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Thursday, December 27, 2007

I close my eyes and I kiss that frog each time finding the more boys I meet the more I love my dog's what I know about the future of my television watching...and it's not looking too promising...

10. Dirt (FX, no premiere date): It's baaack. Courteney Cox's tabloid Hollywood parody returns on the first of the year, all set to dramatize and satirize the lives of L.A.'s biggest players, including Brit-Brit and K-Fed. Could there be a more warped version of these two real-life train wrecks? We're betting yes.
...excerpted from Watch with Kristin.

Wednesday, Jan. 2
Law & Order (NBC)
Tuesday, Jan. 8
One Tree Hill (CW)
Monday, Mar. 17
Dancing with the Stars 6 (ABC)
No Premiere Date
Dirt (FX)
...excerpted from Watch with Kristin.

I'm feeling very out of it today...not sick or anything. Just light-headed...kinda like I'm extra ditzy today. I don't know why either. And even though I already have a pretty Nintendo DS...I would like the ice blue one. Okay...well...I'm going to go do a few productive things...and then play The Sims 2 DS for a little bit...

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

keep both hands up on the wheel destination anywhere keep both hands on the wheel take control

Yay for my fiancé!! He got me a Nintendo DS...specifically one like this!! And brother got me Yoshi's Island DS...and my daddy and siblings got me The Sims 2. And...then I got a bunch of other stuff from everyone else.

Now...I have to go to the bank... I also have to do a few other things as well...but I really don't feel like going out in the cold.

Cards from 'Heaven' cute is that?

National Guardsman adopts Iraqi boy...that's pretty cool.

Happiest stories from 2007...I like the first story the best.

Hooray for no depressing stories today!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

a thousand miles seems pretty far but they’ve got planes and trains and cars I’d walk to you if I had no other way

Yesterday, I managed to lock my keys in the my brother, being the criminal that he is, used a coat hanger and got my car unlocked so I could get the keys out. Then we went on our merry way to Hallmark so that he could do his usual thing of picking up pretty much the first card he finds that falls under the category he's shopping for that day (that's how I ended up with a sentimental from brother to sister card from him for my last birthday). Oh, and then last night in my attempts to get into the parking lot of Dunkin Donuts...I successfully ran over the parking block thingy. Seriously...yesterday was not a good day for me to be driving.

Today, I'm watching the girls...and I have to pick the older one up from school that means starting about a half hour earlier than, I might be watching a little later than usual also. But, since there was a snow day on Monday, and I'm getting paid for not showing up...starting a little earlier and staying a little later isn't a big deal.

For some reason my mommy is home right least I think that she is. The van is here...but normally my mommy works at 9:00a on Fridays. I don't know what's going on...I don't know how that's going to affect dinner today (normally my family goes out to eat for dinner on Fridays).

Here's something amusing from Overheard in New York:

I Share Their Utilitarian Philosophy, Especially Regarding T**ties
Girl cooing at boyfriend: You know, I just wanted a mature guy -- they're so rare! And you're very mature in your outlook.
Boyfriend: I am mature. I'm glad you see th-- Oh, look -- Playboy Enterprises!
-- 5th Ave

Thursday, December 20, 2007

no work all play what a mistake let the clouds roll in and fill the sky

Hooray for me!! Hooray for refund checks!! Today, I got three envelopes from my school. One was my refund check for the $200 scholarship that I received...and the other two were from the Financial Aid office. One was a boring, informational packet thingy...and the other was a letter to inform me that I am a recipient of the [insert big, long name here] scholarship. about a week I should get a second refund check? At least, that is the assumption that I've come up with. Basically, it just means that I technically didn't pay for school this Fall 2007 semester, but my school paid for it. Yay for me!! I'm amused though that on the scholarship letter, I received it today and it's dated today. I'm also amused that I completely finished the fall semester and then I found out about the fall semester scholarships awarded to me. Tsk tsk, school. Oh, well...that's awesomely good news!! Okay...I'm pretty sure that I'm not going to post again today.

I'm a happy girl everybody knows that the sweetest thing that you'll ever see in the whole wide world is a happy girl

Semester grades are available now...

