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Friday, September 26, 2008

your mind's in disturbia it's like the darkness is the light disturbia am I scarin' you tonight your mind's in disturbia ain't used to what you like

Here is the weekly round-up of what caught my interest this week:
.:. This is pretty interesting, pleasing smells can trigger happy dreams.
.:. Lol...this is pretty amusing...since when can grandpa have a baby?
.:. Ew...PETA is just crazy. Who would want to buy ice cream made with human breast milk?
.:. Giant, prehistoric potholes at the former WTC site...
.:. Umm, yeah...this lawyer is part of the reason they get such a bad name...
.:. The U.S. penny is getting a new look!
.:. This article about the "Big Bang" machine thingy made me think of the boy because he's super fascinated by it.
.:. Holy crap, what a psycho (ex-?)girlfriend!?! Swinging a sword at her boyfriend 'cause he didn't do the dishes...
.:. Seriously, what an idiot...smoking practically on the train tracks, when he could see the train coming? No wonder he got clipped by the train.
.:. Umm, can anyone say 'insanity plea'? 'Cause why else would he claim that he's a secret agent...
.:. Some athletes are donating their brains to concussion research (postmortem, of course)...that's pretty cool.
.:. So, it looks like MI may be getting more carpool lanes...
.:. This is just sad...but not surprising...

And now for some amusement from Overheard in New York...

Laugh While You Can, Stupid Americans! Oh, Sorry...
Arabic professor: "Qadam" means foot. How do you say more than one foot?
Male student: Feet.
(class laughs)
Arabic professor: In Arabic.
-- Fordham University, Lincoln Center

This Leopard-Print Fannypack Is Just Style
Flyer guy: Want to see a comedy show? It's hilarious!
(passers-by ignore him)
Flyer guy: Okay, good talk.
Hipster girl: (giggles)
Flyer guy: Oh! You like laughing, want to see a comedy show?
Hipster girl: No. I'm not a f***ing tourist, leave me alone.
-- Times Square

Think I Know How This One Ends...
50-something woman: Do you have baked goods?
Girl with empty wicker basket: Excuse me?
50-something woman: Baked goods. Where are you going with them?
Girl with empty wicker basket (slowly looking into basket and then back at woman): To grandmother's house.
-- Penn Station

When She Misbehaves, She Has to Tell the Maid to Clean Her Room
Mother: You sent 340 text messages and went over the plan. You owe me $10.
Daughter: Can I have $10?
Mother: Sure. (hands daughter $10)
Daughter: Here! (hands mother $10)
-- Outside St. James Theatre

Everything She Knows About Europe She Learned from Greek Tragedies
Male third grader: It's illegal to marry your sibling.
Female third grader: Yeah, unless you're from Europe.
-- Bus

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