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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

pedestrian is what I am an understated Samaritan where I go I go alone s long as I am taking my time

::sigh:: least Monday's post didn't jinx things on that day...but yesterday definitely sucked. And I'm not even sure what exactly happened to eff things up like they did. One moment things were fine and then the next things went ka-blooey! ::sigh:: He so confuses me...

The boy and I are supposed to go get pizza for dinner today...but I don't know if I still want to do that. I don't know if he still wants to do that. ::sigh:: I'll probably just eat dinner with my family and then go get him afterwards so that he can get his computer parts with the 12 y/o brother (they've been bonding lately...they're both similar nerdy boys).

Boom Blox is some new game for the Wii that the boy wants that Steven Spielberg is behind...and it looks pretty cute (umm, yeah...those probably aren't the words that the boy would use to describe it, but anyway...). I want to play it...but since I don't like to play video games...I think that I'd only want to play for all of like five minutes and then I would get bored and quit. So it's a good thing that the boy is going to buy it for himself.

Since the boy went and saw Iron Man and loved it (he was willing to go see it again if I wanted to see it, but I just told him I would take my two younger brothers if I went to see it), here's something about the release date of Iron Man 2. Yes, Iron Man isn't even out of theatres yet and already the studios have set the release date for the sequel. Isn't that a bit like counting your chickens before they hatch?

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