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Friday, May 30, 2008

it's not like you to turn away from all the bulls*** I can't take it's not like me to walk away

EEEE!!!! Someone else has to get the dirty laundry out of the giant laundry basket that's under the laundry chute...because I refuse to!! There's a giant centipede in it!! I nearly started crying... I might have a nervous breakdown if I attempt to deal with the laundry on my own...and I'm not kidding. I can't handle insects...arachnids...centipedes/millipedes...I freak out and cry. I admit it and am not ashamed of that fact that I become a big baby...okay, well maybe a little bit ashamed that I turn into a crying mess over a teeny, tiny bug. But not ashamed about nervous breakdown associated with the bigger, creepier ones (think centipedes/millipedes, spiders, especially some of those Amazon rain forest species -- which thankfully I have never had to deal with in life ::shudder::, etc.).

::sigh:: I don't think that our fridge is's not keeping things cold. How totally crappy is that? Last night when I got home from watching the girls I put my lemonade in the fridge and then a little while later I got it back out to drink it with my my food and it was warmer then, than it was when I put it in the fridge. This sucks a lot. ::sigh:: We finally have milk...and now it's just going to spoil because the fridge doesn't effing work. Grr... So I just put it in the freezer overnight...yeah, not the brightest thing to do, since I'm pretty sure the freezer half is working just fine... Okay...maybe not...since I just got out my lemonade...and it's still liquid...after nearly 12 hours in the freezer. Oh, boy...just what my parents need to deal with now...

Also...that new (well, pretty new) song "Addicted" by Saving Abel that I like...I finally figured out the other day why I was so confused when I was listening to it a couple of weeks ago and realized just what it's about exactly. The radio/clean edit is slightly less naughty/dirty...replaced lyrics: "when you're rolling 'round with me in between the sheets."

Ugh...last night, the boy had a headache/stomachache...I'm sure it was real. But I really needed someone to talk to...and there was nobody here to talk to, and when I was on the phone with him all he did was get upset with me. I tried not to get annoyed with him, but it was hard when he was getting mad at me. Plus, I wanted a brownie...and he has all of the brownies.

Aww...on my iGoogle page, there is a "How to of the Day" and today's "How to..." made me think of the boy. Today's "How to..." is "How to Upgrade Memory in an Asus Eee PC" that's why it made me think of him. He suggested that I get a pink one... I'm just going to do some online "window" least, I'm about 99% it's just going to be browsing. Although...if I do buy anything, it's most likely going to be something from here...

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