It Would Be a Good Way to Keep Her Weight Down
Boyfriend: I've got it. A giant human hamster ball.
Girlfriend: You are not putting our daughter in a hamster ball to keep her away from weird men.
Boyfriend: But you have to admit it's better than the idea of a leash or the electric fence.
-- 81st & York

I Sell Myself Magic Beans Every Morning
Mr. Smith* (lifting student's backpack): That's overloaded. You need to get a boyfriend to carry that for you.
Student: I don't need a boyfriend.
Mr. Smith: Then find some sucker to carry it for you.
Student: I'm my own sucker!
-- Stuyvesant High School

The Day New York Stood Still
Atlantic Avenue announcement: The 2, 3, 4, 5, b and q trains are not running into Manhattan. As an alternative, take the n, d, or r trains.
Pacific Street announcement: The n, d and r trains are not running into Manhattan. As an alternative, take the 2, 3, 4, 5, b or q trains.
-- Atlantic/Pacific Subway Station

So, Wanna F***?
Good looking suit to lunch date: How about this--let's say that you and I are equally attractive. Now let's say that on any given day we each see 1,000 people of the opposite sex (a lot more, obviously, but that's a good number). You, as a woman, could sleep with approximately 850 of them--that 1,000 is discounted by the 100 who are gay (10%, as they say), and the 50 who are faithful to their wives/girlfriends. Now for me--I see 1,000 women, but 850 is way too high a number for me--maybe, if I'm lucky, I could find a few skanks in the group willing to bang a guy they don't know. Aside from that, I'm looking at 2-3 dates, dinners, phone calls, all that s***. That's why it's easier for girls.
Date: Wow.
Good looking suit: It's simple math.
Date: You would only allow 50 faithfuls? Sheesh.
Good looking suit: Men are scum.
-- Bryant Park

How the Hennecino Was Born
Starbucks barista (giving out some samples): Hey, would you like to sample our frappuccino?
Man with a bottle in a brown paper bag: Pssh. Nah. That shit don't go good with Hennessy.
Starbucks barista: Oh, okay. Have a good day.
Man with a bottle in a brown paper bag: Wait, sorry. That was f***ed up. Do you wanna sample my Hennessy?
-- Delancy & Allen, Lower East Side