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Thursday, December 20, 2007

she can swallow knives she can swallow lives golden black stare but the night of your demise

An unusual suspect to a B&E...seriously though, poor thing was stuck in the basement...

Why They Make Children's Chewable Lithium
Three-year-old boy: One of my friends died.
Mom: Wait -- what?!
Three-year-old boy: Yeah, one of my best friends died in a car crash when your friend died in a car crash.
Mom: Huh?
Three-year-old boy: Yes, we were flying in a plane and suddenly another plane came from behind and crashed into us. I ran away, but she got hurt. And died.
Mom: What? Huh?
Three-year-old boy: I'll tell you more later... These trains have ears.
-- 6 train

...Without the Ball-Gag.
Middle-aged man: I like these hats they're selling. Oh, look at the one on her head! That looks warm.
Forlorn wife: That's her real hair. She has dreadlocks.
Middle-aged man: Oh, my! You can't take me anywhere.
-- Union Square

...from Overheard in New York.

Okay...well, that was all because I can't really think of anything else to I'm all done babbling.

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