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Sunday, December 31, 2006

the little weirdo down the street says he's making a rocket ship with household items so we can't find him

Wanna hear something completely insane?

Last night when I came home from going out...the tv and living room light were soon as the boy pulled into the driveway, the light and tv were turned off and then...whoever was staying up watching the tv started looking out the window of the front door... As if that isn't weird enough...the person was there for a long about 10 minutes...just peering out the window...but crouching down...kinda as though s/he thought that if s/he crouched down, neither of us would notice the weirdo in the window... It was so freaking retarded!! And I'm about 99% sure that the wacko peering out the window was my stepdad...

I doesn't matter if I come home on time for his ridiculous curfew...because if I come home "on time," he treats me like a child...if I come home later, he treats me like a child... What's the point? ::sigh:: Whatever...eventually...I won't have to deal with him anymore...

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Friday, December 29, 2006

Thursday, December 28, 2006

it's gonna take a long time to love it's gonna take a lot to hold on it's gonna be a long way to happy yeah left in the pieces that you broke me into

Blah...I don't know what to do... I want one thing...but I want something else just as much... I don't really know if I want anyone else's opinion though... I think that I might have jumped into something way too quickly...I'm not sure that I made the best decision... Actually...I've been thinking that I made a mistake...and that bugs me... Lately...I've been feeling more and more like... Yeah...I don't feel like finishing that thought... Seriously though...stay with the guy that makes me happy...or give up on the relationship that has way too many problems...

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

the record won't stop skipping and the lies just won't stop slipping and besides my reputations on the line we can fake it for the airwaves

Well...Christmas is over...yays!!! But on the bright side, no major confrontations between family members again this holiday. I just have to write some 'Thank You' notes to some people...I know, I know, that seems a little, like, old-fashioned or something, but I guess it's just habit. I barely got any clothing this Christmas...that's pretty darn cool. But of the clothing that I did get, it was picked out well and I like it. So...thank you!! I got an adorable [Build-a-Bear] teddy bear, too. All dressed up cute in a tux.

Ugh...y'know what bugs the crap out of me? When my grandmother calls my cell phone in the morning as though it's the freakin' house phone. And then she wonders why I'm slightly crabby on the phone... And then when she does finally come over, she just sits in the driveway and repeatedly honks the horn instead of coming to the door like a normal person. And when she does finally get out of the car and come to the door, she just keeps her stupid finger on the doorbell. No wonder I try and avoid the crazy woman. I think that she needs some better SSRI's...seriously...

And...last Thursday...out of the blue my stepfather told me that I have a new, earlier than last time curfew. I'm supposed to be home by 12:30a Sun-Thur and by 3:00a Fri/Sat. Does he not realize that I'm 21 years old? I don't have a problem with having to follow some basic rules/guidelines...the thing that I have a problem with is that he thinks it's okay to ignore for days/weeks at a time and then spring some arbitrary rules on me and then go about talking to me, behaving as though he hasn't been ignoring me for some specifc reason that is unknown to me. I hate it more than anything.

Oh...and then on Friday was my daddy's Christmas party [for work] I got some free food for lunch. Yays!! And then...after the boy got of work, he and I went to get him some dinner and then wish his dad "Happy Birthday"...and then we met up with my dad, D**** (one of my dad's friends and co-workers) and K**** (my dad and D's supervisor at work) at The Berkely Front. After going there, we then left for the last stop of the evening... I had to have the boy make a detour and stop at my dad's house cuz I needed to pee. But anyway...we ended at Jon Jon's... The first time that I go to a strip's with my fiance, my father, his friend and my father's supervisor. That's pretty interesting. I was only weirded out once...and that was when the stripper started talking to me...I didn't really know what to do.

But now...I have to come up with some plans for New Year's Eve... Any ideas?

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Waltz of the Flowers

Guess what...

