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Thursday, September 6, 2007

I'm in the business of misery, let's take it from the top

Grr...I had maybe five hours of sleep last night...possibly four... Do you know what time I went to bed? you know how long it takes me to fall asleep on average? Approximately an you know what time I was startled awake? About you know what time I fell back to sleep? Around 7:00-ish...only to be woken up again by the sounds of my mom and youngest brother getting ready for work and school, respectively, around 8:00a. I finally went back to sleep around 9:00a only to be woken up by my internal alarm clock (read: I couldn't breathe anymore cuz my allergy medicine had worn off) around a quarter to 11:00a. I'm too tired to do the math on the amount sleep I got...all I know is that it was very broken and I'm still tired.

::sigh:: I wanted to shoot my stepfather this morning. It was his stupid alarm going off that startled me awake. I woke up to my room filled with was so loud that I thought it was my mom's alarm, that's why it startled me. I was worried that they (meaning my mom and my younger brother in his room) were sleeping through it and my 11 y/o brother was going to miss his bus. was just the alarm clock in the basement...and it was 4:29a... What pissed me off the most was that my stepdad didn't even bother to go back downstairs and turn it off before he left the house for work...I was trying to ignore the damn music filling up my room and go back to sleep, and then I heard him start up his car and leave! So I turned on my bedroom light before his car was was with the hopes that he saw my bedroom light on and thought, 'did my loud alarm wake her up?'...and then went downstairs to shut off the stupid, noisy thing. I couldn't figure out how to reset the alarm for the next I just turned off his alarm completely. Ha...hopefully, I don't forget to tell him about that...otherwise he'll be late for work tomorrow. Big, fat poopyhead.

Ugh...and I have a bunch of homework to get done today, too... I still don't know what I want to present on in my psych class...I hate having to do a presentation in front of the class. Grr... I'm excessively crabby today... Oh, man...and I have a PTK meeting this evening... ::sigh:: I just want to go back to bed until Saturday...oh, wait...I have something Saturday morning at 10:30a...

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