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Monday, September 10, 2007

don't get it twisted don't get clever this is the most craziest sh** ever

The following amuse me...

Like Tell It about My Wife and Kids
Boyfriend, looking at body pillow: Aw, man! I should totally get this!
Girlfriend: Why would you get that? We're moving in together in like a year. We'll be sharing a bed with each other.
Boyfriend: Yeah, but I can do things to this pillow that I can't do to you!
-- Target, Queens Center Mall

Wanna See?
Blood center rep: Ma'am, would you like to donate blood today and save a life?
Woman: No, I'm donating into my maxi-pad as we speak.
Blood center rep: Ewww.
-- 96th St & CPW

both are from...Overheard in New York...

Yeah...I'm busy procrastinating...I really don't feel like doing my's so much reading!! I'll probably get it done after I finish eating and folding that laundry over there in the corner... I don't know...I know that I have to get it done soon. Grr... I need to come up with a personal growth project for my psych class...but I have no clue what I want to work on. I don't like my teacher too much...she's quite weird...too soft-spoken and flighty. Whatever...I'm done eating's time to leave the computer... Arrivederci!

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