ANT 2750 - Myth, Magic and Folk Religion - A
HIS 1700 - Michigan History - A
PSY 2810 - Psychology of Adjustment - A
SPA 2610 - Intermediate Spanish I - A

And yays for me!! I got a 4.0 this semester!! Which means my cumulative g.p.a. is higher (a 3.716 now, as opposed to the 3.667 it was)...still not high enough in my mind, but I know it's a good g.p.a.

she can swallow knives she can swallow lives golden black stare but the night of your demise

An unusual suspect to a B&E...seriously though, poor thing was stuck in the basement...

Why They Make Children's Chewable Lithium
Three-year-old boy: One of my friends died.
Mom: Wait -- what?!
Three-year-old boy: Yeah, one of my best friends died in a car crash when your friend died in a car crash.
Mom: Huh?
Three-year-old boy: Yes, we were flying in a plane and suddenly another plane came from behind and crashed into us. I ran away, but she got hurt. And died.
Mom: What? Huh?
Three-year-old boy: I'll tell you more later... These trains have ears.
-- 6 train

...Without the Ball-Gag.
Middle-aged man: I like these hats they're selling. Oh, look at the one on her head! That looks warm.
Forlorn wife: That's her real hair. She has dreadlocks.
Middle-aged man: Oh, my! You can't take me anywhere.
-- Union Square

...from Overheard in New York.

Okay...well, that was all because I can't really think of anything else to I'm all done babbling.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

got up on the wrong side of life today yeah crashed the car and I'm gonna be really late my phone doesn't work cause it's out of range 12 y/o brother called home from school complaining of a stomach ache twice. The first time he called, I told him to wait until after lunch and if he still felt as bad or worse, then to call home again. So...he called home again...and he sounded bad on the phone...but he didn't look so great in person either. Poor kid.

This dad
amuses me...especially since he says that his 15 year old son may get a Barbie game for the Wii...

Stupid, stupid, stupid WGA's so totally messing up my television viewing...
For example:
.:. Supernatural: The last ep airs Jan. 17 (per E! Online's Watch With Kristin)
.:. ABC's "Samantha Who?" returns with three new episodes in January (per MSN TV)
.:. (and for the boy's television viewing) "Big Bang Theory" has run dry (per MSN TV)

***Spoiler Alert***

Brooks in Northampton, Massachusetts: When will Law & Order be back on the schedule?

L&O is back with all-new eps Jan. 2, and more important, it's back with two new characters. Linus Roache plays the new courtroom prosecutor, now that Jack McCoy has been bumped up to district attorney for the city. And I must admit, after watching Sam Waterston question witnesses for an astonishing 13 years, the change is quite a shock! The other newb is the fab Jeremy Sisto (Six Feet Under), who plays a member of NYPD's intelligence unit who returns to detective duty and signs on as Ed Green's new partner. (per E! Online's Watch With Kristin)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

how cruel is the golden rule when the lives we lived are only golden plated and I knew that the lights of the city were too heavy for me

So...tonight is the younger brother's birthday party...and I guess that he and the youngest brother are supposed to clean their room. But since they haven't finished it yet...their ridiculously crabby father has "yelled" at them about it approximately three times since he got his lazy butt outta bed less than an hour ago (it's currently 11:23a and my mom and he got up after I did at about 10:45a). And of course, my mom just sits there and lets him irrationally yell at them. I could understand the negativity if they'd actually been up long enough to have had cleaned the entire room, but considering it's Saturday morning and they've always been allowed to watch cartoons until about noon before they really have to start getting their stuff done...why yell at them within 20 minutes of waking up?

Ugh...yesterday, while I was in class, the stepfather decided that I wasn't doing the laundry soon enough for his he decided to do it. Yeah, the only problem with that is that he did it the wrong way. Yes, the clothing was separated into good color groups...but he decided to wash the whites without bleach. And since the majority of the younger brothers' undies are white, they need to be bleached. Oh, and also there were towels in the washing machine that had been there since about they'd been sitting in standing water pretty much and smelled awful...but he put them in the dryer anyway. Considering I folded and put those towels away this morning...I don't know what the rush in getting them clean was...there was hardly any room in the linen closet for the towels. I mean, like I had to force the towels into the closet.

