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Friday, February 29, 2008

I feel insane every single time I'm asked to compromise cuz I'm afraid I’m stuck in my ways and that’s the way it stays

**[2:38p] Oops...I forgot to put in a title before I published the post...


Okay...that's out of my system... I think that I just like to complain. I mean, not that I just look for things to complain about...I just mean that instead of trying to find the positive in a situation, I accept the negative and readily complain. But anyway, I thought about it...and the best reasoning that I can deduct from crabby-pants behavior is that I didn't flush the nail polish remover soaked cotton balls down the toilet. Since the last time crabby-pants talked to me was on Sunday to tell me to flush nail polish remover stuff instead of putting it in the trash (nevermind that my mother told me to put it in the garbage can). Yeah, I think ignoring someone for a week over that makes a lot of sense, too. Anyway...what can I do...?

I can't wait until I don't have to live here anymore...too bad, I am awesome at financially supporting myself. Probably cuz I do stupid things like buy shoes for no reason other than 'ooo, I like them and they're currently $10 off and I want!!'

I just got my letter for being on the Dean's list for Fall 2007 from school in the mail today. No duh, I was on the Dean's list...I had a 4.0 last semester, the cutoff for the list is a 3.5 g.p.a.

Where is my mommy's friend? She's supposed to come over to get a dress of my mom's that she's borrowing, but she hasn't come over yet... And if she doesn't come over soon...she won't get the dress because I'll have to leave to go watch the girls.'s Friday...that means that I go back to school on Monday...that also means that the boy needs to help me with my homework this weekend.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

I couldn't give a d*** what you say to me I don't really care what you think of me cuz either way you're gonna think what you believe

Ugh...for the second day in a row, crabby-pants went on the computer before leaving for work for what appears to be the sole purpose of turning everything off before he leaves. And I mean, everything...the computer, the monitor...if it has a power button, he turned it off. Seriously, only the computer needs to be turned off...the monitor goes into sleep mode. Whatever...I'll leave it up to the boy to explain to my mother and then maybe she can explain to crabby-pants. And I still say it's the time in his cycle where he ignores my very's a joyous time... ::rolls eyes:: Honestly, if I knew what I did to cause this behavior, then it would possibly make his behavior easier to understand. I'm not saying that I would change what I did or will do, because it's possible that whatever he seems to think I did wrong isn't wrong at all, but it would be nice to have some sort of explanation for the awful treatment. Okay, enough of that rant...

Today is the youngest brother's birthday...he wanted to go out to eat today instead of tomorrow, but it'll be too late by the time the middle schooler gets home from his wrestling meet and everyone is home and able to go out to eat. Poor kid. But he still gets to have his cake today!! And he gets presents!! Woo woo!! It's 4:00p...I should go pick him up from's bitterly cold outside...but I so don't want to go out there either. Are ya crazy?!?

What crappy terrible way to give birth...but at least the baby's doing fine...

Aww...poor police dogs...their paws are getting they need shoes... apparently, we shouldn't complain about the prices of tech toys...???

And...some of these amused me...but since I don't work in a cubicle for eight hours a day (or ever, thank god)...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

she's a pretty girl she's always falling down and I think I just fell in love with her but she won't ever remember, remember

I didn't feel like going back and changing the math in my checkbook thingy that keeps track of my account, so when I noticed that I was overcharged recently...I called the bank about that. And now my bank has fixed that for me. But I'm not sure how that's going to work out for the place of business that overcharged me...because if the girl that overcharged me gets into trouble for it, that would be pretty sucky. Because to get into trouble and possibly lose your job for credit card fraud over a measly 78¢ would seriously suck. Mostly, I was just calling my bank about it because I didn't feel like changing the math in my checkbook...I'm lazy, it wasn't because of the 78¢.

So...I think my stepdad is at the time in his cycle where he ignores me for no apparent reason... Since Sunday night, he turned the porch light off some time before midnight. And we all know that it's quite bright in Michigan after midnight, so y'know, I should've been able to see to unlock the door without any problems whatsoever. And then after crabby woke up on Monday, he completely ignored my existence until he was gone and never once said a word to me...I guess talking to me, or common courtesy when needing to get by me in the hallway would have used up precious energy needed for staying awake...??? And then yesterday, a repeat of Monday. So...I'm going to assume that today will be a repeat of the previous two days... Seriously, I have no idea what I did to him that was so horrible...but obviously, my mom picked a winner.

