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Monday, December 3, 2007

maybe we'll turn it all around 'cause it's not too late it's never too late

I need to get my Spanish composition written...and soon!! usual I'm in no mood to write a paper for school. Seriously, I have some major aversions to getting my homework done in a timely manner. I should probably work on that I mean my procrastination, but I doubt that I'll ever do anything about it. Anyway...all I have to do is write a one page, double spaced paper about this semester and my plans for afterwards. reality it's just a half page...two measly paragraphs. Why do I have such an aversion to it? Probably because I never seem to get my papers written until about 40 minutes before I have to turn them in...and I don't have to turn this one in until tomorrow at 8:00p. But the printer is special and isn't I need to get it done today so that I can print it out at the boy's house. Yay for him!!

I'll just work on it while watching the girls...they go to their dad's house this afternoon, so it's not like the younger one is going to want to monopolize my time reading books. But, like usual, I will probably need to cook them something to eat. Hopefully, their dad will come home early...and then I won't have to cook. Cuz that would be awesome...I'm not doing so well on the cooking thing today. I wanted mac& I made that. Except that I forgot about it and the water completely boiled away...yeah, it tasted I just put it in a container and put it in the fridge. Maybe one of my unsuspecting family members will eat it. Most likely, it'll be the human garbage disposal (read: my stepfather)...not like he needs any more food.

Okay...well...I'm going to go try and work on my paper some more... I'm just going to write it in English...then translate it later... Ciao!!

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