I saw "The Nutcracker" ballet this past Sunday was fun. Except for the little girl, her mother (or grandmother) and her sister (or orphan child brought along) behind us...they didn't shut up for nearly the enitre ballet. It was annoying. And guess what...the boy even kind of liked it. It wasn't as bad as he was expecting. So that was good. Means that maybe someday he'll take me to see some other "Swan Lake" or something. But I'm not counting on anything...not yet anyway. brother's soccer game was at 8:00a!! I don't even get up that early for school!! Let alone on a Saturday morning...

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy

Guess what... I only have one final left... A&P I on Monday...then nothing until January 8, 2007.

Also...on Sunday...I'm going to see "The Nutcracker Ballet"...and you know that you're jealous...

Blah...Saturday morning I have to take my 9 y/o brother to his soccer game...hopefully it isn't too early...I like my sleep...

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Friday, December 8, 2006

I'm tired of pretending that I don't care for you I'm tired of pretending that I found someone new

I feel like I'm always pretending anymore... Like even more than I have ever felt like I was... And I feel like nobody even knows me anymore...and that I'm just a big lie... I wish that I didn't feel as crappy and terrible as I feel lately. I do not feel as though I am ever good enough...for anything that I want. I feel like I make problems worse for others. Especially those that are the most important to me...

Way too often lately, it feels like I barely register on the feels like multiple times a week I'm being ignored... I try and bring it to his attention...that doesn't do a d*** thing... He doesn't change...well, he does...but only for about a week and then the old behavior returns... I still just feel like I'm being taken for granted... As though he thinks that since he has me already...he doesn't need to do anything anymore...

And...lately...the worse thing that I keep feeling like and thinking about giving back the sparkly things... I feel like I'm trapped...I'm not happy anymore...but I couldn't stand to make him not happy either... I want to be happy...I'm trying...he's trying...but it's barely working...

And make matters worse...I keep getting unwanted attention from someone... At first, the attention feels nice...but then it just feels creepy. I don't purposely do anything to make this guy feel as though the attention is wanted. I wish that I was just reading things really does not feel like that... And on top of the unwanted attention...he gets jealous of this other guy...and it makes me feel as though he doesn't trust me...

I don't want to not be with him anymore...because honestly, when he does make me happy (which is a little more than not anymore)...I don't want anyone else. Ever. And even when I'm not happy...I just want him and I to be able to fix our communication problem... I just wish that I knew what to do...

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Saturday, November 25, 2006

nothing's true and nothing's right so let me be alone tonight 'cause you can't change the way I am are you strong enough to be my man?

Guess what... It really bugs me when someone goes through my purse... It bugs me even more when the person isn't smart enough to try and at least return my purse to how it was before he went through it... But...on the bright side...he didn't take anything from it... I would have thrown the biggest fit ever had he taken anything from it... Okay...done with the ranting...

Oh...and I have "Smack That" Akon/Eminem..."Irreplaceable" Beyoncé...and "My Love" Justin Timberlake stuck in my head...

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

by the way by the way what made you think you'd have it your way and by the way by the way don't say I didn't warn you that I'll always stay the same

I got a 96% on one of the five tests I had last week...and an 80% on two of the five tests...and a 73% on another (sadly, that was the highest grade in the class)...and a 77% on the fifth test of the five... Yeah...I know...I rock... Actually...I think all except the 96 kind of suck...

This morning was the most amusing class has ever psych teacher was reading [excerpts from] two children's books to the class:
.:. Where Did I Come From?---> a book that tells children all about how babies are orgasm is supposedly like sneezing...
.:. What's Happening to Me? ---> a book all about puberty...
Considering everyone in my class is an adult...there was probably more giggling during the reading of the books than I'm sure there is during the whole puberty lesson in elementary school... Which, by the way, reminds me that my youngest brother is all excited that he gets to view the puberty video this year. I think that he is the only 9 year old boy to ever say that. Also...on a much more disturbing note...the discussion in class involved some brief incest talk... Mostly it was about homosexuality/heterosexuality and child sexuality. And not child sexuality as in kiddie porn, just the way that kids view things such as a little boy thinking egocentrically that babies come out of the mommy's body through the anus.