Anyway, I'm not going to dwell on the negativity that is the winners that are the second spouses of my parents...

Oh my god...what an evil, immature man...I would probably severely harm my boyfriend if he did something like that...

And some amusement from Overheard in New York...

Well, Okay, but I Still Don't Get It
Little boy to mom: What do you mean, I'll appreciate them one day? I'll like bras?
Little girl: My mom's boyfriend likes bras, and he's only twenty-two.
-- Victoria's Secret

Reader Poll: Who's the Republican Here?
Screaming mom: You have no idea what goes on in this world! Open your eyes and get a godd*** clue already!
Laughing son, ignoring her: Derrr...
-- Hudson & Bank

I Shall Enforce This Decree by the Power of My P***y
Angry girlfriend: I don't want you to challenge me on anything!
Boyfriend: [Silence.]
Angry girlfriend: I don't want you to tell me I'm wrong!
Boyfriend: [Silence.]
Angry girlfriend: If you're not going to tell me I'm correct, just don't talk anymore.
-- F train

Monday, February 25, 2008

when I don't know what to say don't know what to do don't know if it really even matters to you how can I make you see it matters to me

Yays for my boyfriend!! He fixed the stupid, stupid internet connection!! Of course, now that I've finally acknowledged's probably going to break. But...shh...let's think positively!! And I don't have any school this I'm bored. But Thursday, is my youngest brother's that means cake. Yesterday, the boy and I got his I'll probably get it all wrapped up today. Ugh...tomorrow, I have an errand to run..I have to be responsible and go to the bank.

Grrr!! My teachers are annoying me!! Neither of my teachers that have us log onto Blackboard, have posted grades yet. ::sigh:: I want to know how I did on my stats test. And seriously, having to wait, like, two weeks for a grade is torture.

If He Doesn't Tell You to F*** Off, You're Golden
Tourist guy: How do I get to Essex Street from here?
New Yorker guy: Go down about seven or eight blocks, make a left, and ask somebody there.
-- St. Mark's Pl & 2nd Ave

Home Depot Also Sells the Industrial Grade Belt-Driven Kind
Little boy: Do you have 25 cents?
Older sister: What? No... You don't need a tampon.
Little boy: No, I want a napkin.
Older sister: You don't need those, either.
Little boy: I want a napkin for my face! [Reads off dispenser] See? Nap-kin.
Older sister: Those aren't napkins like we use at the table. They're... um... y'know, ladies' things, like Mommy uses.
Little boy: Ohhh...
-- Ladies' room, Home Depot, Bed-Stuy

Guess That Explains the Spiked Collar
Six-year-old boy: Can I pet your dog?
Hot girl: Sure, but she's a little crazy.
Six-year-old boy: Ahhh, so is my sister [points to four-year-old]. Maybe they're related!
Four-year-old sister: Grrr...
-- 14th & 7th

That, and My Microscopic Penis.
Guy #1: They say a lot of people who suffer from bipolar disorder are promiscuous.
Guy #2: Yeah, I know. That was my ex-girlfriend's excuse for being a whore.
-- Financial District

It Had Boobs Painted on It
Woman: You don't remember me, do you?
Older man: Your face looks familiar...
Woman: You saw me running down the street naked last weekend.
Older man: Why would I remember your face, then?
-- Ditmars Blvd, Astoria

Sailing Across a Sweet Rainbow of LSD and Frappuccinos
Cashier: And how are you today?
Girl with arm in sling, brightly: Hopped up on prescription painkillers. And yourself?
-- Barnes & Noble, 7th Ave, Park Slope

...from Overheard in New York. Where else?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

sing for the laughter sing for the tears sing with me if it's just for today maybe tomorrow the good Lord will take you away

"Dream On" was the Aerosmith song that some sweet, angelic voiced girl covered and I heard on the radio the other day. So I decided to use their lyrics for the post title...but it had too many characters and wouldn't I had to take away some of the words... That makes me sad. I wanted the whole chorus...

I'm attempting to get my Spanish paper written for tonight...yeah, it's due at 8:00p. I still only have my name on the paper. But, whatever...I'm just going to come up with something...probably something about the semester and how it's going like I've had to do the previous two semesters. Seriously I hate open topic papers. the mean's some randomness for your enjoyment...

