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Monday, September 22, 2008

tomorrow we'll rise so we fight today and no I don't give a f*** what you think and say cuz we are gonna rock this whole place anyway

Oh em gee!! Seriously now people, how hard is to drive the freaking speed limit!?! Or to to not stop at the stop signs with the metal over them!?! I mean, c'mon now people...if you are not going to do the speed limit, then why are you in the far left lane? And I don't mean, the people who are only doing 65 when the speed limit is clearly posted as 70...I am talking about the people who seem to think that 50/55 is a good speed to travel in the far left lane while on I-75. ::sigh:: This bugs me because I have to drive a little under 50 miles every day for school and of those miles driven, at least half of them are on the expressway. So it's really annoying when I get stuck behind the people who don't do the speed limit.

Oh, and the people who have to do like 100 and then ride my a**...yeah, they annoy me just as much as the people who are going too slow.

::sigh:: And on a sidenote, I'm really effing annoyed because last night my stepdad asked me when I had about a half an hour that was available that he could use to loosen the stupid driver's side window of my car (he's the one that put it in way too f***ing tight in the first place). So I told him that after 5:00p when I got home from watching the girls was the only time that I really had...yeah, he's still asleep. He's probably never going to loosen that d*** window until I tear the f***ing muscles in my arm. I'm not kidding about tearing the muscles in my arm either. I have to use both arms to get the window fully up and/or down and that's really not a possibility when I'm trying to drive. So I have to put my window down when I'm stopped at red lights or hold up the line of people trying to get into the parking garage. I have to roll my window fully up/down (well, nearly all the way down the centimeter or two that isn't rolled down shouldn't count) four times per day, five times per's to the point that I'm going to cry the next time I have to open the stupid window. But the main reason that I'm annoyed about the d*** window is that, I asked him about loosening the window last Wednesday and he said that he'd do it over the weekend. that I had to f***ing wait for him, I didn't get to go visit my dad today because of the homework that I still need to get done. I'm so f***ing sick of other people expecting my life to revolve around theirs.

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