So...yeah...I wish that I knew what made Mr. Crabbypants so crabby and moody. Specifically, what made him like that towards me as often as he is. ::sigh:: Oh, well...I can't do anything about I should quit stressing over it... I mentioned to my mom about it last night at dinner and she just kinda rolled her eyes as if to say 'I don't know what you want me to do about it.' This is why I don't bother telling her about most of the minor things that her jerky husband does.

Hooray for my being part of a crazy, messed up family!! Yeah...or not...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

sleigh bells ring are you listening in the lane snow is glistening a beautiful sight we're happy tonight walking in a winter wonderland

My poor 11 y/o brother, he got to school and then called home to say that he'd felt nauseous on the bus...hopefully, he's not contagious though... I should be reading my anthropology and history books since the finals are tomorrow...but I don't feel like it. Seriously, why does it have to be all gross and icky outside?

Yesterday...I heard one of the saddest Christmas songs on the radio. It's Bring Him Home Santa by The Song Trust...seriously, little kids shouldn't be allowed to sing. At least not about saddening things. The site doesn't play the whole song, but the lyrics are on there.

***Spoiler Alert***

Sarah in Providence, Rhode Island: Anything on Notes from the Underbelly? That show's getting funnier and funnier.

According to Peter Cambor (Andrew), the gender of the baby remains a secret. But he says, "It's definitely not twins. I can tell you that much." Look for 15 episodes total of Underbelly; as they had 5 in the can from last season, and they were able to finish 10 episodes before the strike rolled into town.

...from Watch with Kristin.

Monday, December 10, 2007

storybook endings, fairy tales coming true deep down inside we want to believe they still do

Yays for me!! I almost have all of my holiday shopping done...okay, so in reality it's nowhere close to being done...but I have a plan, a budget and a deadline...and for me that is a hundred times closes to being almost all done than actually having almost all of the gifts bought. Currently, the only holiday gifts that are in my bedroom (for safe-keeping, duh) are the ones for my youngest brother and the younger of the two girls I watch every week. But...I have the Toys R Us website open in another tab to get a couple of things...and just as soon as the stupid internet connection is re-established, I will look for and order the stuff. The only thing that bugs me about ordering it online, is that due to the cost of S&H and the sales tax it's about $5.00 more than it would've been had I bought it in the store...oh, well. And...I still don't have a clue what to do for any of my parents, though.

Saturday...the boy and I saw Enchanted...and it was adorably cute and funny. I liked it...I'm still not sure if he actually liked it or if he was being sarcastic. I can never tell with him. So...hooray for a lifetime of confusion!! Seriously though, just as long as people don't get the impression that I am a gigantic ditz...I don't really mind that I totally don't get him.'s something to make you giggle...

Although You Do Get Pretty Excited When I Just Lie There
Girlfriend: I don't know what's wrong with me lately. I just keep falling asleep at the oddest times. I think I may be suffering from necrophilia.
Boyfriend: I sure hope you mean narcolepsy.
Girlfriend: Oh, yeah. I always get those confused.
Boyfriend: Well, as long as it's only the definitions that you confuse and not the symptoms...
-- Grand Central

...from Overheard in New York...duh, where else?

Friday, December 7, 2007

nobody likes you... everyone left you... they're all out without you... having fun...

So...I was all done with my Downtown Royal Oak adventures this morning by 9:30a... And considering I went to court to pay my fiancé's parking ticket after my (three hour) class that starts at 9:00a...yeah, I wasn't in class very long. My teacher had a personal emergency to attend to...she was worried that the woman who called her this morning was going to harm herself. So my teacher left it up to us and the honor system to take our final this morning...we just had to go to the faculty secretaries' office to turn our exam in when finished.

And this morning, I learned that if you want to get something into the courthouse that would set off the metal detector alarm thingy...just have a relatively attractive girl wear a belt that would set it off and have her carry it in for ya... I set off the thingy when I first went through it, but after I lifted up my shirt enough to display my belt, the (extremely bored looking) court officer just ignored that I'd set it off and waved me on through. But...hooray for me, the boy's ticket is paid. I'm bored and not sure of what to do since I wasn't expecting to even be home until about 12:30p...