So...there's some not-so-good-but-not-so-bad stuff on my mind...and it's kind of been there for a while...

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Friday, October 27, 2006

I'm sorry for blaming you for everything I just couldn't do and I've hurt hurting you I had my follow-up appointment today...and they took X-rays...apparently the spaces between my vertebrae are not as big as they should doctor wants someone else to look at it because it looks like arthritis and...duh, I'm only's a little, like a lot, too early for my neck muscles are definitely spasming because my neck is straight as opposed to now I have to do neck exercises/stretches (which I've already been kind of doing)...and then go back in 7-10 days if I'm still not feeling any better......and the girl taking my X-rays had no clue what she was doing...apparently I got the student X-ray tech as well as the med student (my doctor brought in a med student when she came to examine my neck)...

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I...I came here by day but I left here in darkness and found you found you on the way is silver and silent it is silver and cold

Blah...I dislike the cold...and sadly it isn't even really cold yet...'s only the third week of classes...and already I'm ready for the semester to be over...I'm so sick of doing's all I do...well...that and go to class...

I can't decide if I want to do something next weekend or would probably be somewhat would definitely be no cost to me...and I won't have too much homework to do that will require me to have time to get it done over the weekend...

And...yays for me...I passed the first calc test with an 83/100!!! Last semester...I think I got a 40something/100 on the first test...hurrah for a good teacher...

Oh, and for the first time this semester...I did not get lost coming home from the AH campus...yays for me...

I noticed that there are 14 days until my next 18 y/o brother already asked me what I plan on doing...he didn't seem to like my answer of "getting up at 7:30a and going to microbiology"...he doesn't seem to think that is a good way to celebrate turning,'s kinda just another day...but I don't know really...

I'm still really stressed out lately...and things are just compounding...and the stress level is raising higher and higher...I don't know how I can fix that...

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Monday, September 11, 2006

but I'm just drunk enough to let go of my pain to hell with my pride let it fall like rain from my eyes tonight I wanna cry

I seriously feel like crying right now...actually...I've already done that about five or six times already tonight...

I'm completely stressed out about school and homework...I feel like all I've been doing since about 12:30p Saturday is homework...and to be honest that's pretty much all I've done...homework, eat, homework, eat, homework, sleep, eat, shower, homework, eat, homework, sleep, go to school, come home and eat, go to school, come home and do laundry, go to a meeting at school, come home and do homework...and after I'm done here on this stressed out rant...sleep...the only reason that I'm on the computer right now is because I was doing microbiology homework and just finished it...

I'm stressed out about the fact that I need to make myself a doctor's appointment...and do that very soon...I cannot deal with the pain that is pretty much a constant anymore...


I'm stressed out because I feel like I'm only making the people around me feel like s***...I'm starting to wonder why anyone puts up with me...I'm majorly stressed out...I'm taking it out on the people around me...and lately the only time I see anyone not related to me is in my classes...because the boy doesn't count since all we do together is I do my homework and he plays video games...

I'm head hurts badly enough that I keep tearing up...I cannot do anymore homework without getting frustrated and messing up on it...I'm going to go and try to get some sleep before I have to get up in seven hours...

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Saturday, September 9, 2006

terrible lie you made me throw it all away my morals left to decay how many you betray you've taken everything terrible lie

Sometimes...I think that I just might be a horrible person...and...sometimes...I wonder just how many other people think that very same thing...

...and in an unrelated note...I'm kind of lame because I plan on using my weekend homework...yeah...loads of fun...I have about 175 questions...about 50 of them to get done by 9:30a on Monday...about 25 to get done by 9:30a on Tuesday...and about 150 to get done by 6:00p on Tuesday...and I don't really have time to get them done other than during this yays for a boring weekend...

