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Sunday, June 29, 2008

hey...j-j-jaded in all it's misery it will always be what I love...and hated and maybe take a ride to the other side we're thinkin' of

Why is it that my mom expects me to drop whatever I'm doing to do what she wants, but if I ask her to do something I have to wait until she feels like it (which depending on what it is, sometimes that ends up with me just doing it on my own because I got sick of waiting for her). If I don't drop what I'm doing to do what she wants when she wants, then she gets all pissy...but if I get annoyed that I've asked multiple times about something and she still blows me off, then she just ignores me more and gets stubborn with me and makes me wait longer.

I asked her if she could do my hair for me this morning and she said that she would, but when I got up this morning (and it's not like I got up really late, I got up at about 10:00a) she decided that she couldn't do it until sometime later this afternoon because she wants to get other things done first. I asked if she could do it in the morning because I didn't want to have to wait around all day to take a f***ing shower. I just wanted to get it done as soon as possible because I wanted to shower and be able to get what I needed to get done today done. But no, I supposed to wait around for her to get back from grocery shopping, then putting the groceries away, followed by doing the dishes and some cooking (don't know what for?) and then maybe then she said was able to do my hair for me. So...sometime around 3:00p she has time to do my hair, meaning that sometime around 4:00p I can get in the shower. Gee f***ing thanks, Mom...the day is more than half over now, and I didn't get anything done.

::sigh:: And if I try to do it myself, I'm pretty sure that I'm going to eff it up. But if I wait until next weekend (which is the next possible time that she might have to do my hair, but I doubt it), then I'm going to look a negative image of a skunk (extra light blonde hair with light brown roots). And that's so not an attractive look. ::sigh:: Whatever...I'm just going to go get in the shower, I feel icky and I want to feel fresh and clean again. And maybe Tuesday evening or something, my annoying mother can do my hair. ::rolls eyes:: I'm just crabby now, I did wake up in a good mood though...

And I swear to God!, there's some small animal (like a chipmunk) living in the attic!! Because it always sounds like something is running around above my room or in the walls!! My parents need to check that out because that could be hazardous to the house's health.

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