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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

she's one of those girls nothing but trouble just one look and now you're seeing double before you know it she'll be gone off to the next one

This is quite possibly one of the most ridiculous things that I have ever read before...but it's funny, too. yays for the first one, yays for the second one!! The following are from E!'s Watch with Kristin:

***Spoiler Alert***

Jessica in Bloomington, Indiana: I absolutely love Women's Murder Club! Any word about what's next?
Nothing. Nada. Zip. Bupkes. The wine-counterfeit episode was the last prestrike episode. The good news is, Lindsay is safe (for now) from the Kiss Me Not Killer. The bad news is, no more show (for now).
Marcia in Austin, Texas: Not that you'll answer, because you are pure evil, but any scoop on Supernatural?
For now I can tell you the show returns Jan. 31 with an episode I personally inspired: Sam and Dean confront a terrible and wicked witch who just happens to know a few secrets from Ruby's past while they're at it.
XOXO, Beelzebub

The United Nations, Encapsulated
Dude #1: They have been underestimating my power.
Dude #2: What?
Dude #1: They have been underestimating my power for quite some time now.
Dude #2: What are you, a supervillain? Who's been underestimating your power? The justice league?
Dude #1: No, the electric company. They say I owe them eight hundred dollars.
Dude #2: Dude, you and I were having two totally different conversations.
-- Penn Station

...from Overheard in New York.

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