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

(all I want is you) come over here baby (all I want is you) you know you make me go crazy (all I want is you) now baby don't be shy

Blah...I'm bored...and home here's a pretty pointless blog posting...

...there are 45 days until my least I'm assuming that is the count...I just got the renewal notice in the mail today from Secretary of State telling me to get my license renewed... starts in seven days...I don't want to go back to school...and I still haven't bought my books yet...or figured out where exactly my school know it is...

...last night I had the weirdest conversation ever...especially since it felt like the tables were turned...and I was being made to promise not to do was kinda surreal...

...ciao darlings!!

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

no life ain't always beautiful tears will fall sometimes life ain't always beautiful but it's a beautiful ride


...can things never go the way that I want them to...

...does it feel as though is everything crashing down around me...

...does it feel like I am trapped in something and I cannot get out... I not happy anymore...


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Saturday, July 8, 2006

I am lovely I'm weak I am foul when I speak I am strange when I'm kind I am frying my mind am I am I getting through am I am I getting through

Blah...just updating a bit... kitchen is currently grandpa (a master carpenter) and my stepdad are remodeling the kitchen...hopefully by the end of August we have a functioning kitchen again...but who knows... now 18 y/o brother was evicted (he turned 18, so to legally have him out of the house he had to be given an eviction notice)...hopefully he's taking care of himself and not being a more legal troubles for him...I hope...

...I don't have a car anymore...woo...or not...having a vehicle stolen is no fun...but thankfully I am part of a family that seems to acquire multiple until I get my own vehicle again I am borrowing my dad's's huge and noisy...and I hate driving it...I can barely park it better than a drunk probably could...but I'm still appreciative of the fact that my father is being kind enough to let me borrow has a cd that's cool...

...on a happier note...I don't have to do all the laundry very odd 9 year old brother has a new fascination with folding the why stop the kid, if he wants to be helpful...and probably on Monday my crazy, but in a very awesome way, aunt will be coming over to visit...I love her...she's technically my great aunt, but whatever...

...done with the updating now...kinda long...but that's what happens when I don't do anything in about three weeks...

Ciao darlings!!!

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

a different kind of pain is someone there to hold you? is someone there to take you away from me? was my doctor's appointment to follow-up on hurting my back...and it's all better...but...duh...I already knew that. My doctor barely paid attn to the fact that I had hurt my back b/c I said that it's not bothering me at all. So he said that was a good thing and focused on my headaches...and I'm either getting tension headaches...or atypical migraines. I have the pain of a tension headache, but the duration of a migraine. So it's currently being treated as though I have tension headaches...but if the medication does nothing to relieve my headaches, then I get migraine medicine. Yay...

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Thursday, June 8, 2006

I know you can hear me but I'm not sure you're listening I hear what you're saying but still there's something missing

Hmm...I just glanced to the side of the screen and noticed that the total number of views for my blog is 1985...that only amused me b/c that's the year that I was born.

But anyway...last night was my 11 y/o brother's violin concert...the little kiddies weren't as bad as I thought it would be. I was so worried that it was going to be like cats scratching on a chalkboard. They actually weren't bad at all. It was cute b/c my brother always feels the need to bow at the end of his little school concerts and last night it was even cuter that he does that b/c he was holding a violin and a bow while he made his little bow. The consummate little orchestra master. It was adorable.

Today...I get to bake two cakes...and some brownies or something for my mommy. She said that she would bake two cakes and something for the bake sale at my brother's school tomorrow...but...she hasn't any time to do it. So...being the good daughter that I can be...I told her that I would do it for her.

Okay...I'm done rambling on about nonsense...ciao!!!

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

you can't buy it at the store try it on for size bring it back if it don't feel right no ain't like that

My stepfather is crazy...he was like at 11 and 75 there are engagement rings and at Stephenson there are one bedroom apartments...and he told the boy that.

