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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

warn your warmth to turn away here it’s December everyday press your lips to the sculptures

Happy New Year!!!

I've pretty much been awake since about 7:00a this sucks. I kept trying to go back to sleep, but my mommy was keeping me awake. I realize that her neck is hurting her (she said it feels like something is pinching)...but at least when I'm crying/whining/whatever about my pain, I try not to wake everyone else in the house up. She apparently didn't care... ::sigh:: It's not that I don't care about my mommy and how she feels. Besides...I think that currently, she's at the hospital with my stepdad so that a doctor can look at her neck.

Ugh...tomorrow morning, I have a doctor's appointment at 9:30a. At least it's with the p.a. that is very nice and I like her. Cuz there was no way that I was going to go to the doctors' if the available doctor was one that I'm not comfortable with. Pretty much, that means that if she wasn't available and neither was this one other doctor, then my appointment was going to have to occur after I really needed it to.

I have a new pair of fuzzy penguin pajama pants...and they're so soft and fuzzy!! I like them lots!! But I guess that kinda makes it obvious that I'm still in my pj's. But's only 10:00a.

Fate, Kismet, Call It What You Will
Girl #1: No, no, no. That girl is just plain ugly. [Girl #1 falls flat on her face.]
Girl #2: Ummm... sorry. I don't want to be a b****, but I think that's what they call karma.
-- Columbia University

...from Overheard in New York. That made me giggle...but Girl #1 could easily be me on any given day...

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