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Saturday, September 29, 2007

where, oh where, have the smart people gone? oh where, oh where could they be?

Little Kid: I'm Biding My Time
Queer #1 glaring at nearby smoker lady: Ugh!
Queer #2: I hope she gets cancer. [Woman passes a little kid and enters museum.] That little kid should've kicked her.
-- Outside the Brooklyn Museum

Actually, in Trenton, You Do
Tourist: Is this the 1:13 to Trenton?
Suit: No.
Tourist: Oh, well, where is that?
Suit: Are you just, like, picking track numbers and hoping for the best? Go read the screen, you dumbass.
Tourist: You don't have to be rude.
Suit: You don't have to be stupid.
-- NJ Transit

Overheard in New York amuses me...

Answers to any questions about the impact of government shutdown. Yeah...cuz laying off 35000 helps our economy soo much. ::sigh:: The thing that bugs me the most is the following question/answer:

40a. I have a child in foster care and have visitation scheduled for October 1. Will I be able to see my child?
As long as the visit was not scheduled at DHS office or with a DHS employee, the shutdown should not affect your visit.

::sigh:: If the child is young enough, s/he won't understand why Mommy or Daddy didn't come to visit like always. Most likely, the kid would just think 'Mommy or Daddy doesn't love me anymore.' Just cuz the state is broke doesn't mean that they should screw up the visitation. That's just wrong.

All right, I'm done complaining. Oh, and yesterday when I was looking up "associated press Michigan shutdown" on Google...I found a link to one that's in a UK newspaper. According to my mommy we're the laughing stock of the world. Woohoo!!

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