And my 17 y/o brother is seriously annoying me...he felt the need to tell me, "no need to be a b**** because you're on the rag." Yeah...I just kicked him in the thigh...he's lucky my legs aren't longer and I couldn't reach any higher without getting up from the chair. I know that was a really mean thing to do to him...but I don't really care b/c he annoys the hell out of me. Don't get me wrong...I love my brother...but I really really don't like him. Actually I can't really stand him at all.

Saturday is my mommy's party...the house looks like shit. And nobody is doing anything to help. Well...I take that back, my mom is helping when she isn't at work. So my stepdad said that he was going to talk to her after she gets home from work tonight and get a list of chores for each of my brothers and him to do before Saturday. 10 and 11 y/o brothers might get theirs done b/c my stepdad gets on their case about it...but the 17 y/o isn't going to do a thing. He's going to continue to do what he's been doing: sleep...then get up...move from his bed to the couch...then watch tv...and among all that tiring activity he's going to eat...and probably take two or three showers...and then start the whole thing over again.

Blah...I'm done ranting...

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Tuesday, May 9, 2006

every day gets worse locked in a vice my thoughts perverse you must wonder why I look at you that way

Yay!!! Or not...I have negative funds available in my checking account. Isn't that awesome? Thanks to my stepdad using my credit card and then never giving me any money to cover what he bought. And then I had to drive my 17 y/o brother to Gladwin today...and I will have to take him there again on May 18th...and again on June something. Doesn't that rock? C'mon, you know it does. Oh...yeah...I'm supposed to use my money to pay for the gas to drive him the 150 miles (300 miles roundtrip). And...guess what... Saturday I get to drive my sister to Schoolcraft for one soccer game and then I have to drive her to the game near home on the same day. Oh...and then on the 21st of May...I have to drive her to Concordia for a soccer game. But I get to use my daddy's car for that and use his gas and his money to fill up the tank. Have I ever mentioned just how much I hate driving? Oh well...that's what I get for being the oldest child and apparently the most responsible as well. Blah...I so need a reliable source of income. My mom told me I don't need a job, that I only need to go to school and get good grades. Well...that would be awesome if she was willing to pay for all of the stuff that she doesn't buy for me. So...yeah...a reliable source of income would really be awesome. Then I could get a new car...I despise mine. It's special. Like really, really, really special. Okay...I guess that I'm done ranting...

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Thursday, May 4, 2006

and you can tell everybody this is your song it may be quite simple but now that it's done I hope you don't mind I hope you don't mind

Yay yay yay yay!!!! My migraine is finally gone!! Only took forever to go away...okay so it only took from Monday night to about 4:00am this morning to go away. But still...that was freaking forever for my head to be hurting me. And anyone that made it worse for me...I hate them right now...well...not exactly true, but I have a strong dislike for those people currently. Too bad none of them know that they did anything to make it worse. And I want it to be Tuesday already...I want my belonging back...I want it to be ready. And...I kinda want it to be Monday already because it's my mommy's birthday and I want cheesecake. So...blah...I have to make a cheesecake on Monday and then on the 27th of May, I'm supposed to make a spice cake that can feed about 50 people. That's when my mommy is having her bday party, duh! Playing party planner for her is not the most fun of things that I could be doing...but...oh well! And it's been six yays, of course. But some crazy man (at least that is how I am going to refer to him) referred to me as "the daughter-in-law"...umm...hello?? that's scary talk, Mr. Crazy Man. Okay...I'm done rambling...kinda. I have to assemble 11 more cardboard boxes for my younger brothers' elementary school...does anyone have nothing better to do with his/her time and is willing to assemble the boxes for me? Your only compensation will be that of doing something from the kindness of your own heart. No monetary compensation, lo siento. The boxes are for the pennies that the kiddies bring in to school to donate to the Leukemia and Lymphoma it's for a great cause, duh. Okay, now I'm done for real...ciao dahlings!!!

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Monday, April 24, 2006

with the lights out it's less dangerous here we are now entertain us I feel stupid and contagious here we are now entertain us

The best part of being in Seattle was...