"Makes it more fun for your mom." - my stepdad's response to my not knowing where some dishes go...yeah, Mom loves finding dishes put away in random cupboards...or not...

Poor baby probably won't ever know his mommy, but he's so very lucky to have survived a tornado...

Lucky fireman...not-so-lucky DVD...

Wow...what a crappy, ungrateful son...seriously, how does someone decide $260 is all two lives are worth?

The Best States to find a job...the Worst States to find a job...can you guess where Michigan falls on the list?

Clap If You Believe in Wednesday One-Liners
12-year-old boy: I'm in a grey area right now as to whether Santa exists or not. I need more evidence.
-- E 20th St

...there are four more one-liners from Overheard in New York.

Oh, and here's the letter to the advice column about what to do when bigoted Grandpa is sending false emails to the family about's the second letter. The two links in the response letter are what is important. But important isn't really the best word.

Monday, February 18, 2008

don't ask me why I'm crying cuz when I start to crumble you know how to keep me smiling you always save me from myself from myself, myself

::sigh:: Honestly...I just want to cry about it...and usually I do... It drives him crazy that I will lock myself in the bathroom...but he hates to see me cry, especially when he's the cause of it or partially the cause of it. I never used to be the emotional girl...I was always so cold and unemotional. I really don't know what to do about our problems...he wants us to work on them. Even if that means that we go see a therapist...but since we're on two different insurances, I have no idea how that would work out for billing purposes.

Okay...well...everything looks like it's on an I'm going to go to, the internet has died about 10 times on me in the last hour...

'cause you really got it wrong I didn't steal your boyfriend

so...who wants to be my new boyfriend?

[originally posted on my MySpace blog]

I'm not gonna write you a love song cuz you asked for it cuz you need one you see I'm not gonna write you a love song

::sigh:: Tonight is my midterm in my computer class...and I'm worried about it...

I saw this last week on WXYZ's site; and then this morning on my way to school, the morning show on 95.5 was talking about it. Poor kid. But I don't blame her for doing what she did.

NYC cabbie matchmaker...he amuses me...mostly because he seems to be a genuinely caring person, so that's cool of him to try and do something nice for people.'s not like he's forcing it upon the singles who get into his cab.

And...umm, yeah...seriously bad luck for one violinist...and it couldn't be kept a secret forever...

Wedding guests behaving badly...the most amusing one was the mother-of-the-bride at the toast...

First, something amusing from Overheard in Detroit...

No More Breeding Please
Guy: Did you hear the news?
Girl: What news?
Guy: Kwami's got AIDS!
Girl: What?
Guy: Yeah, it was in the news yesterday. All about Kwame sex-texting his aids and s***!
Girl: Ohhh god… Promise me you won’t breed.
Guy: What? Ok. Why?…What?…f***.
- Middlebelt

Now, a few amusing things from Overheard in New York...

Give Them a Break -- It's Mostly for the Tourists
Tranny throw-down in the middle of the street blocks traffic.
Man on cell: Come across the street -- there's a tranny fight!
Woman looking down subway stairs: You're missing the action!
Trendy girl to boyfriend: Ugh, fighting in front of Starbucks? Real classy.
-- Grove St & 7th Ave

Future Republican Environmental-Policy Advisor
Mommy: ... But we're going to have to do something about it, sweetie.
Six-year-old girl, arms crossed, looking away: I don't want to talk about it anymore, Mommy.
-- Madison Square Park

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I love how you kiss I love all your sounds and baby the way you make my world go round and I just wanted to say I'm sorry

Post 100!! Not that that is anything exciting, but anyway... I have Spanish tonight...we get our quizzes back, hopefully I did well. After I finished on Tuesday, I was pretty confident that I did well...but I don't know.

Today's Valentine's Day...and my cute, nerdy boy printed out cute, nerdy Valentines for me yesterday. He's a dork. But I mean that in the nicest possible way. Really, I do. It was really cute and sweet of him to do that. Maybe if I'm lucky, he'll go to a store and buy me a heart-shaped Reese's peanut butter cup or some Ghiradelli dark chocolate mint filled squares. *hint hint*'s only 10:44a...why does it feel so much later?!? Today is going to drag by!!

Okay, are some news articles and some amusement:
.:. dumb was this guy? Across the street? Plus, that's just disgusting, too...
.:. Aww, poor puppies...but yay for what they did...
.:. Amusement from Overheard in New York...

