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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

there's nothing left to prove there's nothing I won't do there's nothing like the pain I feel for you nothing left to hide nothing left to fear

[insert frustrated scream]

::sigh:: Okay, I'm calm now. Seriously though, my mom is annoying me. Everyday I ask her if she's filled out the purple portion of the FAFSA worksheet so that I can go online and fill out the FAFSA...and everyday I get the same effing answer from her: 'not yet, I need the desk; I'm watching tv right now.' Seriously, what the f***?!? Does she not want me to go to school in the fall? Because if she doesn't fill out the stupid worksheet, that's what is going to happen. And if I have to keep asking her everyday if she filled it out yet, all I'm going to do is annoy her to the point that she's not going to fill it out. Hooray for my mother's stubborn attitude. It's effing great. ::sigh::

Anyway...this amused me highly: wearing only flip flops and a watch a pilot and a flight attendant were caught having a secret rendezvous in the woods in Pennsylvania. Their little affair isn't so secret anymore...

What a smart little birdie...he told the vet his name and address after being found upon getting lost.'s shower time now... Not because I smell bad or anything...just cuz I feel icky. Plus, I need to wake up and a shower would help me do that...I think. I don't know...

Oh, anyway...I want a new tv...not just because of the whole February 2009 switch thingy...but just because I want a bigger tv. And yesterday I was bored and looking at tvs...and decided that I want a pink tv. Like, specifically this pink tv...but since I know nothing about electronics, I kinda need to have someone who knows something about them decide if the pretty pink tv is any good. Oh, and I want a pink tv just because I couldn't find a pretty purple one. There's a Disney Princess one, but it's not big enough. is, but it isn't because I really just watch movies (and sometimes watch tv) and watching movies on a little screen is no fun. The pink tv is just big enough to not be too big to go in my room, but also not be too small for movies.

Anyway...shower time...ciao!!

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