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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

got up on the wrong side of life today yeah crashed the car and I'm gonna be really late my phone doesn't work cause it's out of range 12 y/o brother called home from school complaining of a stomach ache twice. The first time he called, I told him to wait until after lunch and if he still felt as bad or worse, then to call home again. So...he called home again...and he sounded bad on the phone...but he didn't look so great in person either. Poor kid.

This dad
amuses me...especially since he says that his 15 year old son may get a Barbie game for the Wii...

Stupid, stupid, stupid WGA's so totally messing up my television viewing...
For example:
.:. Supernatural: The last ep airs Jan. 17 (per E! Online's Watch With Kristin)
.:. ABC's "Samantha Who?" returns with three new episodes in January (per MSN TV)
.:. (and for the boy's television viewing) "Big Bang Theory" has run dry (per MSN TV)

***Spoiler Alert***

Brooks in Northampton, Massachusetts: When will Law & Order be back on the schedule?

L&O is back with all-new eps Jan. 2, and more important, it's back with two new characters. Linus Roache plays the new courtroom prosecutor, now that Jack McCoy has been bumped up to district attorney for the city. And I must admit, after watching Sam Waterston question witnesses for an astonishing 13 years, the change is quite a shock! The other newb is the fab Jeremy Sisto (Six Feet Under), who plays a member of NYPD's intelligence unit who returns to detective duty and signs on as Ed Green's new partner. (per E! Online's Watch With Kristin)

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