They'll Have Their Own Reality Series within a Week
Girl #1: Okay, let's go around the table and tell horrible hook-up stories.
Girl #2: Can anything top the time I woke up stark-naked in London after a night partying in New York?
Girl #3: No one can top that. Unless you consider the time I stole a guy's car in the middle of the night so I wouldn't have to do the walk of shame.
Girl #4: Don't forget the part where you wrecked it and went to jail...
-- Spice Market, 13th & 9th

And Relieve You of All Unwanted Currency
Sales clerk: Can I help you with anything?
Depressed girl: I just want to find the nearest window to jump out of.
Sales clerk: I can escort you to the highest point of the store.
-- Toys 'R' Us, 42nd St

Saturday, February 9, 2008

you don't always have to do everything right stand up for yourself and put up a fight walk around with your hands up in the air like you don't care

Aww...poor brave, little girl in Detroit..

Stupid guy got caught due to his two front page photos...what are the odds of that happening?

This amuses me...mostly because of this quote: Shapiro, who added: “It would be a fun study to do to look at men with beer bellies to see if they shift their loads.”

So glad that I don't have a twin with a similar name who has legal troubles and a judge who refuses to believe me...

Scientific reasoning as to why males are more likely to become addicted to video games...doesn't make it any better when I'm ignored for a video game...

Amusement from Overheard in New York...

Kids Know Something Adults Usually Forget
Little boy, pointing at two midget passersby: Whoa! Mom, look! That is so cool!
Midgets: Haha, dude, that little boy is awesome!
-- 1221 Rockefeller Center

Thursday, February 7, 2008

doctor my eyes have seen the years and the slow parade of fears without crying now I want to understandI have done all that I could

I'm sleepy...normally, I don't get up until about 10:00 or 10:30a on a Thursday...but today, I had a doctor's appointment at 9:10a. Hooray for my yearly exam...can't wait for next February. But I got a new headache prevention medicine prescription. Well, not's for the same medication, just now instead of taking four 25mg pills before bed I can take one 100mg pill. At least, that is the idea as long as my mother does the intelligent thing and fills the right prescription for me next...I have a feeling that because there are still refills on the prescription that I originally got last June, she's going to get that one filled next and then I'm going to run out of pills before the month ends. ::sigh:: I'd much rather take one pill at a time than have to take four at a time...that's so much easier to do.

I hope that my 12 y/o brother gets out of wrestling practice early enough that he's able to take the activities bus home from school, because I don't really want to have to go pick him up from school...but I will if I have to. I just don't like driving. It's my least favorite thing to do.

There is a car in my driveway...I have no clue who it's my brother's well-behaved friend. I like that child. He's a good kid. He's allowed to come over whenever he wants to...because he's not obnoxious like my brother is.

Anyway...I'm bored...I wanted to go buy some new athletic shoes (y'know like Nikes or Adidas) today because I got rid of mine a little while ago because they were worn out...but I didn't really have any time to do what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it. So...maybe Saturday I will have time to do so... As well as finding something fun for Valentine's Day...since the boy wants us to actually do something about Valentine's Day this year. Not that in the past two years we've really done anything though because I think it's a stupid day and from what I gather from his views, so does he.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

because I'm fat, I'm fat, come on (fat, fat, really really fat) you know I'm fat, I'm fat, you know it (fat, fat, really really fat)

Grrr!! My mommy made brownies last night...and already they are gone!! I realize that there were only eight brownies...but still. There were four people in the house that were able to eat them without having an allergic reaction to them. That means that there should have been two brownies for each person. I'm highly annoyed because when I left to go on my errands there were still two brownies left and my stepfather was asleep...when I came back from my errands he was awake and the brownies were gone. Oh, and last night after my mom made them...did you know that he also ate two of them!! Meaning that of the eight brownies, he ate four of them!!!! Seriously, no wonder the three-year-old asked him recently, "you have baby, too?" Ugh...I'm just disgusted and annoyed. He did the same thing the last time that I made brownies, too. People think that I'm crazy when I'm bake stuff and then I put it on a plate and wrap it up and put it in my bedroom. I do that because I live with a bunch of vultures/beagles (beagles don't know to stop eating when they're full and will eat until their stomachs burst if given the chance)!!

there's just something about you that gets me in a twist and sometimes I think that Cupid is just taking a piss

Ewwww!! It's all gross and white outside. Stupid snow. I hate winter. I wish that it was late spring already. I don't want the excessively humid weather of summer, but I don't want the allergy problems of spring either.

