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Monday, June 2, 2008

all the powers that rule this land they say Ms. J's big butt is boss Kate Moss can't find a job in a world of postmodern fad what was good now is bad

I should be getting in the shower right that I can then go out and run some errands (among said errands is to buy something for the boy to organize his receipts...he's not very good at keep track of stuff). And I'm ready for it to be Wednesday...not that I really want it to be Wednesday...I just want my new shoes already!! I don't think that I have to watch the girls today...but I'm not I have to go give their mom a call. I'll probably get her voicemail since she's at work (at least I'm pretty sure she's working today and doesn't have the whole day off...just a half day off for the younger one's dance recital)...and then finish this post and finish folding the laundry.'s shower time!! Yays!!

People and their they act around animals comparatively to dating...

And now for your enjoyment...

Aw Well, Let's Head on Back to Columbia
Bimbette #1, looking at the library: Oh wow! It's so pretty!
Bimbette #2: God, I wish we were smart enough to go here!
-- Outside NYU Library

Dr. Obvious Seizes Any Chance to Demonstrate Her Expertise
Four-year-old cute tourist girl: Mommy, people are different in New York!
Tourist mom: They're all f***in' crazy.
-- Union Square

But If You Write It All Down, You're a Novelist
Mom: Are you talking to yourself?
Five-year-old: Yes.
Mom: As long as you don't answer yourself.
Five-year-old: Why?
Mom: Because then you're crazy.
-- N Train

...from Overheard in New York...where else?

I watched parts of the MTV Movie Awards last night...but quite honestly, they were boring. So I didn't see all of this part:

"Cameras immediately panned way out—seriously, from close-up to aerial shot—when Pineapple Express costars Seth Rogen and James Franco, in promoting their upcoming pot-enthusiast summer comedy, whipped out what really looked like a fatty bag of marijuana and started puffing away on a joint that they assured the audience was totally fake and not at all 'really good s---t.'

The laughter was scattered for what Franco later said was an MTV-sanctioned bit, but then the moment turned a tad awkward when they presented the award for Best Summer Movie So Far (a category in need of narcotic enhancement if there ever was one) to Iron Man director Jon Favreau and its prominently rehabbed star.

'Thanks, fellas, for the intoxicating introduction,' a bemused Downey said upon accepting the Golden Popcorn." -- from E! online

So...yeah...MTV didn't quite think that part through, did they?

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