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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

sweet kiwi your juices dripping down my chin so please let me don’t stop it before it begins so give it up and don’t pretend

Grr...I'm I guess that's really the sound of my tummy and not a frustration sound. Holy crap!! The mailcarrier just startled me!! It's only 11:30a and already the mail is delivered...our mail is never here before noon. I don't know what to's making me whiny. That's never a good thing. People hate me when I start whining...I like it better when people like me.

21 things that guys want to hear...well, a few of those I just might be overheard saying to the least I could be overheard saying a few of those if you're one of those creepy, skeezy losers that hangs out peering into people's bedroom windows!! Okay, but seriously though, #20 I would definitely say (or something along those lines) without the eavesdropper needing to be a creepy peeping Tom like person.

As long as you're not doing anything illegal off the can't get fired for your activities. Or so says legislation passed by the MI House of Representatives...just needs to be approved by the MI Senate now.

Seriously...that was just wrong. Using the Quran as a target practice. What was he thinking? Or not thinking?

***Spoiler Alert***

Nelson in Miami: Gossip Girl! Spill it. You know you want to! XOXO!
Newsflash: I'm ridiculously excited for tonight's finale in which Rufus and Lily do the nasty. Lily walks down the aisle with Bart, and they both say Yes. (Scandaloso!) And Georgina will get her comeuppance, which makes me so happy you'd think I actually know the (fake) girl. Speaking of G, I can tell you that the plan has changed and that at this point, at least according to Michelle T and a CW source, there aren't any plans to bring her back. I don't know whether to laugh or cry 'cause I so love Michelle and love to hate Georgina.

Nancy in Pasadena, Calif.: Nip/Tuck?
Christian's getting on the operating table, and that's not the shocking part: It's not for sex! Word is, our sexy doc will only be getting a boob job (pectoral implants).

spoilers courtesy of E! online's Watch with Kristin

Now for some amusement from Overheard in New York...

The Emotional Distress Alone Will Cost You Four-Weeks' Allowance
Little boy #1: I'm going to smash your bike!
Little boy #2: Well, if you smash my bike, I'm going to get a lawyer and sue you!
-- Central Park

Now My Ears Burn When I Pee.
NYU girl, to girl with earplugs: Ew! He put those in his ears and now they're in yours?!
Girl with earplugs: ...He put his penis in my vagina...
-- 4th & Astor

Now on to "Mary Had a Little Cab"
Toddler in grocery cart seat: Do you know any songs?
Toddler in adjacent grocery cart seat (singing): I've been working of the F train, all the live long day, I've been working on the F train just to pass the time away; can't you hear the whistle blowing, rise up so early in the 'morn, can't you hear the captain shouting, "stand clear of the closing doors!"
-- Food Coop, Park Slope

Student: Have you seen the show Freaks and Geeks?
Dean: Yes. It reminds me of all of you!
-- Bard High School Early College

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