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Friday, May 16, 2008

it falls apart from the very start it falls apart seems like everything I touch falls apart everything around me falls apart when I walk away from you

Okay, so Thursday I have an appointment with an academic advisor at Wayne that means that I got my required phone call made yesterday. I'm just a little bit confused as to how exactly I'm supposed to get there. I know what room/building I'm supposed to go to...but I'm not really sure how to get there. Oh well...

Anyway...the boy can start putting pressure on his right foot again. If the boy had even bothered to talk to me (well, really see me...since he did talk at me on the phone) yesterday he might have noticed something, but since he didn't...

I don't watch the girls this afternoon, their mom is able to pick them up. But I did watch them yesterday, which is not a normal day. The younger one is so freaking adorable in her dance costumes!! Plus, she's normally a sweetheart, too. The older one is a pretty great kid, too.

I'm f***ing sick of my 19 y/o brother living here. He takes two or three showers a day "just because." And each time he takes a shower he gets a clean towel. Nobody else gets out a clean towel for every single shower that they take. I can understand not wanting to use the same icky towel after it's been used a bunch of times (a bunch can mean like three or four), but using a towel once and then putting it down the laundry chute is ridiculous. Especially when you take two or three shower every day!! I am so sick of having to do the extra laundry he's creating just so that everyone else in the house has clean towels to use when they go to bathe/shower. Plus, when he gets into the shower he doesn't bother to ask if anyone else needs to use the bathroom before he gets in. Mind you we only have one bathroom for six people. Oh, and he complains about how long I take in there, but he takes even longer than I do. Plus, I don't know what he's doing in there (and quite honestly I don't want to know)...but he always runs the water for at least a couple of minutes before he even gets into the shower. He just wastes a lot of water.

Okay...anyway, as I was going to say before I went off on that tirade... My 11 y/o brother has a soccer game out in Lake Orion or somewhere around there this evening, so my family isn't going to do their normal eat-as-a-family-Friday-night-meal. Instead, they're going to go out to eat tomorrow. We really only eat together once a week. We're not that into family togetherness. Touchy-feely family stuff just isn't how we work. Picking on each other is more like it. But we do it with love.

Oh em gee...I accidentally clicked away from this...and wasn't sure if I'd saved this. But thankfully I had. Phew!! Hooray for the Ctrl+S shortcut cuz otherwise I'd be quite pissy right now. Because trying to recreate all that I hadn't saved would suck.

I need to take a shower and shave my legs since I might be going out tonight. But I really don't feel like it since the dishwasher is still running. Oh, nevermind about the's just on the "drying" part of the cycle...I guess that I could go get in the shower after all...

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