Anyway...even though it's Wednesday, the girls are at their dad's house, so I'll probably be done watching them early today. Meaning that I can get a start on my homework for Monday...which I have no clue how to do. I mean, I have an idea...just not a very sound one. I understand things in that class, but then we get to the portion of the class where take the quiz...and I realize that I don't understand anything. I'll probably spend some of tonight working on my stats homework, too. Plus...sometime tomorrow before class, I need to get the rest of Spanish homework done. I got half of it done yesterday...because I had the wrong activity circled on accident in my workbook. Oh, well.

Strangely, my school gave me a refund this semester...and I don't know why. I looked at the two scholarship letters that they sent me and both clearly state that they are for the Fall 2007 semester...hopefully, sometime before the end of the semester my school will send me a letter from the Financial Aid Dept. to explain that. I know that the refund wasn't to drop the classes because I am still registered in my courses...but anyway... Plus, I didn't apply for any of the Foundation scholarships this semester because according to the scholarship page on the site, you can't just fill out the form online and submit your application via the internet like you could in the fall. You have to print out the forms...fill out the paper work for each scholarship that you're qualified for...either take it to the Financial Aid office or mail it in...and etc. So, I just wrote it off because my uncle kindly offered to pay for my schooling this semester. Kudos to him!!

Anyway...I have about two hours to get my errands done before I have to go pick up the girls...and today I have to pick-up both of them from their respective schools. The younger one first...the older one is staying after school this afternoon because she needs some extra help. Hopefully, neither of them says that they forget anything at their mom's house because it is so very out of the way after I've picked them both up.

And...I'm not sure if I'm supposed to call the boy after I'm done with my obligations or not since he's currently sick and I haven't seen him in a few days. I'm probably not going to call him because I figure, he's sick...he's whiny...he probably just wants to sleep and wants nothing to do with me... Besides, he told me last night that I had an abrasive away message (I don't remember his exact words), but his today is even worse than mine I don't really think that calling him when I'm done would be welcome because it appears that he's more crabby and pissy than whiny.

Monday, February 4, 2008

and I can't relate to the hypnotist and I can't get close, 'cause of plastic wrap and I want to have kids, but their father's up inside the clouds

Ugh...I hate our internet connection...and I sound like a broken record. Always repeating that same sentiment. It's only lasting all of five minutes at a time tonight. Oh, joy. least, I passed the quiz in my class this evening (the computer class)...not like last week's's a plus...but I still only 68.8repeating% in the barely a passing grade... ::sigh:: And...I still don't have a passing grade in my stats class not even a D passing grade yet... ::sigh:: At least...I'm passing my Spanish class...albeit with a low B... ::sigh:: This semester sucks. I wish that I could drop all of my is too stressful for me. I wish that I didn't need to be registered for at least 12 credits per semester in order to be covered by my parents' insurances. are some funny things courtesy of Overheard in New York...

I Don't Get It, but I Like It
Teen daughter: Dad, what do you think we might see when we get there?
Straight-faced dad: Naked lady on a white horse.
Red-faced mom, after long pause: No.
Dad: What? When's the last time you saw a white horse?
-- A train

"God" -- You Were Way Off!
Chick #1: Man, I wish Colin would stop saying he loves me.
Chick #2: Why, you don't love him?
Chick #1: I care about him, but I don't love him. I only love one person.
Chick #2: Who? God?
Chick #1: No -- me.
-- Park Plaza Diner, Brooklyn

Our Bad
Girl #1: So, we have a bet -- if I have sex first, then I have to wear a shirt that she's written all over, but if she-- [looks around].
Girl #2: If she what?
Girl #1: ... I'll tell you later. I feel like people are listening, and I don't want to end up on some website.
-- Starbucks, 51st & Broadway

Little Lizzy Borden Was Always a Helpful Sort
Stressed manny watching three kids: Ugh! [Under his breath] I'm gonna kill myself...
Little girl: Here's a knife [cheerily hands him a butter knife].
-- W Hotel Restaurant, 17th & Park

At Least I Have a Rack, Little Miss Mosquito-Bites
Teacher, guiding field trip: Don't you look cute today, April?! I love your dress. I wish I could wear one like it.
Kindergarten girl: Maybe if you lost some weight, you could.
-- L train