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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

let's waste time chasing cars around our heads I need your grace to remind me to find my own

Of the three cars that have been bought for me since I started driving, I never asked for any of them. The first one I was offered as a gift...and my then stepsister took control of it and promptly wrecked it. The second one, become available and I was asked if I wanted it. Why say "no" to a free car? I had it for a while, till I screwed it up and it needed to be replaced. The third one, obviously, was a replacement for the second car. I almost wish I'd never been given it. I always joke around and say that my car is going to kill me. Or that I wish that it would blow up without me in it. And now...I'm dead serious when I say that my car is a ticking time bomb and is going to kill me. The stupid thing leaks oil from God knows where, mysteriously loses trans fluid over time and recently started leaking gasoline. And of course, being an older vehicle, it does have a few (very minor) cosmetic flaws, that even though I find them embarrassing reminders of my car's age, I can live with and have been living with them.

Anyway, the whole point of this rant/history, is that I need a new car and for the first time in the history of me driving, I asked for help buying a new car. Now, no one will listen to me and just wants to do what s/he thinks is best for me. Never mind the fact that I've done the work myself, found a decent vehicle (it has a Carfax report available!) and under $2k. But everyone is so worried about what's "best" for me, that no one has bothered to listen to what I have to say. And y'know what is the best part of the scenario: I didn't ask if my uncle would buy the car for me, I asked if he would be willing to help me buy a new car. Meaning that I didn't expect him to pay for it for me, that I expected to pay him back for whatever he paid for. ::shrug:: If anyone had bothered to listen to me, ask my thoughts, they would have realized that.

I would've been better off applying for a car loan, getting denied and taking the bus.