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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

let's talk about the future let's talk about the wedding let's talk about Gwen Stefani let's talk about how much you like me and all that

I'm bored and lazy...I don't feel like getting dressed...or washing my face...or brushing my hair (luckily that one isn't noticeable)... But at least I finally started on some of the I'm not being a complete bum. Right? Anyway...

Umm...I don't think I like what I read in this article... An estimated $640 more by the end of the year in gas alone. No, thank you...please re-calculate that.

What a ridiculous thing to suspend a bunch of high schoolers for. Honestly, it's not like they hurt anyone (or themselves for that matter)...or like they caused damage to any property. It was a harmless prank. If the school wanted to discipline them, detention would have been plenty...suspension is overkill.

Umm, does Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick realize that he can't veto this one? Seriously, what has the city of Detroit and its politics come to? It's like a comedy of's kind of embarrassing to watch. Oh, well...not my problem.

Yeah...good luck getting that back... What was the customs official thinking? Being overly confident is not going to be a good enough excuse for his supervisor. Very few people are going to be honest enough to return that package to Tokyo customs. I clicked on "15 Simple Ways to Keep Your Partner Happy" because I thought it was going to be a gender neutral wasn't. It was for guys on how to keep their women partners with that in mind... Really, #9 is the best...and then #13 is the second best. All the rest are boring. I think that even in a few years I will still find them boring.

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