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Friday, May 2, 2008

here comes the promise of summer let's seal it with a kiss this time I'll do things proper how did we get to this

Today's just kind of a day full of random be amused.

Some things pertaining to relationships...
.:. Why She's Not in the Mood - Cosmo for Your Man
.:. Make Together Time Count - Cosmo for Your Man
.:. Make Her Long for You All Day - Cosmo for Your Man
.:. Promises You Must Keep - Cosmo for Your Man
.:. What You Do to Bum Her Out - Cosmo for Your Man
.:. 25 Fascinating Love Facts
.:. 5 Signs That You've Met Your Perfect Match

Umm, seriously...a $360 billion check? Yeah, right, mister...

Just one of approximately 71% searching online for a diagnosis...

See...wasn't that fun?

Anyway...tonight is family dinner night...y'know, the one night a week where my family actually eats together as opposed to in separate rooms and at separate times. Hopefully, we don't go somewhere crappy...or somewhere with a smoking section!! I hate sitting in the smoking section more than anything!! Well, okay, it's not at the top of my list of hated things...but it's very close. I hate smelling like smoke. It grosses me out.

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