And...totally unrelated to the boringness above... ::sigh:: I'm sick of putting up with the things that bother me. I am well aware of the fact that I already complain enough about some things...but there are plenty of things that I don't complain about. Like, not even when I should...meaning when the things are occurring. I just don't like causing problems...and that seems to be what happens when I complain about those things. ::sigh:: Anyway...I'm done with that randomness and on to...

Which female singer does he crave? And you'd think that I would know the answer for the boy...but, nope, I don't know which of those categories he fits into. Also...which musician does she crave? I suggest combining the last three categories...'cause...yeah...'m all done rambling now...¡tenga un gran día!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

deck the halls with boughs of holly fa la la la la la la la la 'tis the season to be jolly fa la la la la la la la la

I'm bored... But the following two articles amused least for about five minutes total...Wii shortages...and...screwed up PS3s. And...totally not related, but...I have cherry pie now. I made it and can't wait the 1-2 hours for it to cool down...but the pie filling is still bubbling...and since I don't want to go to the hospital with second or third degree burn to the inside of my mouth...I'll wait. Currently my house looks like a Christmas decoration tornado went through mom is busy decorating the house. It's just that there are decorations all over the place because she's pulling them out to put them up. Oh, and it's like a quarter after 3:00p and I'm still in my pajamas...yeah, it's a lazy day.

Monday, December 3, 2007

maybe we'll turn it all around 'cause it's not too late it's never too late

I need to get my Spanish composition written...and soon!! usual I'm in no mood to write a paper for school. Seriously, I have some major aversions to getting my homework done in a timely manner. I should probably work on that I mean my procrastination, but I doubt that I'll ever do anything about it. Anyway...all I have to do is write a one page, double spaced paper about this semester and my plans for afterwards. reality it's just a half page...two measly paragraphs. Why do I have such an aversion to it? Probably because I never seem to get my papers written until about 40 minutes before I have to turn them in...and I don't have to turn this one in until tomorrow at 8:00p. But the printer is special and isn't I need to get it done today so that I can print it out at the boy's house. Yay for him!!

I'll just work on it while watching the girls...they go to their dad's house this afternoon, so it's not like the younger one is going to want to monopolize my time reading books. But, like usual, I will probably need to cook them something to eat. Hopefully, their dad will come home early...and then I won't have to cook. Cuz that would be awesome...I'm not doing so well on the cooking thing today. I wanted mac& I made that. Except that I forgot about it and the water completely boiled away...yeah, it tasted I just put it in a container and put it in the fridge. Maybe one of my unsuspecting family members will eat it. Most likely, it'll be the human garbage disposal (read: my stepfather)...not like he needs any more food.

Okay...well...I'm going to go try and work on my paper some more... I'm just going to write it in English...then translate it later... Ciao!!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

but nothing lasts forever, but be honest babe it hurts but it may be the only way

I need to go to the bank and make a deposit...but as usual, I'm feeling lazy and don't feel like going anywhere... I really don't feel nose is stuffy and my throat is sore. And I'm quite bored...I have nothing to do today. I might be going shopping with my friend...but I haven't heard from her yet, so I have no idea about when that might happen. But...I might also be dyeing my hair this afternoon...hopefully, this will finally get the red out of my hair. ::shrugs:: I don't know though... Anyway...I should probably write my Spanish composition sometime soon since it's due on Tuesday. Hooray only two weeks left of school!!!

And oh my god!!! I seriously hate AT&T!!! There's obviously something wrong with the DSL modem thingy because our internet connection is always dying. But today is worse than's like every 15-20 minutes the connection is dying!! It's making it really hard to use the internet!! Okay, my little rant is over.

How Could You Not Love This Town?
Cashier: How are you?
Customer: Do you want the honest answer?
Cashier: Yes.
Customer: I feel like the business end of a donkey. I am extremely hungover and did a mountain of cocaine last night. Now I have to make dinner for a 68-year-old gay artist who is trying to f*** me.
Cashier: I'm... sorry.
Customer: And the woman I love is in another state pregnant with her ex-boyfriend's baby, and I wish the baby was mine. And I'm sleeping with a dominatrix. And it's all true.
-- Whole Foods

...from Overheard in New York...where else?