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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

oh, I can't believe that you're still around almost forgot how you let me down

Hooray for me...I managed to piss off the boy while talking to him this morning. At least, that's what I gathered from the response he had to something I said to him. I really wasn't trying to make him upset. I was just trying to rephrase what he said to me in the way that I understood it...I was not trying to twist his words around to mean something else. But that's what he said I did. ::sigh::

Last night, I was writing in my nbook (basically the hard copy of this...obviously with a lot less censorship though b/c I'm not as worried about someone reading something that I don't particularly want him/her to see)...and so after I finished with the entry, I decided to go back and re-read some of the older entries. Just because pretty much. I don't remember everything that was going at the time of my decision to write stuff down. And it kinda made me wonder just what I'm doing in my life...

And before bed, I briefly went back on the computer because I wanted to double check that I'd used the word "than" in the first sentence of the second post yesterday (b/c y'know, I'm obsessive about grammar), and not the word "then." And since I was briefly on the computer I had to check my email...and that led me to MySpace (b/c I had a message)...and then I saw the boy's MySpace Friend Status/Mood (likes the song Crawl by Chimaira/rejected ) then I had to do a Google search for the song... thing just led to another...but I still was only on the computer for about 15/20 minutes. So, I was in bed by about 12:30a...not bad for me.

And here's something interesting that I found in the news:

What an interesting thing to find in your backyard...a rusty box full of Depression Era money. At least the U.S. Treasury will replace torn/damaged money for face that's cool. I should get dressed and whatever else I need to do to get ready for the day...since I actually have to do stuff today. ¡¡AdiĆ³s, chicos!!

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