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Friday, December 7, 2007

nobody likes you... everyone left you... they're all out without you... having fun...

So...I was all done with my Downtown Royal Oak adventures this morning by 9:30a... And considering I went to court to pay my fiancé's parking ticket after my (three hour) class that starts at 9:00a...yeah, I wasn't in class very long. My teacher had a personal emergency to attend to...she was worried that the woman who called her this morning was going to harm herself. So my teacher left it up to us and the honor system to take our final this morning...we just had to go to the faculty secretaries' office to turn our exam in when finished.

And this morning, I learned that if you want to get something into the courthouse that would set off the metal detector alarm thingy...just have a relatively attractive girl wear a belt that would set it off and have her carry it in for ya... I set off the thingy when I first went through it, but after I lifted up my shirt enough to display my belt, the (extremely bored looking) court officer just ignored that I'd set it off and waved me on through. But...hooray for me, the boy's ticket is paid. I'm bored and not sure of what to do since I wasn't expecting to even be home until about 12:30p...

And...totally unrelated to the boringness above... ::sigh:: I'm sick of putting up with the things that bother me. I am well aware of the fact that I already complain enough about some things...but there are plenty of things that I don't complain about. Like, not even when I should...meaning when the things are occurring. I just don't like causing problems...and that seems to be what happens when I complain about those things. ::sigh:: Anyway...I'm done with that randomness and on to...

Which female singer does he crave? And you'd think that I would know the answer for the boy...but, nope, I don't know which of those categories he fits into. Also...which musician does she crave? I suggest combining the last three categories...'cause...yeah...'m all done rambling now...¡tenga un gran día!

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