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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

she's a pretty girl she's always falling down and I think I just fell in love with her but she won't ever remember, remember

I didn't feel like going back and changing the math in my checkbook thingy that keeps track of my account, so when I noticed that I was overcharged recently...I called the bank about that. And now my bank has fixed that for me. But I'm not sure how that's going to work out for the place of business that overcharged me...because if the girl that overcharged me gets into trouble for it, that would be pretty sucky. Because to get into trouble and possibly lose your job for credit card fraud over a measly 78¢ would seriously suck. Mostly, I was just calling my bank about it because I didn't feel like changing the math in my checkbook...I'm lazy, it wasn't because of the 78¢.

So...I think my stepdad is at the time in his cycle where he ignores me for no apparent reason... Since Sunday night, he turned the porch light off some time before midnight. And we all know that it's quite bright in Michigan after midnight, so y'know, I should've been able to see to unlock the door without any problems whatsoever. And then after crabby woke up on Monday, he completely ignored my existence until he was gone and never once said a word to me...I guess talking to me, or common courtesy when needing to get by me in the hallway would have used up precious energy needed for staying awake...??? And then yesterday, a repeat of Monday. So...I'm going to assume that today will be a repeat of the previous two days... Seriously, I have no idea what I did to him that was so horrible...but obviously, my mom picked a winner.

Anyway, I'm not going to dwell on the negativity that is the winners that are the second spouses of my parents...

Oh my god...what an evil, immature man...I would probably severely harm my boyfriend if he did something like that...

And some amusement from Overheard in New York...

Well, Okay, but I Still Don't Get It
Little boy to mom: What do you mean, I'll appreciate them one day? I'll like bras?
Little girl: My mom's boyfriend likes bras, and he's only twenty-two.
-- Victoria's Secret

Reader Poll: Who's the Republican Here?
Screaming mom: You have no idea what goes on in this world! Open your eyes and get a godd*** clue already!
Laughing son, ignoring her: Derrr...
-- Hudson & Bank

I Shall Enforce This Decree by the Power of My P***y
Angry girlfriend: I don't want you to challenge me on anything!
Boyfriend: [Silence.]
Angry girlfriend: I don't want you to tell me I'm wrong!
Boyfriend: [Silence.]
Angry girlfriend: If you're not going to tell me I'm correct, just don't talk anymore.
-- F train

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