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Sunday, January 6, 2008

my love's not up for negotiation hello doesn't mean an open invitation don't take it personally cuz you and me were wrong

Lol...this is amusing...the Forbes Fictional 15...

When You Haven't Had Any in Over Four Hours
Mother: Honey, we're going to leave if you don't stop. You already had hot chocolate and a scone.
Toddler: But Mommy, I want another hot chocolate!
Mother, gently sipping her own coffee: Honey, you're acting like you're on baby crack.
-- Espresso 77, Jackson Heights

...from Overheard in New York...duh, where else?'s only 11:30a...and I'm bored. I'm really only online to check my mail and PostSecret...and then I'm off to take a shower. But still...I'm bored.

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