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Thursday, September 20, 2007

there's not much going on today I'm really bored it's getting late

I watched those two girls on Monday and was super easy...they're so well-behaved. Plus, the younger is just so cute! I'd be willing to watch those girls again if their parents asked.

Yesterday, was the first test in my MI history class...seriously, I think it took me all of 10 minutes to complete...and that was the only thing that we were doing in class yesterday. I wasn't at school for very long. But...I think that I did pretty in an A on the test. Hopefully, anyway. Tuesday was the first prueba (quiz) in my Spanish class...I think, at most, I got a 95...that's not so great...I wanted a 100. Oh, well... Yesterday afternoon, we had another of those in-class writings in my anthropology class...I despise those...hopefully, I got at least 4/5 on it...I really don't want the same crappy grade I got on the last one. Or worse.

Was she stabbed? Seriously...what's going on with her middle? grandparents are grandma drives me crazy!! I'm going to go eat now. Ciao!!

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