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Monday, December 10, 2007

storybook endings, fairy tales coming true deep down inside we want to believe they still do

Yays for me!! I almost have all of my holiday shopping done...okay, so in reality it's nowhere close to being done...but I have a plan, a budget and a deadline...and for me that is a hundred times closes to being almost all done than actually having almost all of the gifts bought. Currently, the only holiday gifts that are in my bedroom (for safe-keeping, duh) are the ones for my youngest brother and the younger of the two girls I watch every week. But...I have the Toys R Us website open in another tab to get a couple of things...and just as soon as the stupid internet connection is re-established, I will look for and order the stuff. The only thing that bugs me about ordering it online, is that due to the cost of S&H and the sales tax it's about $5.00 more than it would've been had I bought it in the store...oh, well. And...I still don't have a clue what to do for any of my parents, though.

Saturday...the boy and I saw Enchanted...and it was adorably cute and funny. I liked it...I'm still not sure if he actually liked it or if he was being sarcastic. I can never tell with him. So...hooray for a lifetime of confusion!! Seriously though, just as long as people don't get the impression that I am a gigantic ditz...I don't really mind that I totally don't get him.'s something to make you giggle...

Although You Do Get Pretty Excited When I Just Lie There
Girlfriend: I don't know what's wrong with me lately. I just keep falling asleep at the oddest times. I think I may be suffering from necrophilia.
Boyfriend: I sure hope you mean narcolepsy.
Girlfriend: Oh, yeah. I always get those confused.
Boyfriend: Well, as long as it's only the definitions that you confuse and not the symptoms...
-- Grand Central

...from Overheard in New York...duh, where else?

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