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Friday, September 12, 2008

she's waitin' on my blessings 'fore she hits that open road baby get ready get set please don't go

Really late Wednesday night, my daddy was in an accident and now he's in the ICU...but he's doing really, really well now. I'm happy. Yesterday, I was not doing so well. I skipped now I have to go to the 9:00a lab tomorrow morning. Oh, on a Saturday morning...shoot me now...

Oh...and my mom turned our central air off on it's stifling in our's ridiculously warm in our house now... I have no idea how I'm going to fall asleep (comfortably) tonight...

My Cosmo horoscope for today says...
Libra - Single? Your quiet sex appeal might motivate a shy cutie into making a move. Attached? Uranus wants you to shake up the weekend and do something different, like not leaving home for 24 hours. Have a movie marathon of recent releases, cook together, share funny childhood memories, and, of course, have spontaneous, hot sex.
Interesting...but there's very little chance of happening tonight. The boy has lab on Friday nights that gets out at about I don't see him on Friday nights, let alone hear from him.

And now for the weekly round-up of the things that intrigued me this week:
.:. These Impossible Experiments from Psychology Today amused me...some of them a little more than others...
.:. This obsession is a bit glad that I don't have OCD...
.:. What a weirdo...burglar, spices, sausage...I don't know....
.:. This is kinda cool...a son gets the same dorm room his dad had 35 years ago...

And the next thing that I have for the week is some amusement from Overheard in New York...

And That Time It Led to an Accident!
Lady in car at full parking lot to man in car: D***it, where we gonna park?
Man, getting his keys: Don't worry, I'm going to pull out.
Lady in car: Yeah, I've heard that before.
-- W Broadway & Canal

Being Judgmental Does That to a Woman
JAP to friend: Why is it that I only get hit on by the creepy, ugly guys?
Hobo: Um, have you looked in the mirror lately? Maybe it's 'cuz you ugly!
-- Outside The Met

I Think We've Stumbled Upon the Idea for a Sci-Fi Flick
Girl #1: What do you call a person who delivers newspapers?
Girl #2: A "delivery person."
Girl #1: Fine, be the non-conformist.
Girl #2: What would the conformist say?
Girl #1: "Paperboy," and then get confused because what if it's an old woman?
Girl #2: Oh right, so, "paper person." But then it sounds like those paper people chains I used to make as a kid, except mine were always awful and deformed...because you make one little mistake and then they're all f***ed up. Suddenly I've got a chain of twenty-one legged freaks and can't sleep at night.
Girl #1: "Twenty one-legged freaks." Not "twenty-one legged freaks."
Girl #2: Though both terrifying.
Girl #1: The heck you talking about?
-- Union Square

Unfortunately, I Hollowed It Out to Fit My Flask
Guy #1: The new Harry Potter is coming out this summer; you should read the book with me before the movie is released.
Guy #2: If I wanted to read a book filled with stories of sorcery, I'd read the bible.
Guy #1: (mouth drops open)
-- Artapasta, Soho

If You Only Know This Term Because of Full House, Raise Your Hand.
Mother: So remember, when we get off the train, you have to hold my hand.
Five-year-old girl: Capeesh.
Mother: Do you understand? You have to hold my hand.
Five-year-old girl: Capeesh, mom! Capeesh!
-- A Train

Then Go With My Blessing, Caped Crusader
Mother of four-year-old boy (looking at display case): Wait up for me, Jack*. Don't go on the escalator without me.
Jack: It's okay, I can do it.
Mother: No, Jack. Wait for me.
Jack: It's okay, mom. I can go up by myself.
Mother: Jack. Don't go up without me.
Jack: Mom. It's okay. I can do it. I'm wearing my lucky Batman underwear.
-- Macy's

And the last thing this week...

***Spoiler Alert***

Bear in Birmingham, Ala.: Got anything good on my girl Samantha Who?
Paging Sebastian Bach! Sam Who wants you—or another real, live (with or without dead liver) '80s rocker for an upcoming episode. In it, Sam meets said rocker, and he's so charmed that she doesn't know who he is (because of the amnesia, see) that they start dating, but when she regains some of her memories, it gets a little complicated.

Spoilers are from E! online's Watch with Kristin

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