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Monday, February 25, 2008

when I don't know what to say don't know what to do don't know if it really even matters to you how can I make you see it matters to me

Yays for my boyfriend!! He fixed the stupid, stupid internet connection!! Of course, now that I've finally acknowledged's probably going to break. But...shh...let's think positively!! And I don't have any school this I'm bored. But Thursday, is my youngest brother's that means cake. Yesterday, the boy and I got his I'll probably get it all wrapped up today. Ugh...tomorrow, I have an errand to run..I have to be responsible and go to the bank.

Grrr!! My teachers are annoying me!! Neither of my teachers that have us log onto Blackboard, have posted grades yet. ::sigh:: I want to know how I did on my stats test. And seriously, having to wait, like, two weeks for a grade is torture.

If He Doesn't Tell You to F*** Off, You're Golden
Tourist guy: How do I get to Essex Street from here?
New Yorker guy: Go down about seven or eight blocks, make a left, and ask somebody there.
-- St. Mark's Pl & 2nd Ave

Home Depot Also Sells the Industrial Grade Belt-Driven Kind
Little boy: Do you have 25 cents?
Older sister: What? No... You don't need a tampon.
Little boy: No, I want a napkin.
Older sister: You don't need those, either.
Little boy: I want a napkin for my face! [Reads off dispenser] See? Nap-kin.
Older sister: Those aren't napkins like we use at the table. They're... um... y'know, ladies' things, like Mommy uses.
Little boy: Ohhh...
-- Ladies' room, Home Depot, Bed-Stuy

Guess That Explains the Spiked Collar
Six-year-old boy: Can I pet your dog?
Hot girl: Sure, but she's a little crazy.
Six-year-old boy: Ahhh, so is my sister [points to four-year-old]. Maybe they're related!
Four-year-old sister: Grrr...
-- 14th & 7th

That, and My Microscopic Penis.
Guy #1: They say a lot of people who suffer from bipolar disorder are promiscuous.
Guy #2: Yeah, I know. That was my ex-girlfriend's excuse for being a whore.
-- Financial District

It Had Boobs Painted on It
Woman: You don't remember me, do you?
Older man: Your face looks familiar...
Woman: You saw me running down the street naked last weekend.
Older man: Why would I remember your face, then?
-- Ditmars Blvd, Astoria

Sailing Across a Sweet Rainbow of LSD and Frappuccinos
Cashier: And how are you today?
Girl with arm in sling, brightly: Hopped up on prescription painkillers. And yourself?
-- Barnes & Noble, 7th Ave, Park Slope

...from Overheard in New York. Where else?

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