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Thursday, May 22, 2008

how do I show you how you make me feel how do I show you how I feel a Monday in Vegas that was real

I swear to god, I'm going to end up killing my 19 y/o brother before one of us moves out of this house. The idiot paused the washing machine before getting in the shower, which in it itself is not a big deal. But what annoys the hell out of me is that after showering, the idiot seems to think that he restarted the washing machine but didn't bother to make sure that he actually pushed the button. So...clothes that I should have just been able to put into the dryer when I returned from my WSU meeting, are still in the washing machine being washed. The kid is a f***ing idiot. Nevermind the fact that you don't even need to pause the washing machine when you take a shower, since all the cycles run with cold water. There will never be a lack of cold water.


Anyway...what I started this post for was to talk about my meeting at WSU. It went pretty well. I'm all set to register for classes...I have to make an appointment with an advisor in the Biological Sciences Department in order to declare my major (bachelors of science in biological sciences)...go to the Welcome Center to get my OneCard...and probably a few other things that I'm not yet aware of... But...I should be ready to apply to medical school in a year. Eep!, that's so close!! Which means...that I need to get studying for that MCAT thingy...cuz I hear it's pretty important.

Oh man...that's not good publicity...and this is so not a case where one can say any publicity is good publicity... But...see? Bad things happen in the suburbs, too. Not just in the big quit with your paranoia.

Okay...not that I'm all for a 10-hour workday (who am I kidding? I want to be a doctor and they have, like, 12-hour shifts!), but this idea sounds like a pretty good one to me. But then again...three day weekends all the time might cause some to dread going to work even more.

::sigh:: Now if only my mom would fill out the FAFSA worksheet... When I got home from the boy's house (more on that in a moment) last night I saw it o the desk and was momentarily cheered up because I saw a pen on it and thought that she'd filled it out finally. But sadly when I looked at it a little later while on the computer, she only got as far as: "xxx-xx-****" under "father's (or stepfather's) Social Security Number" and "***-**-****" under "mother's (or stepmother's) Social Security Number." [The x's represent blanks and the *'s represent numbers (like I'm actually stupid enough to put a real SSN on the internet, HA!)]

So...when I left the boy's house I was in need of some cheering up. I just wish that he'd think how his words are going to be heard before he'd say them sometimes... Because I understand he needs to get sleep, that's not a big deal...but what sucked was the way that he went about saying it. He did a great job of making me feel like he wanted me to leave from the time he got out of the shower...and then it was like 11:30p and he said something that basically sounded like, "you need to leave now." But instead of saying anything to him about it, I just went home. He asked what was wrong but didn't try to push the issue or anything...not like he really could have over the phone...and hasn't said anything to me since yesterday. So, who knows? Maybe today or tomorrow I'll hear something from him? And speak of the devil...he's asking me a question now. Meh, he can read his answer on here.

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