...within 6 hours of being in the city...

...I was yelled at by a police officer.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

don't like the scene anyhow I dropped acid on a Saturday night just to see what the fuss was about well there goes the neighborhood

I'm going to Seattle tomorrow afternoon...won't be back until sometime Sunday as late as 10:00pm...or even later... Hopefully I don't come home too very tired since I have class Monday morning...

And then this morning I forgot my powerpoint presentation at home and had to leave class in the middle to come home, get it and return back to class.

Yesterday I had to take my 17 y/o brother up to Mt. Pleasant...that was no fun... I managed to get lost multiple times on the drive home...somehow I couldn't figure out how to get back to it was US 127 South until I found Lansing and I-96... So what should have been a 2 hr 15 min drive home home...was a 4 and a half hour drive home...

And then I had to go back out right where I was and pick my daddy up from the dealership...and today I have to drive him back out there so that he can pick his vehicle up... But on the bright side...he paid to fill up my gas tank...

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Friday, April 14, 2006

oh Maria Maria she reminds me of a west side story growing up in Spanish Harlem she’s living the life just like a movie star

Yesterday I spent almost 7 hours in a car...I went with my mom to Gladwin to pick up my brother...when I got home I was sooo tired and crabby...but I couldn't really fall asleep b/c after sitting in a vehicle for so long laying down in my bed was the last thing that I wanted to do... Monday I have to drive him up to Mt. Pleasant for something...oh mom gave me $25 for gas...

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Friday, March 31, 2006

we really fit together if you know what I'm talkin' about yeah we're two of a kind workin' on a full house

Apparently I'm a fighter when I get put under. I ripped out my IV and they had to restrain me. I don't remember exactly what the nurse said that I had done. If you know my mommy, you can ask her. Or if you know my boyfriend, you can ask him. Both of them were very much more aware of what was going on when I was done, than I was.

Earlier this afternoon, when the boy was here, and after my mom had left for work, I was crying and I just kept saying "I want my mommy" even though there wasn't anything that she could do for me that the boy, my stepdad and my brothers weren't already being nice and trying to do for me. But later on, after I took two Darvocet together, instead of one every 4 hours like my mom was going to have me do, I felt less pain. about an 2hrs, at 10:00p, I'm going to go take two more. It will have been 4.5hrs since the last time...or I might wait until 10:30p.

update [11:21p] - They had to bring an extra nurse into the room to restrain me b/c I was kicking and punching. So...I had to be restrained and I pulled my IV out. They told my mommy and she was unfazed and just thought, "she's like her brothers."

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Thursday, March 30, 2006

eres mi protección mi sostén frente a todo mi mejor opción por siempre tú mi poder mi valor a través de lo peor mi luz mi cielo azul mi gran amor aún

Eeee...tomorrow is the day that all four of my wisdom teeth are going to get pulled out!!! My mommy is going to take me. But I can't eat for at least 8 hours before the anesthesia is administered...8 hours!!! So that means I can eat until next 10 hours and 15 minutes. What am I going to do? I don't sleep for 8 hrs and I'm used to eating before bed and then the first thing that I do in the morning is grab something to eat. Oh well, it's one day, I'll live. boyfriend told me that he would need some sedatives [for himself] to see me. I told my mom that and she said to just give me some more Darvocet and I would quit being whiny.

But...I have to prove to people that I can be not whiny tomorrow. So...I'm going to do a really, really, really good job of not complaining.

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Friday, March 17, 2006

ain't it funny how some feelings you just can't deny and you can't move on even though you try ain't it strange when your feeling things you shouldn't

Exactly two weeks from today I will have my wisdom teeth more constant headache. I've been very good about not complaining lately...honestly, I have.

Over the past few days I've been trying to understand something...and not succeeding...

