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Thursday, February 21, 2008

sing for the laughter sing for the tears sing with me if it's just for today maybe tomorrow the good Lord will take you away

"Dream On" was the Aerosmith song that some sweet, angelic voiced girl covered and I heard on the radio the other day. So I decided to use their lyrics for the post title...but it had too many characters and wouldn't I had to take away some of the words... That makes me sad. I wanted the whole chorus...

I'm attempting to get my Spanish paper written for tonight...yeah, it's due at 8:00p. I still only have my name on the paper. But, whatever...I'm just going to come up with something...probably something about the semester and how it's going like I've had to do the previous two semesters. Seriously I hate open topic papers. the mean's some randomness for your enjoyment...

"Makes it more fun for your mom." - my stepdad's response to my not knowing where some dishes go...yeah, Mom loves finding dishes put away in random cupboards...or not...

Poor baby probably won't ever know his mommy, but he's so very lucky to have survived a tornado...

Lucky fireman...not-so-lucky DVD...

Wow...what a crappy, ungrateful son...seriously, how does someone decide $260 is all two lives are worth?

The Best States to find a job...the Worst States to find a job...can you guess where Michigan falls on the list?

Clap If You Believe in Wednesday One-Liners
12-year-old boy: I'm in a grey area right now as to whether Santa exists or not. I need more evidence.
-- E 20th St

...there are four more one-liners from Overheard in New York.

Oh, and here's the letter to the advice column about what to do when bigoted Grandpa is sending false emails to the family about's the second letter. The two links in the response letter are what is important. But important isn't really the best word.

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