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Friday, September 21, 2007

we’ll still be waiting for something stimulating because in the end all you sold us was boredom

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haha...I feel like an idiot now...I had to go Google the WTO...yeah...I knew what that was already...

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could be worse...I mean, at least they're both attractive people...

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as far as I can tell, that's a pretty dress...but this is really the dress that I want...and yes, I want it in midnight lavender...but I'll settle for diamond white, if I have to...

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I already have an engagement ring...and mine so does not look like that...mine is a million times it's much simpler and's beautiful!! Totally the traditional engagement ring...only drawback is that it didn't come in a little blue box wrapped in blue paper... Oh, well...somehow I do believe that I'll live... Y'know...seeing how the meaning behind the ring is way more important than any store ever could be... (no sarcasm there...hopefully, you didn't need that pointed out...)

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  1. I checked out my death. I die famous at 77. Not bad.