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Saturday, September 1, 2007

who knows what could happen do what you do just keep on laughing sent new phones, and so far we've had the new phones since Thursday and they're as of yet unusable... Makes a lot of sense doesn't it...??? I called the 800 number yesterday...that was a waste of time...and as far as I can tell, the call today from my mother was just as wasteful... I don't understand why they would send new phones, but make it so very hard to make them usable. It's quite frustrating. Especially since I didn't even get to pick out my new phone. I hate the color red and now I have a red phone. Oh's a pretty small phone...and it does all the things a phone is required to do, such as send/receive phone calls...I shouldn't complain. Right? If only the phone was usable!! Plus...I'm not understanding how my phone line was in the process of being activated phone line is already activated, my number just needs to be transferred from the old phone to the new phone. The customer service guy I talked to didn't answer that for me...he avoided answering by saying, "if you have any more problems, call again tomorrow." Umm...okay...thanks for being so very helpful... ::sigh:: I'm just frustrated. Nothing feels like it's been going my way lately and I've just been highly stressed out. It's a great feeling. It really is. Try it out sometime...I'm sure the resulting myocardial infarction is worth it. is... All right...well...I have a I'm going to go lie down for a while...ciao!!

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