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Monday, March 13, 2006

yeah I'm a twisted angel flying wild and free yeah I'm a twisted angel flying to heaven on a broken wing

Who wants to go to calc for me tonight? The class is horrible...the teacher has a nails on a chalkboard kind of a's four hours long...I'll probably leave after whomever is willing enough to go for me can do the same…

Blah...nevermind...I'll go for myself...but...blah...I will most likely not enjoy it...especially since it's raining and thunderstorming today...oh well...I'll just have to make the most of it...and try to make the misery as little as possible...

update [2:24pm] - After posting this this morning, my mom called me to tell me some stuff since she won't see me until 10 tonight, and she told me to just withdraw from the class and retake it this summer. Yay...a 9:00a class during the summer...but on the bright side it's only 8wks long...May 8th - June 28th...that's only half of the summer having to get up at 6:30a...

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Wednesday, March 8, 2006

while Mona Lisas & mad hatters sons of bankers sons of lawyers turn around and say "good morning" to the night for unless they see the sky

Yays...or not... I scheduled my wisdom teeth removal today. March 31, 2006...12:45pm...I can't eat anything for at least 8hrs before the surgery. That's craziness! I love food, what am I going to do? I have to find someone that is willing to give up like 2hrs of his/her precious life to drive me to/from the surgery...b/c apparently I will be legally drunk afterwards. That should probably entertain whoever takes me... Anyway, the doctor gave me a scrip for Darvocet...I think, I can't really read his writing, but that is the closest painkiller that I can figure out from his writing. I have to get that filled before the surgery...the antibiotic as well. I think I'm going to go visit my mommy at work and hand her my scrips and see if she'll buy me some red hair dye. I miss my red hair.

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Wednesday, March 1, 2006

so high the climb but I can't turn back now must keep climbing up to the clouds so high the climb but I can't turn back now must keep climbing up

So...I went to the dentist today...he told me to get my wisdom teeth extracted...which I was expecting...then he told me that I should probably think about getting my second molars pulled as well. Not because my teeth are unhealthy, all of my teeth are healthy...but because my jaw is so tiny. The hygienist told me that I have one of the tiniest jaws ever. Not looking forward to the day of wisdom teeth extraction.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

God don't make lonely girls sure didn't want 'em in his world God don't make lonely girls yeah yeah do dot do do

My stepdad (and this time my mom agreed w/ him) gave me some new rules and an earlier curfew, the new rules would be:
no company when my mom and stepdad aren't home
I have to be home by 1:30 Sun-Thur and by 2:30 on Fri-Sat
I HAVE to be home every night.

They do realize that I am 20 years old, nearly 20 and a half years old, right? Honestly, what would they, what could they do to me, if I chose to break the rules? They don't pay for school, so they can't threaten to quit paying for that. They don't really pay for anything for me. The only thing that they could possibly threaten me w/ is kicking me out of the house. Blah...and at the moment that really wouldn't bother me too much.

Oh and I need to get my car washed...b/c I'm pretty sure when a black car looks grey b/c of the amount of dried salt on it, that's a bad thing. Anyone willing to wash my car for me?

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Monday, February 13, 2006

look how pretty she is when she falls down and theres no beauty in bleeding mascara her lips are quivering like a withering rose shes back again

So...this morning on my way to school...the stupid girl in front of me didn't start slowing down soon enough to safely make her right turn. Of course she slid and didn't make it...yeah, I had a feeling that was going to happen b/c I'd been driving behind for about a mile and a half and could tell she was special. But stopping for me until I hit her car. Oh well, there wasn't any damage...I was seriously only going about 3 mph when I touched her car w/ mine. But still...I was late to class b/c of her incompetence.

A s***ty start to what I'm sure is going to be a s***ty day. Why will it be a s***ty day? B/c my retarded mother and my equally, if not more, retarded stepfather want to have a talk w/ me today when he gets home from work. Whatever...if they're not done talking at me when it's time for me to go to class, I don't care I'm leaving. To be honest, I don't care what they have to say to me b/c I've given up trying to be what they want from me anymore. It doesn't matter what I do, I piss them off.

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