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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

there's just something about you that gets me in a twist and sometimes I think that Cupid is just taking a piss

Ewwww!! It's all gross and white outside. Stupid snow. I hate winter. I wish that it was late spring already. I don't want the excessively humid weather of summer, but I don't want the allergy problems of spring either.

Anyway...even though it's Wednesday, the girls are at their dad's house, so I'll probably be done watching them early today. Meaning that I can get a start on my homework for Monday...which I have no clue how to do. I mean, I have an idea...just not a very sound one. I understand things in that class, but then we get to the portion of the class where take the quiz...and I realize that I don't understand anything. I'll probably spend some of tonight working on my stats homework, too. Plus...sometime tomorrow before class, I need to get the rest of Spanish homework done. I got half of it done yesterday...because I had the wrong activity circled on accident in my workbook. Oh, well.

Strangely, my school gave me a refund this semester...and I don't know why. I looked at the two scholarship letters that they sent me and both clearly state that they are for the Fall 2007 semester...hopefully, sometime before the end of the semester my school will send me a letter from the Financial Aid Dept. to explain that. I know that the refund wasn't to drop the classes because I am still registered in my courses...but anyway... Plus, I didn't apply for any of the Foundation scholarships this semester because according to the scholarship page on the site, you can't just fill out the form online and submit your application via the internet like you could in the fall. You have to print out the forms...fill out the paper work for each scholarship that you're qualified for...either take it to the Financial Aid office or mail it in...and etc. So, I just wrote it off because my uncle kindly offered to pay for my schooling this semester. Kudos to him!!

Anyway...I have about two hours to get my errands done before I have to go pick up the girls...and today I have to pick-up both of them from their respective schools. The younger one first...the older one is staying after school this afternoon because she needs some extra help. Hopefully, neither of them says that they forget anything at their mom's house because it is so very out of the way after I've picked them both up.

And...I'm not sure if I'm supposed to call the boy after I'm done with my obligations or not since he's currently sick and I haven't seen him in a few days. I'm probably not going to call him because I figure, he's sick...he's whiny...he probably just wants to sleep and wants nothing to do with me... Besides, he told me last night that I had an abrasive away message (I don't remember his exact words), but his today is even worse than mine I don't really think that calling him when I'm done would be welcome because it appears that he's more crabby and pissy than whiny.

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